Pocket Poems and Pedagogy Inspired Lessons for Guidance A Workbook for Young Peace Practioners

OBJECT OF THE GAME: Learn feelings and emotions, coping skills and
strategies by identifying them and earning points. The participant with the most
points when the game is finished wins (but all who tries their best are declared

Author: Dale Benjamin Drakeford

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781105343407

Category: Self-Help

Page: 189

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Inspired poetry with self-help activities. In this updated guidance text readers will be able to work on self-awareness and social awareness, positive attitude and productive decision-making.

Line Drives

If Hildebidle is correct , then baseball is like much else here at the start of a new
millennium when so much of what we ... Moreover , although the game may ( and
frequently does ) lead us into profoundly consequential topics , as the poems ...

Author: Brooke Horvath

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 0809324407

Category: Poetry

Page: 207

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" We wait for baseball all winter long," Bill Littlefield wrote in Boston Magazine a decade ago, " or rather, we remember it and anticipate it at the same time. We re-create what we have known and we imagine what we are going to do next. Maybe that' s what poets do, too." Poetry and baseball are occasions for well-put passion and expressive pondering, and just as passionate attention transforms the prose of everyday life into poetry, it also transforms this game we write about, play, or watch. Editors Brooke Horvath and Tim Wiles unite their own passion for baseball and poetry in this collection, Line Drives: 100 Contemporary Baseball Poems, providing a forum for ninety-two poets. Line after line, like baseball itself game after game and season after season, these poems manage to make the old and the familiar new and surprising. The poems in these pages invite interrogation, and the reader-- like the true baseball fan-- must be willing to play the game, for these poems are fun, fresh, angry, nostalgic, meditative, and meant to be read aloud. They are keen on taking us deeply into baseball as sport and intent on offering countless metaphors for exploring history, religion, love, family, and self-identity. Each poem delivers images of pure beauty as the poets speak of murder and ghost runners and old ball gloves, of baseball as a tie that binds families-- and indeed the nation-- together, of the game as a stage upon which no-nonsense grit and skill are routinely displayed, and of the delight experienced in being one amid a mindlessly happy crowd. This book is true to the game' s long season and to the lives of those the game engages.

Short Stories and Poems from the Attic of My Mind

I would deliver the paper after school and on the weekends. At first it was fun ...
After the game, all of Detroit celebrated, most of it was good, some bad, but
overall everyone was happy that the Tigers were World Champs. Date at Eight I
have a ...

Author: Micahel E. Levasseur

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781434952899



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Essays and poems

Time is too short and far too precious to be wasted upon such frivolities ,
especially when books of a better class are constantly presented and are so easy
of ... He hurries after the incidents as a hunter after game - helter - skelter , in a
break ...

Author: J A. Leatherland

Publisher: Gale and the British Library

ISBN: OXFORD:600070415

Category: Electronic book

Page: 226

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Essays and Poems with a Brief Autobiographical Memoir

Time is too short and far too precious to be wasted upon such frivolities ,
especially when books of a better class are ... And as the sportsman , eager after
his game , heeds not the beautiful scenery around him , and cannot stay to notice
the ...

Author: J. A. Leatherland


ISBN: UCLA:L0077206530


Page: 216

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These Little Poems of Death and After Life

“It began, I suppose, with the innocence of a game. That first spondaic line was
never mine— Pink belly. Slap. Slap. Set my flesh aflame— It was their refrain,
their signature tune, their game: Always their words, their percussive rhythm, ...

Author: Robert Joseph Foley

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1456815423

Category: Poetry

Page: 99

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These startling narratives investigate with stunning insight the impact of death on the lives of ordinary people. In Remembrance an accidental couple copes with the suicide of their brilliant son; in The Visitation, two young brothers confront the mystery of a grandfather who has suddenly left their lives; Rowena, in Doppelganger, faces a ghostly presence who guides her toward the euthanasia of her only child; in Setting It Right an elderly couple wrestles with the specter of revenge after their life savings have been embezzled; in The Rape a man confronts a childhood memory that leads to an act of brutal violence. In this startling collection of poems, Robert Joseph Foley, explores our reactions to life and its inevitable consequences, at turns tragic and horrifying; at turns mordantly humorous, and offers the hope of reconciliation and peace after a fitful journey. By The same Author of: The Consequences of Playing God

Theme of Farewell and After Poems

Yet the formal integrity of the game or match, like the formal integrity of a poem,
sustains us in the meantime: in the first poem of Tema a soccer ball disappears
and it arrives in the last section at its goal—an image of eternity: until the soccer ...

Author: Milo De Angelis

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226016207

Category: Poetry

Page: 168

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Milo De Angelis, born in 1951, is one of the most important living Italian poets. With this volume, Susan Stewart and Patrizio Ceccagnoli bring to English readers for the first time a facing-page edition of his most recent work: his book-length elegy, Theme of Farewell, and the subsequent poems of That Wandering in the Darkness of Courtyards. These two books form a sequence narrating the illness and premature death, in 2003, of the poet’s wife, the writer Giovanna Sicari, a celebrated poet in her own right; they also trace De Angelis’s turn from grief, through time, back to the world. Immediate, perceptive, and woven from the fabric of everyday life in contemporary Milan, the poems never depart from universal human emotions of despair and awakening. Throughout his long career, De Angelis has renewed lyric poetry with the sheer intensity of his forms and insights, and the volumes offered here have won some of the most important Italian literary awards, including the coveted Premio Viareggio. These inexorable and beautifully crafted translations will be of interest to scholars of contemporary Italian literature, students of contemporary poetry and literary translation, and those who work in comparative literature. Above all, they are bound to speak to any reader in search of a poet writing at the height of his powers of expression.

No Poems for Giants

the night of Frazer's last home game was when ryan began to fully realize that his
career on the basketball court for Frazer was almost finished. After the last home
game, the next game would be in the regional tournament as they began their ...

Author: Zeddie Slater

Publisher: Abbott Press

ISBN: 9781458214386

Category: Fiction


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Ryan Frankovic and his best friend, eight-foot-nine giant Luther Brightwell, live in a small midwestern town in the late fifties, surrounded by basketball enthusiasts. In the otherwise ordinary summer of 1956, Ryan and Luther witness the discordant relationship of Ryan’s neighbors, Sidney and Claire McMillan, but think nothing of it. But several weeks later, Mrs. McMillan goes missing, and her disappearance leads to months of speculation and even suspicion of murder. About to begin their senior year, the boys soon forget about her in order to prepare for the upcoming sports season—while, Luther struggles with his gargantuan height and strength. As the sports season commences, however, the boys start to realize women in other nearby cities have gone missing as well. Despite the distractions of school and college prep, they put together the pieces that soon point to murder—and possibly to the killer. What’s more, they are shocked to realize that these missing women have something to do with their basketball team.

Timothy M Nugent a Collection of Poems

... refs Their energy gives the kids some pep It is fun to watch the games The
laughter and enjoyment the spirit of no blame Why can't adults play this way After
the game they all shake hands The kids all hurrah and thankthe fans they all
have a ...

Author: Timothy M. Nugent

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781477100868

Category: Poetry

Page: 152

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Angel, Angel whisper in my ear During my greatest discontent Whisper love endures Chase away the devils allures Angel, Angel whisper in my ear Tell me love lost will reappear Give me strength through the day Keep the Devils thoughts at bay Angel, Angel whisper in my ear Tell me God is always near In a world in disarray Help me to have a more charitable way Angel, Angel hear my plea In this you must agree Take my hand when I die Guide me towards my heavenly ties Angel, Angel dear Loneliness was what I feared Angel, Angel whisper in my ear

Political Religious and Love Poems

And also he leséth his after game , That surely cannot sette his poyntës double . "
8 524 ( 67 ) LAMANT . “ This your Counsell , by ought þat y can se , 525 ( leaf 128
] Is better seid than done , to myn avise . Though i beleue it not , foryif 10 it me ...

Author: Frederick James Furnivall


ISBN: UCR:31210002180840

Category: English poetry

Page: 348

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The Dramatic Works and Poems of William Shakespeare with Notes Original and Selected and Introductory Remarks to Each Play

Par . Lost , book iv . I. 190 :unable to do it , and call for more assistance . The
game in contempt continues till all the company take part in il , when dos At one
slight bound high over - leap'd all hound . ' is extricated of course ; and the
merriment ...

Author: William Shakespeare


ISBN: NYPL:33433074899505



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Memories A Collection of Poems about Life

In the month of July Just after their birthdays I introduced my sons to soccer To
this day I don't know why together we went to see a game after that they were
never the same They had soccer on the brain Seems they could taste the fame
They ...


Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781434953025



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Poems for Guys

When I recovered I returned. I still remember the best times: playing in the
driveway with my brothers, or playing game after game of pickup ball in parks,
gyms, anywhere with a hoop. I still remember games when everything I did was
golden, ...

Author: Bill Kaluza

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595259779

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 148

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Lust isn't the only driving force behind this book—also factoring in are rage, regret, humiliation, longing, affection, and an appreciation of the folly of existence—but it plays the biggest role. In largely rhyming, rhythmic verse, the author narrates a series of erotic vignettes that, while arousing, are always more than a little literary. And his forays into other subject matter sometimes even get serious. Each poem features an illustrated cover page; much of the artwork is original and is itself worth much more than a passing glance.

Sermons Letters Poems

And therefore we lay this inhibition upon all that are masters of families , Take
heed of being snared by following , by coming ... play not that after - game , to put
thyself to a necessity of taking sore and unkind courses with wife and children
after ...

Author: John Donne



Category: Sermons


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A Concordance to the Poems of Robert Browning

42 We that had loved him so , followed him , honoured Sufficient " titles following ,
" I judge ! . . . . 307 . ... 50 Transcen . 50 Who followed me your strongest - - -
many a mile In following after what he dares not face . ... 12 - At following game ...


Publisher: Ardent Media




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A Choice Collection of Comic and Serious Scots Poems

The Three following Poems were Writ by Sir Robert Aitoun , Secretary to Ann and
Mary Queens of Great Britain , & c . [ On Love . ] LOVE's like a Game at Tables ,
where your Dy Of mad Affection doth by Fortune fly ; Which , when you think ...



ISBN: OSU:32435018251926

Category: Poetry


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D H Lawrence Dying Game 1922 1930

Where DHL added location notes to a poem , these are shown in brackets after
the title . As distinct from the poems in Look ! We Have Come Through ! , there is
only one conspicuously suspect , indeed factitious location note in Birds , Beasts

Author: David Ellis

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521254213

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 780

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This final 1998 volume of the Cambridge Biography of D. H. Lawrence chronicles his progress from leaving Europe in 1922 to his death in Venice in 1930. He is revealed as a man both more complex and more humorous than is usually allowed, and exemplary in his resolute grappling with the central problems of his age.

AFTER AFRICA Collected Poems

Can't make out if it is on a polished red veranda Backed by mosquito gauze or
whether It is noteworthy because it reminds me of those shrubby palms In
Gorongoza's golden-grasses game reserve In what history described as “
Portuguese ...

Author: Bart Wolffe

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781291644517

Category: Poetry

Page: 738

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This compilation of poems is a result of ten years work since leaving Africa. It shares the journey, from memory and loss into discovery and new voice. The writing is mostly chronological and is taken from the eight anthologies Bart has created since his departure from Zimbabwe in February of 2003.

Phil s Book of Poems of Love and Inspiration

I was wondering, after the game tonight, could we go on a date?” I couldn't
believe what Ron just said. I was so happy, but I had my doubts. All the girls in
school like him. 21 Phil's Book of Poems of love and insPiration Broken Heart

Author: Phillip Freeman

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462845991

Category: Poetry

Page: 97

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Phils book of poems is a heart felt collection poems all about life, love, and inspiration. From relationships to self-esteem to everyday life concepts. Phils book of poems will inspire you. Have you ever wondered, where do you go when you die? The poem heaven explains this beautifully. To those people who lost someone close through death. The poem From death to life offers comfort for the hurting soul. Have you ever experienced a bitter break up? The poem/story Broken Heart will leave you standing up cheering! Are you engaged to be married? Wedding Day is a magnificent portrait of the perfect wedding. Also Phil challenges those who face a serious identity crisis in their lives. With the poem True Identity Phil encourages you to accept who you really are, and not to live behind a mask. The poems in this book are not your everyday average poems. They provide simple answers to complex problems we may face in life. These poems were written to bring you joy and happiness. Although we do not live in a perfect world. We ourselves should strive for perfection. For once we become perfect the world will be a better place. Be blessed and find peace..Phil

The Sporting Muse

End - Zones Scored with Darkness ” The Football Poem ' Since baseball is
generally regarded as “ the poet ' s game , " and the overwhelming number of
baseball poems constitutes a benchmark against which poetry about other team
sports ...

Author: Don Johnson

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786417676

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 171

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This study analyzes contemporary American sports poetry, demonstrating that poems about sports express common attitudes and showing what the respective sports' poems say about American culture of the last fifty years. While placing particular emphasis on the hero in American sports poetry, the study proves that a considerable body of sports poetry exists in American culture and that it is worthy of serious analysis. The study opens with the analysis done so far on sports poetry, articulates methods of approach, and gives a brief history of sports poetry, beginning with victory chants around the tribal campfire. From Thayer's "Casey at the Bat" to Gibb's "Listening to the Ballgame," the body of the work is organized thematically by sport: baseball, football, basketball, women's sports, and minor sports such as golf, racquet sports, and boxing. The study concludes with a chapter on poems about fans and spectators and a summary of the study's arguments. Each section gives detailed readings of many poems.