American Social Leaders and Activists

... stolen from our mother country and brought here,” he said of American, “This land which we have watered with our tears and our blood, ... over the years Allen organized black Philadelphians in a number of community service projects.

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Profiles more than 285 men and women who fought for social reform and influenced American history.

African American Social Leaders and Activists

Black leaders always recognized that education was central to the human as well as the so- cial and economic development of the African- American community. As early as 1807, George Bell had established a free school for black students ...

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Whether abolitionists or slave revolt leaders

Encyclopedia of Women Social Reformers

Since 1915 the country had been occupied by U.S. Marines, mainly in order to protect U.S. investments there. During a two- week fact-finding ... American Social Leaders: From Colonial Times to the Present. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO.

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"This valuable contribution to women's studies includes the stories of more than 400 women from 64 countries and brings into the limelight many forgotten movements and personalities that have had major impacts on history. Readers will be inspired by the fascinating biographies."--"Outstanding Reference Sources," American Libraries, May 2002.

Religion and Suicide in the African American Community

Church leaders within the African-American community, by and large, are local residents. They are religious, moral, and social leaders. Although many of the African- American church leaders are not college-educated or seminary-trained, ...

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Suicide among African Americans occurs at about half the rate with which it occurs among white Americans. Why is the black rate of suicide so much lower, particularly when one considers the effects of racism and other socio-economic factors? One answer that has been offered is that churches within the African-American community have a greater influence than among white Americans and that black churches provide amelioration of social forces that would otherwise lead to suicide. Now, for the first time, Early provides an in-depth ethnographic examination of the impact of the black church and confirms that there is a consensus within the black community opposed to the concept of suicide.

Encyclopedia of American Social Movements

In response, St. Louis clergy and business leaders formed committees to assist the freed blacks so that they could survive and get to Kansas. Food and funds were collected from the local community as well as from sympathizers from Iowa ...

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This four-volume set examines every social movement in American history - from the great struggles for abolition, civil rights, and women's equality to the more specific quests for prohibition, consumer safety, unemployment insurance, and global justice.

Encyclopedia of War and American Society

Booker T. Washington and other like-minded African American social leaders also attempted to dissuade potential migrants on the grounds that the South constituted the natural home of African Americans and urban life led to an inevitable ...

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This Encyclopedia, in three volumes, cover a wide range of general thematic categories, issues and topics that address not only the geopolitical effects of war, but also show how the United States engagement in national and international conflicts has affected the social and cultural arena.

Humane Society Leaders in America

Mr. Gerry continued actively as counsel of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals until the death of Mr. Bergh in 1888 , and remained as one of its vice - presidents until 1899. On his retirement from active ...

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Encyclopedia of African American Popular Culture 4 volumes

A growing segment of college-aged black youth helped popularize young civil rights leaders, like Stokely Carmichael. ... racism, and other social ills, undeterred, bred serious problems in black urban regions in the North.

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This four-volume encyclopedia contains compelling and comprehensive information on African American popular culture that will be valuable to high school students and undergraduates, college instructors, researchers, and general readers. • Contains writings from 100 contributing authors, all identified in a separate listing • Includes a chronology placing pivotal events—such as the beginning of black baseball, the modern Civil Rights Movement, and the Harlem Renaissance—in historical context • Depicts key places, events, and people through photographs as well as words • Provides a list of black radio programs and movies

Leaders Leadership And U s Policy In Latin America

The seven-month rule of social democrat Juan Bosch in the Dominican Republic in 1962 was used by critics of the ... a solid trend toward reform and change.26 U.S. concern for the advancement of governments and leaders that mirrored what ...

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This book focuses on the future of Latin American leaders and the relationship of these leaders to the United States. It examines the ways in which the critical interaction between individual leaders and the U.S. policy community affects the substance and direction of hemispheric relations.

Religious Leadership

This diversity continues in America, made more pressing by the settlement patterns of Asian immigrants into ... and Asian American communities have led Asian religious leaders to become community activists and advocates for justice.

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This 2-volume set within The SAGE Reference Series on Leadership tackles issues relevant to leadership in the realm of religion. It explores such themes as the contexts in which religious leaders move, leadership in communities of faith, leadership as taught in theological education and training, religious leadership impacting social change and social justice, and more. Topics are examined from multiple perspectives, traditions, and faiths. Features & Benefits: By focusing on key topics with 100 brief chapters, we provide students with more depth than typically found in encyclopedia entries but with less jargon or density than the typical journal article or research handbook chapter. Signed chapters are written in language and style that is broadly accessible. Each chapter is followed by a brief bibliography and further readings to guide students to sources for more in-depth exploration in their research journeys. A detailed index, cross-references between chapters, and an online version enhance accessibility for today's student audience.