American Countercultures An Encyclopedia of Nonconformists Alternative Lifestyles and Radical Ideas in U S History

As components of larger countercultural movements, alternative lifestyles have been part of the American scene from early days. The Puritans, for example, believed that their strict adherence to biblical precepts offered an alternative ...

Author: Gina Misiroglu

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Counterculture, while commonly used to describe youth-oriented movements during the 1960s, refers to any attempt to challenge or change conventional values and practices or the dominant lifestyles of the day. This fascinating three-volume set explores these movements in America from colonial times to the present in colorful detail. "American Countercultures" is the first reference work to examine the impact of countercultural movements on American social history. It highlights the writings, recordings, and visual works produced by these movements to educate, inspire, and incite action in all eras of the nation's history. A-Z entries provide a wealth of information on personalities, places, events, concepts, beliefs, groups, and practices. The set includes numerous illustrations, a topic finder, primary source documents, a bibliography and a filmography, and an index.

Solar Energy in Providing for Alternative Lifestyles

SOLAR ENERGY IN PROVIDING FOR ALTERNATE LIFESTYLES John H. Martin Argonne Natioral Labritory , Argonne , Ill . 60439 July 30 , 1975 Abstract Exploitation of cheap and abundant reservoirs of fossil fuels , we know , has permitted some ...

Author: John H. Martin


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When Sons and Daughters Choose Alternative Lifestyles

Author: Mariana Caplan


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PSYCH Caplan, a therapist and freelance author, has written a guidebook for parents developing new relationships with their adult children. Although the title indicates a focus on an adult child's nontraditional lifestyle, the relevance of the book is not limited to parent/adult child relationships far outside the mainstream. The author defines 'alternative' broadly and includes a range of lifestyles, from a decision to remain single to a gay partnership to membership in a cult or commune. Caplan states that a relationship must be maintained regardless of the areas of disagreement and that parents need to recognize the need for that bond and grieve for their lost hopes. Her advice to parents is based on two principles: find help for yourself and put love for your adult child above all else. Case examples and a bibliography are given in the appendixes. Recommended for public libraries Kay L. Brodie, Chesapeake Coll., Wye Mills, Md.-

Lifestyle and Social Structure

First, I consider the sociological theory of alternative lifestyles. Next I consider economic theories of consumption and their relation to the sociological theory of lifestyle differentiation. Lifestyle and Alternative Lifestyles In ...

Author: Michael E. Sobel

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9781483260280

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Lifestyle and Social Structure: Concepts, Definitions, Analyses is devoted the relationship between lifestyle and social structure. The book begins by constructing a meaningful concept of lifestyle in order to understand and model this relationship. The general formulation of the concept hinges on the descriptive word style, defined as ""any distinctive, and therefore recognizable way in which an act is performed or an artifact made or ought to be performed and made."" After developing the implications of the definition, lifestyle is defined, by analogy, as ""any distinctive, and therefore recognizable mode of living."" The notion of social structure is then introduced, arguing that structural differentiation engenders lifestyle differentiation. The remainder of the work is concerned primarily with the modeling of this relationship using data from the 1972-1973 Survey of Consumer Expenditures, and with the concept of stylistic unity. Key topics discussed include the relationship between the theory of lifestyle differentiation and modern economic utility theory; psychographic notions of lifestyle; and the relationships between lifestyle and other key sociological concepts (stratification, alienation). The concept of lifestyle should be of interest to a broad range of applied and theoretical researchers.

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A65 ) UF Agriculture — Appropriate technology ( Former heading ] Agriculture , Alternative Alternative ... Alternative life styles USE Alternative lifestyles Alternative lifestyles ( May Subd Geog ) UF Alternative life styles BT ...

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Cumulative List of Organizations Described in Section 170 c of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986

Alternative Community Development Services Inc. , Dallas , Tx . Alternative Community Living Inc. , Until 9112 , Lake Orion , Mi. Alternative Community Training Inc. , Columbia , Mo. Alternative Crisis Pregnancy Center Inc. , Until 9112 ...



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... movement Alternative insemination USE Self - insemination Alternative life styles USE Alternative lifestyles Alternative lifestyles ( May Subd Geog ) UF Alternative life styles BT Lifestyles NT Organic living Alternative mass media ...

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Lifestyle in Siberia and the Russian North

An early occurrence of the notion of lifestyle can also be found in the work of Max Weber, notably in his treatise on ... Zablocki and Kanter argue that the emergence of alternative lifestyles is due to the loss of value coherence, ...

Author: Joachim Otto Habeck

Publisher: Open Book Publishers

ISBN: 9781783747207

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Lifestyle in Siberia and the Russian North breaks new ground by exploring the concept of lifestyle from a distinctly anthropological perspective. Showcasing the collective work of ten experienced scholars in the field, the book goes beyond concepts of tradition that have often been the focus of previous research, to explain how political, economic and technological changes in Russia have created a wide range of new possibilities and constraints in the pursuit of different ways of life. Each contribution is drawn from meticulous first-hand field research, and the authors engage with theoretical questions such as whether and how the concept of lifestyle can be extended beyond its conventionally urban, Euro-American context and employed in a markedly different setting. Lifestyle in Siberia and the Russian North builds on the contributors’ clear commitment to diversifying the field and providing a novel and intimate insight into this vast and dynamic region. This book provides inspiring reading for students and teachers of Anthropology, Sociology and Cultural Studies and for anyone interested in Russia and its regions. By providing ethnographic case studies, it is also a useful basis for teaching anthropological methods and concepts, both at graduate and undergraduate level. Rigorous and innovative, it marks an important contribution to the study of Siberia and the Russian North.

Handbook of Contemporary Families

Alternative Lifestyles Today Off the Family Studies Screen AUTHOR'S NOTE : Thanks to Steven Boggs , Mariana Falconier , and Andrew Smith for their assistance . the culture war over the family . Liberals and conservatives.

Author: Marilyn Coleman

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761927131

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The Handbook of Contemporary Families explores how families have changed in the last 30 years and speculates about future trends. Editors Marilyn Coleman and Lawrence H. Ganong, along with a multidisciplinary group of contributors, critique the approaches used to study relationships and families while suggesting modern approaches for the new millennium. The Handbook looks at how changes within the contemporary family have been reflected in family law, family education, and family therapy. The Handbook of Contemporary Families is an excellent resource for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, educators, and practitioners who study and work with families in several disciplines, including Family Science, Human Development and Family Studies, Sociology, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Social Work.

Civil Society and Political Change in Asia

The Internet has also become a haven for Singaporeans wanting to question government policies , poke fun at the political system , and suggest alternative lifestyles . The website presents satirical news reports ...

Author: Muthiah Alagappa

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804750971

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A systematic investigation of the connection between civil society and political change in Asia - change toward open, participatory, and accountable politics. Its findings suggest that the link between a vibrant civil society and democracy is indeterminate: certain civil society organizations support democracy; thers could undermine it.