Adjective Intensification Learner s Versus Native Speakers

This volume represents one of the studies carried out on material from the International Corpus of learner English (CICLE), supplemented by data from younger learners and native speakers.

Author: Gunter R. Lorenz

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9042005181

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 321

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This volume represents one of the studies carried out on material from the International Corpus of learner English (CICLE), supplemented by data from younger learners and native speakers.

Learner English on Computer

... the German learners use far more intensifiers than the native speakers. ... on adjective intensification; after all, native speakers do use it, and use ...

Author: Sylviane Granger

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317885597

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 250

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The first book of its kind, Learner English on Computer is intended to provide linguists, students of linguistics and modern languages, and ELT professionals with a highly accessible and comprehensive introduction to the new and rapidly-expanding field of corpus-based research into learner language. Edited by the founder and co-ordinator of the International Corpus of Learner English (ICLE), the book contains articles on all aspects of corpus compilation, design and analysis. The book is divided into three main sections; in Part I, the first chapter provides the reader with an overview of the field, explaining links with corpus and applied linguistics, second language acquisition and ELT. The second chapter reviews the software tools which are currently available for analysing learner language and contains useful examples of how they can be used. Part 2 contains eight case studies in which computer learner corpora are analysed for various lexical, discourse and grammatical features. The articles contain a wide range of methodologies with broad general application. The chapters in Part 3 look at how Computer Learner Corpus (CLC) based studies can help improve pedagogical tools: EFL grammars, dictionaries, writing textbooks and electronic tools. Implications for classroom methodology are also discussed. The comprehensive scope of this volume should be invaluable to applied linguists and corpus linguists as well as to would-be learner corpus builders and analysts who wish to discover more about a new, exciting and fast-growing field of research.

Handbook of Research on Individualism and Identity in the Globalized Digital Age

Current perspectives on teaching World Englishes and English as a lingua franca. ... Adjective intensification: Learners versus native speakers.

Author: Topor, F. Sigmund

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522505235

Category: Computers

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Globalization has shifted perspectives on individualism and identity as cultural exchange occurs more rapidly in an age of heightened connectivity. As technology connects those around the world, it too helps to provoke a shift in the autonomy of individuals. The Handbook of Research on Individualism and Identity in the Globalized Digital Age is an essential resource for researchers, professionals, and graduate-level students. This book explores and explains how globalization has impacted humans with specific emphasis on education and human development. This research-based publication presents critical perspectives on universal changes that are occurring due to globalization.

Corpora Galore

British Romanticism and Figurations of Iberia Diego Saglia John M. Kirk. Adjective Intensification - Learners versus Native Speakers A Corpus Study of ...

Author: John M. Kirk

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9042004096

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 344

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Corpora and Language Teaching

In Learner English on Computer, S. Granger (ed.), 53–66. London: Longman. Lorenz, G. 1999. Adjective IntensificationLearners versus Native Speakers: A ...

Author: Karin Aijmer

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027223074

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 232

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Articles in this volume discuss the role and effectiveness of corpora and corpus-linguistic techniques for language teaching but also deal with broader issues such as the relationship between corpora and second language teaching and how the different perspectives of foreign language teachers and applied linguists can be reconciled.

Linking up contrastive and learner corpus research

Granger, S. and S. Tyson (1996), 'Connector usage in the English essay writing of native ... Adjective IntensificationLearners versus Native Speakers.


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789401206204

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 296

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The papers brought together in this volume explore, through corpus data, the link between contrastive and interlanguage analysis. Learner corpora are approached from a contrastive perspective, by comparing them with native corpora or corpus data produced by learners from other mother tongue backgrounds, or by combining them with contrastive data from multilingual (translation or comparable) corpora. The integration of these two frameworks, contrastive and learner corpus research, makes it possible to highlight crucial aspects of learner production, such as features of non-nativeness (errors, over- and underuse, unidiomatic expressions), including universal features of interlanguage, or more general issues like the question of transfer. The ten papers of this volume cover topics ranging from methodology to syntax (e.g. adverb placement, postverbal subjects), through lexis (collocations) and discourse (e.g. information packaging, thematic choice). The languages examined include English, Chinese, Dutch, French and Spanish. The book will be of interest to a wide array of readers, especially researchers in second language acquisition and contrastive linguistics, but also professionals working in foreign language teaching, such as language teachers, materials writers and language testers.

New Reflections on Grammaticalization

In R. Steele and T. Threadgold ( Eds ) , Language Topics , vol . 2 ( pp . 15–31 ) . ... Adjective Intensification - Learners versus Native Speakers .

Author: Ilse Wischer

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9027229554

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 435

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The contributions in this volume cover a wide range of theoretical and methodological issues and raise a number of new questions that indicate the future direction of grammaticalization studies. The volume focuses on issues such as grammaticalization and lexicalization; the unidirectionality hypothesis; the issue of the relevance of contexts for grammaticalization; the description of grammaticalization paths. Much of the current work concentrates on such categories, as discourse markers, honorifics or classifiers, which have not previously been central to works on grammaticalization. Other studies take a new perspective on known grammaticalization paths by applying concepts adopted from other linguistic fields, such as prototype theory, morphocentricity, or by discussing their findings from a comparative or typological angle, presenting data from a large number of languages, often based on extensive empirical investigations of written and spoken text corpora.

Academic Vocabulary in Learner Writing

Lorenz, G. (1999a), Adjective IntensificationLearners versus Native Speakers. A Corpus Study of Argumentative Writing. Language and Computers: Studies in ...

Author: Magali Paquot

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781441191144

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 256

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Academic vocabulary is in fashion, as witnessed by the increasing number of books published on the topic. In the first part of this book, Magali Paquot scrutinizes the concept of 'academic vocabulary' and proposes a corpus-driven procedure based on the criteria of keyness, range and evenness of distribution to select academic words that could be part of a common-core academic vocabulary syllabus. In the second part, the author offers a thorough analysis of academic vocabulary in the International Corpus of Learner English (ICLE) and describes the factors that account for learners' difficulties in academic writing. She then focuses on the role of corpora, and more particularly, learner corpora, in EAP material design. It is the first monograph in which Granger's (1996) Contrastive Interlanguage Analysis is used to compare 10 ICLE learner sub-corpora, in order to distinguish between linguistic features that are shared by learners from a wide range of mother tongue backgrounds and unique features that may be transfer-related.

The Cambridge Handbook of Learner Corpus Research

'Effect of first language on the use of English discourse markers by L1 Chinese speakers of ... Adjective Intensification: Learners versus Native Speakers.

Author: Sylviane Granger

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781316432143

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


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The origins of learner corpus research go back to the late 1980s when large electronic collections of written or spoken data started to be collected from foreign/second language learners, with a view to advancing our understanding of the mechanisms of second language acquisition and developing tailor-made pedagogical tools. Engaging with the interdisciplinary nature of this fast-growing field, The Cambridge Handbook of Learner Corpus Research explores the diverse and extensive applications of learner corpora, with 27 chapters written by internationally renowned experts. This comprehensive work is a vital resource for students, teachers and researchers, offering fresh perspectives and a unique overview of the field. With representative studies in each chapter which provide an essential guide on how to conduct learner corpus research in a wide range of areas, this work is a cutting-edge account of learner corpus collection, annotation, methodology, theory, analysis and applications.

Cross linguistic Influences in the Second Language Lexicon

Lorenz, G. (1999) Adjective IntensificationLearners versus Native Speakers: A Corpus Study of Argumentative Writing. Amsterdam/Atlanta, GA: Rodopi.

Author: Prof. Janusz Arabski

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781788920247

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


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This volume contains a selection of papers analyzing language transfer, a phenomenon which results from language contact in bilingual and multilingual language acquisition and learning contexts. The main focus of the volume is on the lexical aspects of language transfer.

Patterns and Meanings of Intensifiers in Chinese Learner Corpora

Adjective Intensification ¥ Learners Versus Native Speakers: A Corpus Study of Argumentative Writing. Amsterdam: Rodopi. Louw, B. (1993).

Author: Chunyan Wang

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315473710

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 180

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Intensification plays a major role in spoken and written interaction, enabling the writer or speaker to express different levels of commitment. This book explores the patterns and meanings of intensifiers in Chinese learner English by ways of comparison with native English. The study is conducted within the theoretical framework of Firthian contextual theory of meaning, Sinclairian model of Extended Units of Meaning (EUM) and Hunston's pattern grammar. The method of contrastive inter-language analysis (CIA) is adopted and the intensifier collocations in learner English and native English are explored by means of quantitative and qualitative analyses of corpora data. This book is the first attempt to investigate the patterning and meaning features of intensifiers systematically with the corpora data in Chinese learner English. Readers will obtain a relatively complete picture of how Chinese learners use intensifiers to realize their attitudinal meanings.

Coherence in Spoken and Written Discourse

Adjective Intensification - Learners versus Native Speakers: A Corpus Study of Argumentative Writing. Amsterdam: Rodopi. Louw, B. 1993.

Author: Wolfram Bublitz

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027250773

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 300

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Until very recently, coherence (unlike cohesion) was widely held to be a 'rather mystical notion'. However, taking account of new trends representing a considerable shift in orientation, this volume aims at helping relieve coherence of its mystifying aura. The general bibliography which concludes the book bears witness to this intriguing development and the rapidly changing scene in coherence research. Preceding this comprehensive up-to-date Bibliography on Coherence are 13 selected papers from the 1997 International Workshop on Coherence at the University of Augsburg, Germany. They share a number of theoretical and methodoligical assumptions and reflect a trend in text and discourse analysis to move away from reducing coherence to a product of (formally represented) cohesion and/or (semantically established) connectivity. Instead, they start from a user- and context-oriented interpretive understanding and rely on authentic data throughout in relating micro-linguistic to macro-linguistic issues. The first group of papers looks at the (re-)creation of coherence in, inter alia, reported speech, casual conversation, argumentative writing, news reports and conference contributions. The second group describes the negotation of coherence in oral examinations, text summaries and other situations that require special efforts on the part of the recipient to overcome misunderstandings and other disturbances. The third group discusses theoretical approaches to the description of coherence.

Vocabulary Increase and Collocation Learning

Language Learning, 61(2), 647–672. Lorenz, G. (1999). Adjective intensificationlearners versus native speakers: A corpus study of argumentative writing.

Author: Haiyan Men

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811058226

Category: Education

Page: 206

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This book highlights research that expands on our knowledge of second- language collocation acquisition. It presents original findings based on the largest collocation database to date, encompassing over 8,000 collocations: verb + noun, adjective + noun, and noun + noun. These collocations, collected from a one-million-learner corpus, were not confined to English as a foreign language (EFL) learners at a particular proficiency level, but also included learners at three levels. As such, the book provides a panoramic view regarding L2 collocation acquisition, not only in terms of learners’ acquisition of different types of collocations, but in terms of the developmental patterns in L2 collocation learning. One major discovery is that there is a collocation lag as learners’ proficiency levels rise, which is associated with vocabulary increase, in particular semantic domains—a remarkable insight for second-language acquisition researchers, English teachers and EFL learners alike. The findings reported shed new light on how collocations are acquired by EFL learners, offering guidance on how they can best be taught. In closing, the book discusses pedagogical aspects that arise from considering how learners can be helped with collocation learning.

Corpus Linguistics Computer Tools and Applications State of the Art

Adjective intensification : Learners versus native speakers : A corpus study of argumentative writing . Amsterdam : Rodopi . Nesselhauf , N. ( 2003 ) .

Author: Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 3631583117

Category: Computers

Page: 767

View: 970


Contents: Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk: PALC 2007: Where are we now? - Paul Rayson/Dawn Archer/Alistair Baron/Nicholas Smith: Travelling through time with corpus annotation software - Eugene H. Casad: Parsing texts and compiling a dictionary with shoebox - Belinda Maia/Rui Silva/Anabela Barreiro/Cecília Fróis: 'N-grams in search of theories' - Piotr Pęzik/Jung-jae Kim/Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann: MedEvi - A permuted concordancer for the biomedical domain - Patrick Hanks: Why the «word sense disambiguation problem» can't be solved, and what should be done instead - Rafał

Input Process and Product

Developments in Teaching and Language Corpora James Thomas, Alex Boulton ... Adjective IntensificationLearners versus Native Speakers: A corpus study of ...

Author: James Thomas

Publisher: Masarykova univerzita

ISBN: 9788021076365

Category: Art

Page: 352

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Tato publikace je sborníkem 21 příspěvků, přednesených na 9. ročníku konference „Teaching and Learning Corpora“, která se uskutečnila na Masarykově univerzitě v létě 2010. Statě byly vybrány na základě dvou anonymních posudků, poskytnutých vědeckou radou konané konference. Kniha se zabývá rozmanitými způsoby využití jazykových korpusů při výuce a při studiu cizího jazyka, a je rozdělena do čtyř oddílů. Oddíly 1 a 2 pohlížejí na korpus jako vstupní zdroj, zkoumají nejdříve obecně jak mohou korpusy obohatit výuku jazyka, poté na konkrétních případech ukazují, jak převést poznatky do praxe, a nakonec hodnotí jednotlivé využití korpusů studenty. Oddíly 3 a 4 tematizují korpus jako výstup, což představuje především srovnání s korpusy rodilých mluvčích a následnou identifikaci „chyb“ či problémových oblastí, ale také ukazují, co studenti mohou vědět a skutečně ví v různých úrovních pokročilosti, a pokouší se zodpovědět na otázku, co nám tyto informace říkají o samotném procesu učení.

How to Use Corpora in Language Teaching

Lexical profiling of English (learner) corpora: Can we measure advancement levels? ... Adjective IntensificationLearners versus Native Speakers: A Corpus ...

Author: John McHardy Sinclair

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027222831

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 307

View: 381


After decades of being overlooked, corpus evidence is becoming an important component of the teaching and learning of languages. Above all, the profession needs guidance in the practicalities of using corpora, interpreting the results and applying them to the problems and opportunities of the classroom. This book is intensely practical, written mainly by a new generation of language teachers who are acknowledged experts in central aspects of the discipline. It offers advice on what to do in the classroom, how to cope with teachers' queries about language, what corpora to use including learner corpora and spoken corpora and how to handle the variability of language; it reports on some current research and explains how the access software is constructed, including an opportunity for the practitioner to write small but useful programs; and it takes a look into the future of corpora in language teaching.

Fluency in Native and Nonnative English Speech

Adjective IntensificationLearners Versus Native Speakers: A Corpus study of Argumentative Writing. Amsterdam: Rodopi. Lounsbury, F. 1954.

Author: Sandra Götz

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027272331

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 238

View: 541


This book takes a new and holistic approach to fluency in English speech and differentiates between productive, perceptive, and nonverbal fluency. The in-depth corpus-based description of productive fluency points out major differences of how fluency is established in native and nonnative speech. It also reveals areas in which even highly advanced learners of English still deviate strongly from the native target norm and in which they have already approximated to it. Based on these findings, selected learners are subjected to native speakers' ratings of seven perceptive fluency variables in order to test which variables are most responsible for a perception of oral proficiency on the sides of the listeners. Finally, language-pedagogical implications derived from these findings for the improvement of fluency in learner language are presented. This book is conceptually and methodologically relevant for corpus-linguistics, learner corpus research and foreign language teaching and learning.

Developmental and Crosslinguistic Perspectives in Learner Corpus Research

... Dutch-speaking students”. Out of Corpora, Hasselgard, H. and S. Oksefjell (eds). ... Adjective intensification - learners versus native speakers: A 156.

Author: Yukio Tono

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027271723

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 361

View: 844


This volume provides a state-of-the-art overview of current research and developments on the use of learner corpora perceived from developmental and crosslinguistic perspectives. The book is divided into two parts. The eleven contributions of Part I investigate the development of English language skills of young learners across seven countries/regions on the basis of a new corpus resource called the International Corpus of Crosslinguistic Interlanguage (ICCI). Part II contains seven papers devoted to other varieties of learner corpora, especially spoken learner corpora and learner corpora of languages other than English. Presenting original research in corpus linguistics, this book will be of interest to researchers and postgraduates in the fields of learner corpus research and second language acquisition and those who wish to apply corpus methodology in teaching and learning. For sale in all countries except Japan. For customers in Japan: please contact Yushodo Co.