Anastasia The Last Grand Duchess Russia 1914

Award-winning author Carolyn Meyer's ANASTASIA is back in print with a gorgeous new package!

Author: Carolyn Meyer

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9780545576345

Category: Juvenile Fiction

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Award-winning author Carolyn Meyer's ANASTASIA is back in print with a gorgeous new package! Thirteen-year-old Anastasia is the youngest daughter of Czar Nicholas II, ruler of Russia. Anastasia is used to a life of luxury; her major concerns are how to get out of her detested schoolwork to play in the snow, go ice-skating, or have picnics. She wears diamonds and rubies, and every morning her mother tells her which matching outfit she and her three sisters shall wear that day. It's a fairy tale life -- until everything changes with the outbreak of war between Russia and Germany. As Russia enters WWI, hunger and poverty grows among the peasants, and soon they are not pleased with their ruler. While the czar is trying win a war and save their country, the country is turning on the royal family. When her father and the rest of the family are imprisoned by the Bolsheviks, suddenly Anastasia understands what this war is costing the people. In the pages of her diary, Anastasia chronicles the wealth and luxury of her royal days, as well as the fall from power, and her uncertain fate.


With the royal family arrested and exiled to Siberia, the life Anastasia knows is swept away forever. Spanning the last four years of Anastasia's life, My Royal Story offers a fascinating insight

Author: Carolyn Meyer


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The young Queen Victoria was brought up hidden from the world she would one day govern. In 1829, aged ten, Princess Victoria is a lonely little girl, but she is about to make a startling discovery. She is closer to the throne than she ever imagined. Spanning a year in Victoria's life, My Royal Story offers a fascinating insight into the childhood of a young princess.

Anastasia and Her Sisters

Many books make good reading about the Romanovs, as well as about Russia in the early twentieth century, the outbreak of ... I'll also mention one more book: Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess, Russia, 1914 (New York: Scholastic, 2013), ...

Author: Carolyn Meyer

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781481403283

Category: Juvenile Fiction

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There’s a heavy price to pay for royalty in this compelling—and true—story of Anastasia Romanov and her fellow grand duchesses of Russia, from an award-winning novelist. It’s summer in 1914 and the Romanovs are aboard the Standart, the Russian royal yacht. Tsar Nicholas, Tsaritsa Alexandra, their four daughters, and the youngest child, Tsarevitch Alexei, are sailing to Romania to meet Crown Prince Carol and his parents. It seems like a fairy tale existence for the four grand duchesses, dressed in beautiful clothes, traveling from palace to palace. But it’s not. Life inside the palace is far from a fairy tale. The girls’ younger brother suffers from an excruciatingly painful and deadly blood disease, and their parents have chosen to shield the Russian people from the severity of the future tsar’s condition. The secrets and strain are hard on the family, and conditions are equally dire beyond the palace walls. Peasants suffer under the burden of extreme poverty and Tsar Nicholas’s leadership power weakens. And when the unthinkable happens—Germany declares war on Russia—nothing in Anastasia’s world will ever be the same.

Booktalking Around the World

Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess, Russia 1914 (Scholastic, 2000) 227p. IL 4–7 RL 6.4 This is the fictional diary of the last five years of Anastasia's life, spanning from royal privilege to tragedy when World War I and the Russian ...

Author: Sonja Cole

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

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Contains book talks for contemporary fiction and nonfiction books set in every continent around the globe, designed to aid librarians and teachers serving students in grades three to nine.

The Well Trained Mind A Guide to Classical Education at Home Fourth Edition

Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess, Russia, 1914. New York: Scholastic, 2013. $6.99. Part of the “Royal Diaries” series, this story of the Russian Revolution is told in the form of brief diary entries kept by Anastasia, the youngest ...

Author: Susan Wise Bauer

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

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Is your child getting lost in the system, becoming bored, losing his or her natural eagerness to learn? If so, it may be time to take charge of your child’s education—by doing it yourself. The Well-Trained Mind will instruct you, step by step, on how to give your child an academically rigorous, comprehensive education from preschool through high school—one that will train him or her to read, to think, to understand, to be well-rounded and curious about learning. Veteran home educators Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise outline the classical pattern of education called the trivium, which organizes learning around the maturing capacity of the child’s mind and comprises three stages: the elementary school “grammar stage,” when the building blocks of information are absorbed through memorization and rules; the middle school “logic stage,” in which the student begins to think more analytically; and the high-school “rhetoric stage,” where the student learns to write and speak with force and originality. Using this theory as your model, you’ll be able to instruct your child—whether full-time or as a supplement to classroom education—in all levels of reading, writing, history, geography, mathematics, science, foreign languages, rhetoric, logic, art, and music, regardless of your own aptitude in those subjects. Thousands of parents and teachers have already used the detailed book lists and methods described in The Well-Trained Mind to create a truly superior education for the children in their care. This extensively revised fourth edition contains completely updated curricula and book lists, links to an entirely new set of online resources, new material on teaching children with learning challenges, cutting-edge math and sciences recommendations, answers to common questions about home education, and advice on practical matters such as standardized testing, working with your local school board, designing a high-school program, preparing transcripts, and applying to colleges. You do have control over what and how your child learns. The Well-Trained Mind will give you the tools you’ll need to teach your child with confidence and success.

In the Hands of A Child Frades 4 8 Project Pack Real Life Princesses

... HOCPP 1054 Renaissance HOCPP 1056 Cinderella Stories Around the World HOCPP 1163 Princess Power HOCPP 1218 A Crown for Elizabeth by Mary M. Luke A Princess Remembers by Gayatri Devi Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess, Russia, 1914 by ...


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... 0-439-11210-9 $ 10.95 Anastasia : The Last Grand Duchess Russia , 1914 by Carolyn Meyer 0-439-12908-7 $ 10.95 The Last Grand Duchess Warrior Queen of Matamba Angola , Africa . 1595 . Russia , 1914 See discussion guides to all Dear ...



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Robert Caro's inprogress biography of Lyndon Johnson , Charles Ritchie's diaries , and Diana Athill's recent Stet ... the Nile Anastasia - The Last Grand Duchess Egypt , 57 B.C. Russia , 1914 $ 14.99 Ages 9-14 ( hardcover ) $ 14.99 Ages ...



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Author: Patrick Daley

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Introduces the history, geography, government, economy, religions, foods, and some popular tourist sites of the Russian Federation.