American History Through a Whiskey Glass

American History Through a Whiskey Glass: How Distilled Spirits, Domestic Cuisine, and Popular Music Helped Shape a Nation is a rendition of history told through the lens of our country's most distinctive products: bourbon and rye ...

Author: Harris Cooper

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781510764026

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Experience American history like never before with this unique, informative, and fun guide for history buffs, whiskey enthusiasts, folks who like to cook at home, and fans of popular music. American History Through a Whiskey Glass presents a unique perspective on American history. It describes how bourbon and rye whiskey played a role in the most important events in American history, including the voyage of the Mayflower, George Washington’s failed and successful political campaigns, the Civil War, pioneers moving west, Prohibition (of course), plus many more into the twenty-first century. It does so with descriptions of historical events but also with amusing anecdotes and humorous quotes from the historical figures themselves. The book carefully aligns five elements: a narrative about whiskey’s role in eight periods of American history descriptions and tasting notes for American whiskeys that represent distilled spirits in each historical period tutorials on how whiskey is produced and its numerous varieties period-specific food recipes drawn mostly from historical cookbooks playlists of the popular music during each period The book gives readers an integrated and entertaining perspective on popular culture in America at different times, revealing how Americans have politicked, drank their native spirits, ate, and sang. But it does more; readers will not only learn about America’s history, they can experience it through numerous illustrations, whiskey tasting, food, and music. It provides an opportunity for readers to be involved in a truly immersive approach to life-long learning . . . and it’s fun.

Webster s Guide to American History

... wrought iron pipe , stoves , rubber , coal , beef , sugar , whiskey , glass , and even castor oil . ... from competition to combination is nothing less than one of those revolutions which march through history with giant strides .

Author: Mortimer Jerome Adler

Publisher: Merriam-Webster

ISBN: 0877790817

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Combines biographical sketches of great Americans and outstanding quotes with a concise survey of U.S. history

Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society

The Concord episode of the whiskey glass is an outgrowth of the tradition and not an authority for it . ... upon the Lexington militia should have been allowed to cloud his character for so long in the writing of American history ?

Author: Massachusetts Historical Society


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The Columbia Companion to American History on Film

These range from the nightmarish depiction of alcoholism with James Cagney in Come Fill the Cup (1951) and Susan Hayward in I'll Cry Tomorrow (1955) to the tacit approval of drug-taking behavior with emerging young stars of the 1980s in ...

Author: Peter C. Rollins

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231508391

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American history has always been an irresistible source of inspiration for filmmakers, and today, for good or ill, most Americans'sense of the past likely comes more from Hollywood than from the works of historians. In important films such as The Birth of a Nation (1915), Roots (1977), Apocalypse Now (1979), and Saving Private Ryan (1998), how much is entertainment and how much is rooted in historical fact? In The Columbia Companion to American History on Film, more than seventy scholars consider the gap between history and Hollywood. They examine how filmmakers have presented and interpreted the most important events, topics, eras, and figures in the American past, often comparing the film versions of events with the interpretations of the best historians who have explored the topic. Divided into eight broad categories—Eras; Wars and Other Major Events; Notable People; Groups; Institutions and Movements; Places; Themes and Topics; and Myths and Heroes—the volume features extensive cross-references, a filmography (of discussed and relevant films), notes, and a bibliography of selected historical works on each subject. The Columbia Companion to American History on Film is also an important resource for teachers, with extensive information for research or for course development appropriate for both high school and college students. Though each essay reflects the unique body of film and print works covering the subject at hand, every essay addresses several fundamental questions: What are the key films on this topic? What sources did the filmmaker use, and how did the film deviate (or remain true to) its sources? How have film interpretations of a particular historical topic changed, and what sorts of factors—technological, social, political, historiographical—have affected their evolution? Have filmmakers altered the historical record with a view to enhancing drama or to enhance the "truth" of their putative message?

Revolts Protests Demonstrations and Rebellions in American History

Having placed the two glasses on the table, he left the room. ... As soon as he had gone, Mrs. Kehoe, who was a good woman at heart, and devoted to McKenna, took up the hot whiskey, threw it into the stove, and then burst into tears.

Author: Steven Laurence Danver

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781598842210

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This three-volume work traces the history of revolts and rebellions from the colonial era to the 20th century. * 71 chronologically arranged entries detail the revolts and uprisings that have shaped the history of the United States, with 2–5 subentries that drill down into those histories * Each entry includes an overview essay, followed by entries on related people, groups, organizations, ideas, and places, along with select primary sources * Contributions come from a distinguished group of American historians from across the nation and across historical disciplines * One volume is comprised entirely of primary source documents * Illustrations and photographs show events discussed

Secret Societies and Clubs in American History

... were sparse and members brought their own whiskey or wine glasses to meetings.4 The penuriousness of many original members was ... A car passes through the gates of Bohemian Grove, an 90 Secret Societies and Clubs in American History.

Author: David Luhrssen

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781598849042

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Grounded in extensive historical research, this eye-opening survey reveals the long-undervalued role secret societies have played in American history. • Based on scholarly research, this book appeals to both academics and the general public • Sheds light on familiar figures from American history • Includes photographs

Lexington and Concord The 19th of April 1775

These passages were expunged from Gordon's condensed account, published in the North American Almanac for 1776; nor do they appear in his history. Hudson rejected the whiskey-glass story, declaring that it rested upon “very slender ...

Author: Murdock

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications

ISBN: 9780486844305

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Concise and entertaining, this was the first book to critically examine and debunk some of the legends surrounding the start of the American Revolution. Its factual accounts are as heroic and dramatic as the myths.

Food and Drink in American History

Beginning in the 1870s, dozens of bartenders throughout America began to publish their own books, and they gave their concoctions unusual names, such as fog dispensers, whiskey skins, eyeopeners, fogcutters, lightning smash, ...

Author: Andrew F. Smith

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781610692335

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This three-volume encyclopedia on the history of American food and beverages covers topics ranging from early American Indian foods to mandatory nutrition information at fast food restaurants.

The Magazine of American History

Probably no minor personage in American history who has received as little attention as Girty has had more ... glass beads and bad whiskey for valuable furs and skins , he became a trader himself and fell into the clutches of the law as ...



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The Magazine of American History with Notes and Queries

Probably no minor personage in American history who has received as little attention as Girty has had more ... glass beads and bad whiskey for valuable furs and skins , he became a trader himself and fell into the clutches of the law as ...

Author: John Austin Stevens


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