Flawed Assumptions

Just like always, Everly relaxed at the sound of Arvin's voice. They'd never met, but he knew Arvin was older, and he felt almost like a grandfather to Everly. He'd never told Arvin that, but he suspected Arvin knew. He'd always treated ...

Author: Catherine Lievens

Publisher: eXtasy Books

ISBN: 9781487434113

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Everly is a runner. In his case it’s a necessity, since he’s a griffin shifter, and selling him on the black market could earn someone a pretty penny. But Everly doesn’t fancy being sold, so he heads to Rosewood when someone tries to catch him again. Kyle is a protector, not a lawyer or a doctor like his mother wants him to be. That’s why he signed up for the new security team his alpha put together. It’s just his luck that he’s the one who finds Everly when the man walks into pack territory. It’s not until later that they realize they’re mates. Everly wants Rosewood to become his home, but he’s never had one, and there are still people after him. He’s been dealing with this for the past ten years, and he doesn’t need anyone to protect him. Or maybe he does. Kyle wants Everly to stay, and Everly wants the same. Will they be able to make Rosewood safe for Everly and all the other rare shifters out there, or will they fail and lose each other?

From Ulster to America

everly adv Always , constantly . [ < ever ' always ' + -ly ; OED everly adv ' always , continually ' 1314– , obsolete or Scottish ; SND everly adv ' constant , without interruption ' ; DARE everly adv ' always ' chiefly southern ...

Author: Michael Montgomery

Publisher: Ulster Historical Foundation

ISBN: 1903688612

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Over the last 350 years, Ireland has sent a constant stream of emigrants to North America. Estimates range from 6 to 10 million. Each emigrant spoke English, Irish, or Ulster Scots. Many indeed used two of these tongues. One of the most formative chapters in this fascinating story is the often-overlooked arrival of perhaps 200,000 people from Ulster in the colonial era, specifically in the sixty years before the American Revolution. This book recounts the lasting impact they made on the development of the,English language of the United States from the 18th century to the present day. It documents nearly 400 terms and meanings, each with quotations from both sides of the Atlantic, that were contributed to American English by these 18th-century settlers from Ulster. Drawing on letters they sent back to their homeland and on other archival documents associated with their settlement, including local fiction and poetry, it shows that Ulster emigrants and their children, who settled mainly in the American interior, gave as much to regional American English as any other group from the Old World. Its pages contain many pleasant surprises: readers will find terms both instantly recognisable and unfamiliar. The numerous quotations not only bring alive the speech of earlier days on both sides of the Atlantic but also extend our understanding of the culture, mannerisms and life of those pioneering times and, through the spoken and written word, poignantly link the past with the present.

Genesee Farmer

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The Complete Montgomery Ink Denver Series Box Set

grandparents, so Everly held her tongue. Again. “They look adorable in your choices as always, Nancy,” Everly said with a smile. She looked down at her watch and held back a frown. “I'm going to be late if I don't head out now to the ...

Author: Carrie Ann Ryan

Publisher: Carrie Ann Ryan

ISBN: 9781943123841

Category: Fiction

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Read the emotional, sexy, character driven Montgomery Ink series all in one place! The Montgomerys are all about family, fate, and finding their happy ever afters. This set includes all eight full length novels and seven of the series’ bonus romances.

The Exiled Prince Trilogy

“And then he said, 'I need you to pack for me.' Can you believe the nerve of this guy?” I shouted in the phone as I stripped out of my pretty little dress. “What is wrong with this man?” “He sounds like a jerk.” As always, Everly ...

Author: Jeana E. Mann

Publisher: Jeana E. Mann

ISBN: 9781943938506

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TRILOGY COMPLETE! Three contemporary billionaire royalty romance novels to set your ereader ablaze by USA Today bestselling author Jeana E. Mann. THE EXILED PRINCE (Book 1) A secret masquerade hookup leads to complications with Rourke’s new boss. One night. No names. No faces. It should have been simple. Instead, she’s tossed into a life filled with decadence, heat, and sinful surprises. Delve into the dark side of romance with an exiled prince, a secret masquerade ball, and all the complications they create for personal assistant Rourke Donahue. THE DIRTY PRINCESS (Book 2) A personal assistant marries her royal boss and learns that happily-ever-after only exists in fairy tales. When Roman Menshikov asks Rourke to marry him, she doesn’t think twice. Once the ring is on her finger, she finds out he’s not the man she thought he was. He’s darker and more dangerous than she suspected. His involvement in an international war might kill them both. With wealth and power comes great responsibility for Roman. He’s determined to save his country from ruin but will he sacrifice his new wife in the process? THE WAR KING (Book 3) A fairytale marriage enters the battlefield when the exiled prince reveals his secrets and claims his throne as The War King. I married the man of my dreams and landed in a nightmare of secret government agencies, assassins, and military coups. To keep him, I must fight his enemies. To love him, I must tame my fears. He’s not the man I thought he was. He’s more.

The Exiled Prince

n hour later, from the refuge of my bedroom, I phoned Everly and poured out the whole story—well, ... I shouted in the phone as I stripped out of my pretty little dress. “What is wrong with this man?” “He sounds like a jerk.” As always ...

Author: Jeana E. Mann

Publisher: Jeana E. Mann

ISBN: 9781943938339

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The Infinite Something

Thankfully, my best friend's radar must have gone off, because she texted when I was half way through my lonely-ohs dinner. Ainsley: Hey bestie, how are you handling things? Everly: Truth or sugar-coated lies? Ainsley: Truth, always.

Author: Christine Michelle

Publisher: Moonlit Dreams Publications


Category: Fiction

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I thought I could fall in love with an up-and-coming rock star until he betrayed me. The lying, cheating, scheming piece of crap bassist for my brother’s band destroyed my faith in men. Funny how another musician saved me from humiliation, became my best friend during my internship with his band’s tour, and ended up winning my heart despite the fact that I had sworn to never go there again. ​Too bad things couldn’t stay so simple. One jealous ex-girlfriend, one crazy infatuation later, and I became public enemy number one. Then I waited to see if he would remain my savior, or prove that I was right the first time around… You can’t trust a rocker. Why the hell had I done so twice? He was the reason for the second chance, and my reason for everything that followed. *Note: The Infinite Something is over 102,000 words, a standalone book (future books in the series involve other people), and is intended for adult readers due to strong language, sexual situations, and some violence. 2nd Edition - Jan. 5, 2021

Letters to the Family

I'll be writing when I can, and I'll be loving you always. Everly, Don May 4, 1945 At Sea HANDWRITTEN Dearest: I neglected you for a couple of days, but I have some excuses. They are not very good, but here they are and I'm sure you ...

Author: R. David Carnes

Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781644711392

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On station off Okinawa, the crew of the destroyer USS KIDD braced for impact as the Japanese Zero hit and exploded its bomb. April 11, 1945, had suddenly become a very long day. This true story about a new Naval officer is told through his letters home to his wife, young son, and family. Historical facts and personal details are filled in by the author, his son. The officer's journey from induction and advanced training, through deployment to the Forward Area and the kamikaze attack, and finally to the retirement of the ship is detailed, revealing a true WWII Pacific adventure.

The Time Trials

“Not always,” admitted Everly, with a hint of contention, “but you asked if his compassion is a strength or a weakness. My answer is that it's a strength.” She straightened her posture and looked directly at Finn.

Author: Jon McConnell

Publisher: Tiny Fox Press


Category: Young Adult Fiction

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“Four players. It’s in the rules.” “Is this like, some sort of academic decathlon or something?” “Something like that.” Walkman-toting, guitar-playing Finn Mallory blames himself for his parents’ deaths and would do anything to turn back time and set things right. So, when he’s recruited into a secret club at his new school that specializes in competitive time travel games, Finn sees a world of opportunity open before him. The games, however, are far from benign. Competition is cutthroat. Scenarios are rigged. And the mysterious timekeepers who organize it all have no qualms about using—or disposing of—players to suit their own sinister plans. Now Finn must decide who he can trust while making peace with his past if he’s to have any hope of leading his team to victory and surviving his junior year. As the games commence, it’s time to press rewind.

Once Blue

At the booth, Mr. Everly kidded us about how tall we'd gotten, same as always, and poured us huge cups of lemonade from the bulbous glass machine that made it. Gallons of lemonade swirled around inside it, with a tropical fruit punch ...

Author: Ann Eastman Young

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780557711932

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Explores the power of rock and roll and first love. Against the backdrop of the Florida Gulf, one hot summer in 1980, Jamie becomes mesmerized by a gifted yet troubled older musician named Blue. Their electric attraction draws Jamie into Blue's world which is faster, wilder and more dangerous than she is ready for. The relationship leads Jamie to learn how far she will go for love, and builds to a dramatic and bittersweet conclusion.