The Making of the American Creative Class

All six writers dismissed for their progressive politics had been active members of
the Radio Writers Guild , which in 1948 had persuaded Prockter to sign ... rely
more heavily on writers 246 THE MAKING OF THE AMERICAN CREATIVE

Author: Shannan Clark

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199731626

Category: History

Page: 608

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White-collar work, the culture industries, and the origins of the creative class -- The emergence of white-collar unionism in New York's culture industries -- Challenging the culture of consumer capitalism -- Designing radicalism: the popular front, modernist aesthetics, and the problem of patronage -- New York's white-collar unions during the second world war and reconversion -- The cold war in New York's culture industries -- Creativity and consumerism in the affluent society -- The cultural deindustrialization of New York.

Key Issues in Creative Writing

What are the areas of differentiation among creative writing programs in the
United States, Australia and the United Kingdom? Many undergraduate
programs offer creative writing classes to what American colleagues call 'non-
majors', and ...

Author: Dianne Donnelly

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781847698490

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 232

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Key Issues in Creative Writing explores a range of important issues that inform the practice and understanding of creative writing. The collection considers creative writing learning and teaching as well as creative writing research. Contributors target debates that arise because of the nature of creative writing. These experts – from the UK, USA and Australia – specifically examine creative writing as a subject in universities and colleges and discuss both the creative knowledge and the critical understanding informing the subject and its future. Finally, this volume suggests ways in which addressing current issues will produce significant disciplinary knowledge that will contribute to the success of creative writing in current and future academic environments.

Images of Montenegro in Anglo American Creative Writing and Film

Many skipped classes and only showed up for the finals, because they found
lectures tedious and chose to hang out in cafés instead. But “[n]o matter how few
students were actually in attendance, at the end of class there were always 120 ...

Author: Marija Krivokapić

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443862707

Category: Social Science

Page: 310

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This book observes images of Montenegro in Anglo-American creative writing and films from the late eighteenth century until 2016. Like the Balkans as a whole, Montenegro usually reappeared in the West’s consciousness with the outbreak of wars, but remained marginalized on the larger Balkan map because of its peripheral political influence and, therefore, remained little known. In the past, Montenegro was experienced as almost unapproachable, barren, and wild. Its people, like their mountains, were seen as massive and fierce, while their primitivism equally delighted and repulsed visitors. Even today, when one searches the Internet for “Montenegro,” one finds titles mostly containing modifiers circling around “undiscovered,” “magical,” and “mysterious.” The book follows these vignettes chronologically to point out how the rhetoric they share dangerously builds a caricature of the country. However, they also provide a very lively mosaic of landscapes, history, people, their costumes, houses, and everyday life, which are sometimes distorted. No one can claim that these descriptions were not influenced by the ideologies the travellers inherited at home and were not filtered through their own cultural grids, but, significantly, they evoke places that are now forever lost – destroyed in wars, by earthquakes, faulty development planning, or, simply, by time.

Creative Writing Studies

Chief among them is a firmly entrenched star system in American Creative
Writing programs, a system that results in a ... In fact, the title itself is drawn from
two very different accounts of a writing workshop, Master Class: Scenes From a
Fiction ...

Author: Graeme Harper

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781847690197

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 169

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Here creative writers who are also university teachers monitor their contribution to this popular discipline in essays that indicate how far it has come in the USA, the UK and Australia.

Power and Identity in the Creative Writing Classroom

Because composition does not exist in British universities as in North American
ones, neither does a three-way interface in English departments – composition,
literary study, creative writing – added to by the involvement of others things like ...

Author: Dr. Anna Leahy

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781847696267

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 222

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Power and Identity In the Creative Writing Classroom remaps theories and practices for teaching creative writing at university and college level. This collection critiques well-established approaches for teaching creative writing in all genres and builds a comprehensive and adaptable pedagogy based on issues of authority, power, and identity. A long-needed reflection, this book shapes creative writing pedagogy for the 21st century.

Contemporary American Women Fiction Writers

In interviews, Hogan discusses the importance of her working-class background
to her sense of self. ... In 1975 she enrolled in a creative writing class at the
University of Maryland and, after returning to Colorado, received an MA degree in

Author: Bella Vivante

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313316279

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 407

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Covers more than sixty women who published significant fiction after 1945, with a brief biography, exposition of major works and themes, survey of critical reception, and references to primary and secondary sources for each.

Errors of Creativity

... introduction to linguistics, American history, newspaper reading, translation,
and creative writing. 3.1. The description of the writing courses As a part of their
course requirement, all the students had a 120-minute writing class every week ...

Author: Xiao-ming Yang

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 0761820264

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 128

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Errors of Creativity presents an in-depth analysis of both the sources and characteristics of lexical errors committed by Chinese college students who major in English language. Using theories of the semantic field and componential analysis as the theoretical basis, Errors of Creativity gives new insight into the specific area of error analysis, as well as to the theory and practice of L2 acquisition.

The Best American Poetry 2009

Of “Definition of Terms,” Grabell writes: “In the first creative writing class I ever
taught, I was explaining an assignment in which the students would use an
anecdote from their lives as the basis for a short story or poem. As I used the
example of ...

Author: David Wagoner

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439166269

Category: Poetry

Page: 240

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David Wagoner writes about regular lives with plain grace and transcendent humanity, and the seventy-five poems he has chosen for the 2009 edition of The Best American Poetry grapple with life, celebrate freedom, and teem with imaginative energy. With engaging notes from the poets, Wagoner's superb introductory essay, series editor David Lehman's astute foreword about the current state of poetry and criticism, and cover art from the beloved poet John Ashbery, The Best American Poetry 2009 is a memorable and delightful addition to a series dedicated to showcasing the work of poets at their best.

African American Dramatists

A precociously early writer, Parks began crafting stories at the age of five. She
spent her early adolescent ... In a 1983 creative writing class with James Baldwin,
" Parks was encouraged to pursue playwriting. It was while working on a short ...

Author: Emmanuel Sampath Nelson

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313322333

Category: Drama

Page: 527

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Presents alphabetical entries for sixty-one playwrights who wrote from the early nineteenth through the late twentieth century, containing biographical information about the authors and critical assessments of their works.

Letters to America

While it is obvious that this anthology could be useful in many Cultural Studies
courses , I hope it will also find its way into Introduction to Poetry courses and
Creative Writing courses . I intend for this book to used as a model of fine ,
powerful ...

Author: Jim Ray Daniels

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 0814325424

Category: Poetry

Page: 230

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A collection of poems that explore the issues surrounding race relations in American society, told from the experience of Black, Native American, Asian, Arabic, Hispanic, and white cultures.

Sport in the Classroom

Ten years have passed since I first wrote about my class in a piece called "
English 4503: Sports in Modern American ... there was no Literature of American
Sport Culture, no anthologies of sport-centered creative writing, no critical studies
, not ...

Author: David L. Vanderwerken

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

ISBN: 0838633544

Category: Social Science

Page: 325

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A collection of essays that focuses on teaching sport-related classes in the humanities and social sciences. It is designed to aid university faculty in proposing or revising courses and features sample syllabi, assignment instructions, and examinations in the appendix to each essay.

Asian American Review

She teaches a course on the Chinese Revolution and the Asian American
Experience . As a second - generation Korean ... Her article on Younghill Kang is
part of her Ph.D. dissertation on Asian American writers . She is an Assistant ...
Keiko is active in promoting Japanese American creative writing . She was
involved in a ...



ISBN: UCSD:31822007248008

Category: Asian Americans


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Asian American Novelists

This early interest in Asian American writing during the mid-1970s was generated
by a variety of seemingly unrelated developments. ... adopted in 1965 gave
preference to skilled workers and professionals, the new immigrants tended to be
highly educated and solidly middle-class. By the early 1970s anthologies of
creative writing by Asian Americans began to appear; these collections provided
forums ...

Author: Emmanuel Sampath Nelson

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313309116

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 422

View: 638


As a distinct area of literary study, Asian American literature now enjoys a level of critical recognition that was unimaginable when academic interest in the field began modestly some 25 years ago. Part of this recognition stems from the increasing contributions of Asian American novelists, whose works continue to capture growing levels of popular attention. This reference book provides alphabetically arranged entries for 70 Asian American novelists. Each entry is written by an expert contributor and provides a short biography, a discussion of major works and themes, an overview of the novelist's critical reception, and a bibliography of primary and secondary sources. In addition, the volume concludes with a selected, general bibliography.

American Women Writers 1900 1945

She was labeled the most dangerous woman in America by S. I. Hayakawa,
president of San Francisco State College, who in 1967 peremptorily fired her
from her faculty ... Following a successful lawsuit, Boyle was reinstated as a
professor of creative writing and taught until her retirement in 1980. ... She
enrolled in a fiction writing class at Columbia University and soon had her first
poem published.

Author: Laurie Champion

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313309434

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 407

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Women writers have been traditionally excluded from literary canons, not until recently have scholars begun to rediscover or discover neglected women writers and their works. This reference includes alphabetically arranged entries on 58 American women authors who wrote between 1900 and 1945, a period that embraces two major artistic movements, Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance. Each entry is written by an expert contributor and includes a biography, a discussion of major works and themes, a review of the author's critical reception, and extensive primary and secondary bibliographies. The volume reflects the diversity of American culture through its coverage of African American, Native American, Mexican American, and Chinese American women writers.

The Cambridge Introduction to the American Short Story

In the 1970s and 1980s there was a notable revival of interest in the short story in
America. ... course and that his widespread influence on other writers (particularly
students in university creative writing classes) was not always a benign one.1 ...

Author: Martin Scofield

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139457651

Category: Literary Criticism


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This wide-ranging introduction to the short story tradition in the United States of America traces the genre from its beginnings in the early nineteenth century with Irving, Hawthorne and Poe via Fitzgerald, Hemingway and Faulkner to O'Connor and Carver. The major writers in the genre are covered in depth with a general view of their work and detailed discussion of a number of examples of individual stories. The Cambridge Introduction to the American Short Story offers a comprehensive and accessible guide to this rich literary tradition. It will be invaluable to students and readers looking for critical approaches to the short story and wishing to deepen their understanding of how authors have approached and developed this fascinating and challenging genre. Further reading suggestions are included to explore the subject in more depth. This is an invaluable overview for all students and readers of American fiction.


Given my interest in modernism and women writers, I knew well the work of the
biographer who not only had changed our ... text in contemporary American
literature and an invaluable teaching tool both in literature and creative writing
classes, ...

Author: Louise DeSalvo

Publisher: The Feminist Press at CUNY

ISBN: 9781558617773

Category: Social Science

Page: 306

View: 654


Born to immigrant parents during World War II and coming of age during the 1950s, DeSalvo finds herself rebelling against a script written by parental and societal expectations. In her revealing family memoir, DeSalvo sifts through painful memories to give voice to all that remained unspoken and unresolved in her life: a mother's psychotic depression, a father's rage and violent rigidity, a sister's early depression and eventual suicide, and emerging memories of childhood incest. At times humorous and often brutally candid, DeSalvo also delves through the more recent conflicts posed by marriage, motherhood, and the crisis that started her on the path of her life's work: becoming a writer in order to excavate the meaning of her life and community.In Vertigo, Louise DeSalvo paints a striking picture of the easy freedom of the husband and fatherless world of working-class Hoboken, New Jersey, the neighborhood of her early childhood, where mothers and children had an unaccustomed say in the running of their lives while men were off defending their country, but were jolted back into submission when World War II ended. Hoboken was not a place where girls were encouraged to develop their minds, or their independent spirits, yet it is that tenement-dotted city with its pulse and energy, wonderful Italian pastry, and sidewalk roller-skating contests, and not suburban Ridgefield, where the family moves when Louise is seven, that claims Louises heart.Written with an honesty that is as rare as it is unsettling, Vertigo also speaks to broader truths about the impact of ethnicity, class, and gender in American life. Offering inspiration and a healthy dose of subversion, this personal story of a writers life is also a study of the alchemy between lived experience and creativity, and the life-transforming possibilities of this process.

Creative Writing

He has described a very curious circumstance, the beginnings in America of the
social distinctions which in Europe make ... And it is interesting to see this arise
when in Europe the war is thought to have abolished so many distinctions of

Author: Linda Anderson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317797029

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 664

View: 554


Creative Writing is a complete writing course that will jump-start your writing and guide you through your first steps towards publication. Suitable for use by students, tutors, writers’ groups or writers working alone, this book offers: a practical and inspiring section on the creative process, showing you how to stimulate your creativity and use your memory and experience in inventive ways in-depth coverage of the most popular forms of writing, in extended sections on fiction, poetry and life writing, including biography and autobiography, giving you practice in all three forms so that you might discover and develop your particular strengths a sensible, up-to-date guide to going public, to help you to edit your work to a professional standard and to identify and approach suitable publishers a distinctive collection of exciting exercises, spread throughout the workbook to spark your imagination and increase your technical flexibility and control a substantial array of illuminating readings, bringing together extracts from contemporary and classic writings in order to demonstrate a range of techniques that you can use or adapt in your own work. Creative Writing: A Workbook with Readings presents a unique opportunity to benefit from the advice and experience of a team of published authors who have also taught successful writing courses at a wide range of institutions, helping large numbers of new writers to develop their talents as well as their abilities to evaluate and polish their work to professional standards. These institutions include Lancaster University and the University of East Anglia, renowned as consistent producers of published writers.

Creative Writing in the Community

I then designed a courseCreative Writing in the Community,” and taught it for the
first time in 2005. ... Thomas Ehrlich Faculty Award for Service-Learning, awarded
by the Campus Compact and the American Association of Higher Education.

Author: Terry Ann Thaxton

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781441148667

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 256

View: 260


Creative Writing in the Community is the firstbook to focus on the practical side of creative writing. Connecting classroomexperiences to community-based projects, it prepares creative writing studentsfor teaching in schools, homeless centres, youth clubs and care homes. Each chapteris packed with easy-to-use resources including: specific lesson plans; case studies of students working with community groups; lists of suitable writing examples; "how to..." sections; examples and theoretical applications of creative writing pedagogy and techniques; reflection questions; writings by workshop participants. Enhanced by contributions from directors,students and teachers at successful public programs, Creative Writing in the Community is more than an essential guidefor students on creative writing courses and leaders of community-basedlearning programs; it is practical demonstration of the value of art insociety.

The Handbook of Creative Writing

I'm sure you could not be better prepared for writing for American television than
by reading and understanding Stephen ... The British middle-aged, lower middle-
class Daily Mail type of taste is for something a little more organic, and research ...

Author: Steven Earnshaw

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748689774

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 496

View: 195


In this new edition 54 chapters cover the central pillars of writing creatively: the theories behind the creativity, the techniques and writing as a commercial enterprise. With contributions from over 50 poets, novelists, dramatists, publishers, editors, tutors, critics and scholars, this is the essential guide to writing and getting published. DT A 3-in-1 text with outstanding breadth of coverage on the theories, the craft & the business of creative writing DT Includes practical advice on getting published & making money from your writing New for this edition: DT Chapters on popular topics such as 'self-publishing and the rise of the indie author', 'social media', 'flash fiction', 'song lyrics', 'creative-critical hybrids' and 'collaboration in the theatre' DT New and updated exercises to help you practice your writing DT Up-to-date information on teaching, copyright, writing for the web & earning a living as a writer DT Updated Glossary of Terms

Cornell University Courses of Study

AS & RC 430 African American Creative Writing Seminar 4 credits . TR 2 : 55–4 :
10 . W. Branch . A limited number of students who have expressed both interest
and aptitude in creative writing will have theopportunity to concentrate on the ...

Author: Cornell University


ISBN: CORNELL:31924058982749



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