Almost Alice

More than okay,” he answered. I didn't know what to say. My God, taking over for Jacki! She'd kill me. “Sure,” I said. “She left the room like a tornado!” I told Sylvia later when we were sharing a bagel in the kitchen.

Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416995012

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 288

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Is it possible to be too good of a friend—too understanding, too always there, too much like a doormat? Alice has always been a best friend to Pamela and Liz. But she’s starting to wonder where that leaves her: What am I? An ear for listening? An arm around the shoulder? And then there’s Patrick—after ending their relationship two years ago, he’s suddenly calling again, and wants to take her to his senior prom. What does that mean? As Alice tries to figure out who she is in relation to her friends, she learns one thing: Aometimes friends need you more than they let on...especially when the unthinkable happens

Almost Doesn t Count

A family standing near us commented what a beautiful child she was and thought I was her mother. I beamed. ... Even though we didn't talk about it, my time was almost over at Mama's house. My manager was releasing me in one week.

Author: Electa Rome Parks

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101567432

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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She can almost front at how she doesn’t need a man. She can almost play at how far she’s come from the old hood. She can almost pretend that the past don’t mean a thing. But everybody knows… Almost Doesn’t Count Mercedes decided a long time ago that she’d never let a man walk all over her the way some sistahs do. Love was something from fairy tales and TV movies of the week. She needed men for one thing only—and it had nothing to do with her heart. Growing up with her mother had made sure of that. Now Mercedes has to travel home to South Georgia, where her mama, Miss Betty, is recovering from surgery. Back to the rickety old house that holds a lot of memories for her. If she could only learn to deal with the bad ones… Because a man has come into her life, a fine, bald-headed, church-going black man—the kind of man Mercedes never dared believe in. And she’s going to have to get herself together to deal with what Darius is doing to her life—and with what he’s hiding about his own…

Voices Almost Lost

The entire 7d' Division of approximately 12,000 men went over the side of the ship down a big ladder made of heavy rope. Half of us lost our gear and the other half lost our breakfast. The North Korean Army was guarding the coast and ...

Author: Vickie Spring

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781463445713

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 248

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When Vickie Spring promised her dad who had served in both WWII and the Korean War, that she would one day write his story and the others with whom he served, she never imagined the challenges that lay ahead of her. After months of searching, thirteen men were found that had fought in Korea alongside her dad. Vickie has compiled these brave and noble men's personal accounts of their experiences during the Korean War. Their stories are heartfelt and compelling. Each story will be given to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. for generations to experience each man's laughter, pain, and suffering. Here are their stories...

Almost Home

In January 1796, when the Maroon war seemed almost over, Smith volunteered to find the Maroons who had not yet surrendered. As he told Walpole, “Sir, we can bring them out as easy as to kiss your hand.” He advised Walpole on how best to ...

Author: Ruma Chopra

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300220469

Category: History

Page: 324

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The unique story of a small community of escaped slaves who revolted against the British government yet still managed to maneuver and survive against all odds After being exiled from their native Jamaica in 1795, the Trelawney Town Maroons endured in Nova Scotia and then in Sierra Leone. In this gripping narrative, Ruma Chopra demonstrates how the unlikely survival of this community of escaped slaves reveals the contradictions of slavery and the complexities of the British antislavery era. While some Europeans sought to enlist the Maroons' help in securing the institution of slavery and others viewed them as junior partners in the global fight to abolish it, the Maroons deftly negotiated their position to avoid subjugation and take advantage of their limited opportunities. Drawing on a vast array of primary source material, Chopra traces their journey and eventual transformation into refugees, empire builders--and sometimes even slave catchers and slave owners. Chopra's compelling tale, encompassing three distinct regions of the British Atlantic, will be read by scholars across a range of fields.

Approximately Dead

It means the dangerous situation that you inadvertently created for yourself is almost over to the point of you becoming clear of the issue. The 'woods' are just a euphemistic expression of imminent danger used to amplify the intensity ...

Author: John Miller

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781642145564

Category: Fiction

Page: 276

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Oftentimes, the intentions of honest and law-abiding people are subjugated by the elements of the occupations that they pursue. Why would a skilled precision machinist want to give up on that life track to pursue a career of violence and danger in the slimy and violent world of the criminal underbelly of a large metropolitan city? Seeking out the answers to questions that many would rather leave unanswered is a skill learned the hard way for a new private eye. Without the tools of a skilled assassin, the strength of a professional leg breaker, or the general pugilistic abilities of a common street thug, Rex Bonner charts his way through the streets and alleys of his town to locate the center of the crux of his case and bring it to a client’s approval, dodging hurdles and parrying threats along the way as others get the chance to pay the piper for the life they chose and the horror that fills it.

Nowhere Near Normal

The people in my house were almost done with theirs. I didn't fit into any of these equations. Even Goat and I were slipping into a strange territory I thought we'd never return from. Though I certainly wasn't honest with him about my ...

Author: Traci Foust

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439192553

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 384

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In the bestselling tradition of Augusten Burroughs, a compassionate, witty, and completely candid memoir that chronicles growing up with obsessive-compulsive disorder. When all the neighborhood kids were playing outdoors, seven-year-old Traci Foust was inside making sure the miniature Catholic saint statues on her windowsill always pointed north, scratching out bald patches on her scalp, and snapping her fingers after every utterance of the word God. As Traci grew older, her OCD blossomed to include panic attacks and bizarre behaviors, including a fear of the sun, an obsession with contracting eradicated diseases, and the idea that she could catch herself on fire just by thinking about it. While stints of therapy -- and lots of Nyquil -- sometimes helped, nothing alleviated the fact that her single mother and mid-life crisis father had no idea how to deal with her. Traci Foust shares her wacky and compelling journey with brutal honesty, from becoming a teenage runaway on the poetry slam beat in the hippie beach towns of Northern California to living at a family-owned nursing home, in a room with a seventy-five- year-old WWII Vet who kept mistaking her for a prostitute. In this funny, frenetic, and wonderfully dark-humored account of her struggles with a variety of psychological disorders, Traci ultimately concludes that there is nothing special about being “normal.”

Pangea and almost back

Therewere over a hundred lots of his lifetime separating him from the birth of Jesus. at was a lot, but it was at least comprehensible. There were almost fifteen million lots of time equal to his lifespan separating his birth from the ...

Author: D. R. Henderson

Publisher: Interactive Publications

ISBN: 9781922332493

Category: Fiction

Page: 250

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In this time-traveling adventure, Freddie O’Toole is searching for his father, who has disappeared in a plane crash several years earlier. His guardian sends Freddie on a secret expedition to Timor where Freddie and his crusty manservant, Gruntenguile, are chased by Snapahuti headhunters. After a narrow escape, they discover portals that take them back to Pangea and then to ancient Africa where Freddie becomes a contestant in the Tournament of Blood. He meets the leader of master aliens, the Zynes, who unlocks the secret of his missing father and a dastardly deal between the Zynes and the Axis Powers in World War Two. Full-throttle dieselpunk adventure!


No , " said the boy , “ it ' s almost over . ” “ Other things , too , other things may be almost over . Some of the good and some of the bad . Be honest , Bill . Was it necessary to see in the approximately living flesh old damfool ...

Author: William C. Sayres

Publisher: New York : Simon & Schuster

ISBN: STANFORD:36105007530939

Category: Indians of North America

Page: 230

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