Amnesiac Hide

Mike Nelson explores the notion of the lone, nomadic traveller in intriguing and highly detailed installations.

Author: Mike Nelson

Publisher: Black Dog Pub Limited

ISBN: 1908966459

Category: Art

Page: 175

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Mike Nelson's newly commissioned installation, commissioned on behalf of Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, and The Power Plant, Toronto, presents its audience with the notion of the lone traveler. Drawing on archetypes such as the fur trapper, the pioneering explorer, the Beatnik and the biker, Mike Nelson offers a new reading of the lone traveler, focusing on the significance of these characters in the context of masculinity and spirituality. To accompany this new body of, which comprises Nelson's first solo show in a Canadian institution, Nelson is also producing an ambitious publication that presents developmental imagery alongside installation shots of the new installation.

Adorable Baby CEO s Amnesiac Ex wife

Song Zixiu kept telling himself that he had let everyone hide the matter of Lu Kewei's amnesia from Lu Kewei. The reason he started was because of Lu Kewei, but other than this, he could not hide anything else from him.

Author: Ming YueGuang135

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781648570827

Category: Fiction


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Song used to think that the most hurtful thing in the world was — "I don't love you!" It was only when he met her that he realized that even if he did not love her, he would not be able to beat her — "Who are you?"

Amnesiac Selves

But it should be noted that these amnesias do not entirely lose contact with the "amnesiac self" as we have ... He is painfully conscious of his own deficiency, and painfully anxious, as you must have seen, to hide it from observation.

Author: Nicholas Dames

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195349458

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 312

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With Joyce, Proust, and Faulkner in mind, we have come to understand the novel as a form with intimate ties to the impulses and processes of memory. This study contends that this common perception is an anachronism that distorts our view of the novel. Based on an investigation of representative novels, Amnesiac Selves shows that the Victorian novel bears no such secure relation to memory, and, in fact, it tries to hide, evade, and eliminate remembering. Dames argues that the notable scarcity and distinct unease of representations of remembrance in the nineteenth-century British novel signal an art form struggling to define and construct new concepts of memory. By placing nineteenth-century British fiction from Jane Austen to Wilkie Collins alongside a wide variety of Victorian psychologies and theories of mind, Nicholas Dames evokes a novelistic world, and a culture, before modern memory--one dedicated to a nostalgic evasion of detailed recollection which our time has largely forgotten.

New Stories from the Midwest

The loneliest nights for the amnesiac are the nights it rains. The amnesiac understands the necessity ofthe rain, sees how it fits into the grand scheme. But in the rain, there is nowhere to go, nowhere to hide.

Author: Jason Lee Brown

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253008183

Category: Fiction

Page: 248

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New Stories from the Midwest presents a collection of stories that celebrate an American region too often ignored in discussions about distinctive regional literature. The editors solicited nominations from more than 300 magazines, literary journals, and small presses and narrowed the selection to 19 authors. The stories, written by Midwestern writers or focusing on the Midwest, demonstrate that the quality of fiction from and about the heart of the country rivals that of any other region. Guest editor John McNally introduces the anthology, which features short fiction by Charles Baxter, Dan Chaon, Christopher Mohar, Rebecca Makkai, Lee Martin, and others.

The Amnesiac s Guide to Espionage

And you know me well enough to understand that you can't hide. I won't stop until each and every last one of you is locked up. You'll all pay for the murders you've committed and were about to commit in the name of displaced patriotism.

Author: Dave Sinclair

Publisher: Dave Sinclair

ISBN: 9780648221425



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Eva Destruction is Back! Eva is an MI6 agent who wakes to find armed men in her apartment hell-bent on revenge. The only problem is, she has no idea what they're talking about. Someone has stolen the last sixth months’ worth of her memories and the fate of the world rides on getting them back. On the eve of the G8 summit, Eva is thrown headlong into globe-trotting assassinations and gun battles on the trail of the mysterious plan known only as Halcyon. Together with a besotted CIA agent and a misogynistic MI6 operative, Eva races across the world to retrace her steps in the hopes of finding answers. With the clock ticking, Eva must track down those behind her memory loss, as well as battle a foe she can't remember. The globetrotting takes her from London, to exotic Macau casinos, to Hong Kong hydrofoils, to French castles, to English mansions, to a car chase between an ice-cream van containing a nuclear weapon and black SUVs through the streets of London. With betrayal at every turn, Eva discovers she can't trust anyone, including her own organisation. Eva must face down nuclear annihilation alone and she hasn't even had her coffee yet.

The Sheriff s Amnesiac Bride

“There is a condition known as a fugue state or psychogenic amnesia,” he continued. “It's caused by a traumatic event so frightening to the patient that they flee from reality and hide themselves in another, safer life— one with no ...

Author: Linda Conrad

Publisher: Silhouette

ISBN: 9781426824364

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Sheriff Jericho Yates was about to marry a friend as a favor when a gorgeous damsel appeared, dodging bullets and running for shelter. He had to help this woman who didn't know who she was. Rosie wished she could tell Jericho why she'd been running—and how she'd ended up pregnant. She did know she was falling in love with the handsome, engaged sheriff. Then Jericho's marriage was called off… and he showed Rosie how far he'd go to keep her safe. But once her memory returned, would they lose their chance for a future together?

Amnesiac Aloof Wife

Wenyue Feng still remembered her amnesia, but now it was basically the same as before, there wasn't much difference. "Hmm? "I'm fine, let's go. ... that at this moment, he really couldn't hide the anger in his heart.

Author: Feng Qu

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781647960674

Category: Fiction


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"She, Zi Xiaoxiao, is a woman of incredible beauty."It was as if she had been blessed by the heavens and was born into a good family. Being chased by all the men, she felt like she didn't have a single shred of vexation.A disaster had caused her to lose everything overnight.An accident caused her to lose her memory.She had nothing but a face.The noble one, who had fallen from heaven to hell, had become Cinderella from a princess.Everything in her life had been turned upside down. The only ones who hadn't changed were the men who loved her."Since the heavens have given up, it is to create their own future."Clenching her fist, she decided to create her own life. "

The Rancher And The Amnesiac Bride

I'm asking you—no, correct that—I'm telling you to step back and let me pursue this on my own. It's between me and Max.” Joseph coughed, and Josie had the impression he did it to hide a smile. But what on earth was he smiling about?

Author: Joan Elliott Pickart

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459267053

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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THE WRANGLER, THE RICH GIRL…AND THE MISSING BRIDE-TO-BE Man-of-the-land Max Carter didn't care for the pampered princess who came searching for her brother's intended bride. Besides, he didn't know where his cousin Sabrina was. But when socialite Josie Wentworth fell and got amnesia, he suddenly became her keeper—and her lover…. Max couldn't resist the temptation. And he couldn't believe Josie's transformation. She actually seemed to love working the land, riding the range…and cuddling in his arms. Max knew he owed Josie the truth, but he feared losing her—and the child she now carried…. A wealthy dynasty…a bride on the run. For fast-paced excitement by five fabulous authors…FOLLOW THAT BABY next month in Silhouette Romance.

Literary Medicine Brain Disease and Doctors in Novels Theater and Film

Amnesiac Characters as Fictional Experiments: Uses ofAmnesia What is the amnesiac character used for in literature? Whether an author decides to simply ... Indeed, some of them will struggle to hide the fact that they have no memories.

Author: J. Bogousslavsky

Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

ISBN: 9783318022711

Category: Medical

Page: 262

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An amazing and fascinating look at neurological conditions in fiction and film Classical and modern literature is full of patients with interesting neurological, cognitive, or psychiatric diseases, often including detailed and accurate descriptions, which suggests the authors were inspired by observations of real people. In many cases these literary portrayals of diseases even predate their formal identification by medical science. Fictional literature encompasses nearly all kinds of disorders affecting the nervous system, with certain favorites such as memory loss and behavioral syndromes. There are even unique observations that cannot be found in scientific and clinical literature because of the lack of appropriate studies. Not only does literature offer a creative and humane look at disorders of the brain and mind, but just as authors have been inspired by medicine and real disorders, clinicians have also gained knowledge from literary depictions of the disorders they encounter in their daily practice. This book provides an amazing and fascinating look at neurological conditions, patients, and doctors in literature and film in a way which is both nostalgic and novel.

When Eyes Don t Meet Mind An Amnesiac s Quest to discover his Dead Wife s Secrets

Hiding until today. Now got into my head.” His motive for such a sudden attack seemed like the beginning of an actual game. “He was tailing us.” The charm of the game lies in trying to predict what your opponent is thinking.

Author: Vinod Kumar Maddala

Publisher: Self-Published

ISBN: 9789354578649

Category: Fiction

Page: 243

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His dead wife’s Intriguing paintings hint at her secret affair. His suspicious mind swears to rebuild his memories to hunt his dead wife’s boyfriend. Seeks his friend’s support, hires another eccentric detective from the dark web. Will the detective’s steely determination catch that mysterious person? In a major car crash, Nicholas Thomas’ wife, Sophie was killed. He, himself, was left crippled, confined to a wheelchair, with his memory erased. Once a smart detective, he is now helpless but still an eccentric persona. When browsing through his dead wife's private room, he stumbles upon an intriguing painting that makes him realize that Sophie had been having a secret affair with an unknown person. Challenged by the mystery, he swears to rebuild his memories with the help of a loyal friend. He privately begins his hunt for her secret lover with the help of another eccentric detective from the dark web, who hides his identity citing professional reasons. During his journey, he flirts with his cute assistant and Demon's hot girlfriend. As he digs deeper into the mystery, it seems that the mysterious adversary is doing everything to stall and block his findings. The more he goes into the mystery, the farther the adversary seems to be. After going through a series of puzzling events and revelations about his shocking and painful past— his intriguing mind holds his confidence in nailing down his enemy, his enemy' secrets and get justice for what was done to him and his family. The story of love, pain, deceit, remorse, and revenge.

Negative Exposures

that simply renaming “amnesia” as “public secrecy” might be sufficient remedy in and of itself. ... Indeed, the expression “veil of semantics” has currency precisely because language is often where secrets go to hide.

Author: Margaret Hillenbrand

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9781478009047

Category: History

Page: 312

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When nations decide to disown their troubled pasts, how does this strategic disavowal harden into social fact? In Negative Exposures, Margaret Hillenbrand investigates the erasure of key aspects of such momentous events as the Nanjing Massacre, the Cultural Revolution, and the Tiananmen Square protests from the Chinese historical consciousness, not due to amnesia or censorship but through the operations of public secrecy. Knowing what not to know, she argues, has many stakeholders, willing and otherwise, who keep quiet to protect themselves or their families out of shame, pragmatism, or the palliative effects of silence. Hillenbrand shows how secrecy works as a powerful structuring force in Chinese society, one hiding in plain sight, and identifies aesthetic artifacts that serve as modes of reckoning against this phenomenon. She analyses the proliferation of photo-forms—remediations of well-known photographs of troubling historical events rendered in such media as paint, celluloid, fabric, digital imagery, and tattoos—as imaginative spaces in which the shadows of secrecy are provocatively outlined.

Detecting Texts

In fact, the amnesiac Guy brings together two functions of the detective story: the detective and the corpse. ... The corpse and the amnesiac share the status of privileged narrators of their hidden experiences, despite their obvious ...

Author: Patricia Merivale

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812205459

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 320

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Although readers of detective fiction ordinarily expect to learn the mystery's solution at the end, there is another kind of detective story—the history of which encompasses writers as diverse as Poe, Borges, Robbe-Grillet, Auster, and Stephen King—that ends with a question rather than an answer. The detective not only fails to solve the crime, but also confronts insoluble mysteries of interpretation and identity. As the contributors to Detecting Texts contend, such stories belong to a distinct genre, the "metaphysical detective story," in which the detective hero's inability to interpret the mystery inevitably casts doubt on the reader's similar attempt to make sense of the text and the world. Detecting Texts includes an introduction by the editors that defines the metaphysical detective story and traces its history from Poe's classic tales to today's postmodernist experiments. In addition to the editors, contributors include Stephen Bernstein, Joel Black, John T. Irwin, Jeffrey T. Nealon, and others.

English Rescue Your English Upper Intermediate 911

... gotten hid hidden , hid hit hit held held hurt hurt kept kept knelt , kneeled knelt , kneeled lost lost made made ... quitted read read said said seen sought sought Chapter 5 Amnesiac get hide hit hold hurt keep kneel lose make may ...

Author: Gerald Donovan, Winie Widya Ariany

Publisher: Elex Media Komputindo

ISBN: 9792764860



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Dusted The Unauthorized Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Amnesiac Buffy tellingly finds theidea of a vampire witha soul “lame.” Buffy slumps into denial that she kissed Spike ... Spike. Dressed in anappalling Victorian/ Edwardianoutfit during his amnesia (a disguise to hide from Teeth's minions),

Author: Lars Pearson

Publisher: Mad Norwegian Press


Category: Performing Arts


View: 298


The ultimate guide for every Buffy fan, the unauthorized (but highly professional and sexy) Dusted details and reviews all 144 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in exhaustive detail—with story summaries, quotes, notes on magic, character development, a rolling Slayer Kill-Count and more. Jointly written by Lawrence Miles (Faction Paradox), Lars Pearson (Wizard magazine) and Christa Dickson (Metaphorce Designs), this beefy guide also contains information on the Buffy comic and novel series, plus heaps of behind-the-scenes details on this phenomenal TV show.

The Player on the Other Side

Amnesia concealed a mystery; an amnesiac was someone with something to hide – the fact that hewas hiding it from himself was a mere detail. Walt wasan unanswered thing. 'Thanks, son,' the Inspector said, accepting his drink.

Author: Ellery Queen

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781471910692

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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The game has begun... A playing card inscribed with the letter 'J' appears in Robert York's mail, and a day later he is dead. When another playing card shows up, this one for Emily York, all the police protection in New York can't save her. Ellery Queen knows he is up against a brilliant, twisted killer, one who makes a game of death. But with no clue to his identity, Ellery is in a race against time to stop this remorseless vendetta. A brilliant detective story from a classic master of the genre.

The Witness

He was almost certain that they were no longer in Stephensville. Having seen it from the air, Pepperdyne doubted that Mrs. Burnwood—clever and resourceful as she was—could hide an amnesiac and an infant for any length of time.

Author: Sandra Brown

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444719482

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

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He loved her, but she knew too much . . . On a rain-slick road, a car crash leaves only three survivors: an infant, a man clinging to his life, and Kendall Deaton. But she doesn't dare reveal any of their true identities to the authorities. Instead, she plans her escape. Her perilous flight begins. The best public defender in Prosper, South Carolina, Kendall had stumbled upon the town's chilling secret, making her marriage into a powerful family a living hell. Now Kendall, a terrified mother trying to protect her child and a reluctant witness to evil, is surrounded by forces that will stop at nothing to protect what is 'theirs'. *********** Praise for Sandra Brown 'An edge-of-the-seat thriller that's full of twists . . . Top stuff!' Star 'Virtuoso plot twists . . . Brown's thriller engages the primal senses' Kirkus Reviews 'Lust, jealousy, and murder suffuse Brown's crisp thriller' Publishers Weekly

Regina s Song

“Sometimes all it takes to restore an amnesiac's memory is a familiar face or a familiar turn of phrase. That's why I've asked you three to stop by, but let's be very, very careful. I'm fairly sure that Renata's amnesia is a way to hide ...

Author: David Eddings

Publisher: Del Rey

ISBN: 9780345454799

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

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“A story of murder and revenge . . . Outstandingly well paced and tightly plotted, the novel also stands out in its handling of various psychological themes.”—Booklist Eerily attuned to one another, twins Regina and Renata are so identical that even their mother can’t tell them apart. Then tragedy strikes: a vicious attack leaves one twin dead and the other so traumatized that she turns totally inward, incapable of telling anyone what happened or even who she is. She remains lost to the world, until the day Mark, a family friend, comes to visit—and the young woman utters her first intelligible word. As she recovers, still with no memory of the past, her nightmares grow steadily more frightful, followed by wild fits of hysteria and dark mood swings. Her strange outbursts seem to coincide with the grisly serial murders that have begun plaguing Seattle. Could she be the killer? Determined to dispel his suspicion, Mark stakes out her home. The unholy sight he witnesses one night will haunt his soul for the rest of his life. . . .

Specters of War

impelled his amnesiac but rather a need to hide from the law. After the only witness to the killing that occurred “when the war was still young” tells him that the suitcase with the unclaimed Nazi money is hidden between the pilings of ...

Author: Elisabeth Bronfen

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813553993

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 300

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Specters of War looks at the way war has been brought to the screen in various genres and at different historical moments throughout the twentieth century and into the twenty-first. Elisabeth Bronfen asserts that Hollywood has emerged as a place where national narratives are created and circulated so that audiences can engage with fantasies, ideologies, and anxieties that take hold at a given time, only to change with the political climate. Such cultural reflection is particularly poignant when it deals with America’s traumatic history of war. The nation has no direct access to war as a horrific experience of carnage and human destruction; we understand our relation to it through images and narratives that transmit and interpret it for us. Bronfen does not discuss actual conflicts but the films by which we have come to know and remember them, including All Quiet on the Western Front, The Best Years of Our Lives, Miracle at St. Anna, The Deer Hunter, and Flags of Our Fathers. Battles and campaigns, the home front and women-who-wait narratives, war correspondents, and court martials are also explored as instruments of cultural memory. Bronfen argues that we are haunted by past wars and by cinematic re-conceptualizations of them, and reveals a national iconography of redemptive violence from which we seem unable to escape.

Intermediality and Storytelling

Nabokov's novella anticipates Robbe-Grillet's strategy of the “absent (hidden, invisible) story” (in Le Voyeur and ... The story of the female protagonist, amnesiac Mary Lamb (alias Amy Hide), presents a challenge to the reader who is ...

Author: Marina Grishakova

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110237733

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 353

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Extending narratological analysis to media as varied as graphic novels, photography, television, musicals, computer games and advertising, the essays gathered in this volume address some of the most fundamental questions raised by the medial turn in narratology: how can narrative meaning be created in media other than language; how do different types of signs collaborate with each other in so-called multimodal works; and what new forms of narrativity are made possible by the emergence of digital media."

Hidden Intercourse

54 The need to hide mystical secrets connected to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which constitute the divine image that is ... “Elisha ben Abuya”; Talmudic Stories, 64–104; and Goshen-Gottstein, The Sinner and the Amnesiac, 21–229.

Author: Wouter J. Hanegraaff

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789047443582

Category: Religion

Page: 566

View: 728


The history of Western esotericism is rich in references to the domains of eros and sexuality, but this connection has never been explored in detail from a critical scholarly perspective. Bringing together an impressive array of top-level specialists, this volume reveals the outlines of a largely unknown history spanning more than twenty centuries.