Action Theory and Communication Research

Television news research: Recent European approaches and findings. Berlin: Quintessence. Renckstorf, K., McQuail, D., Rosenbaum, J. E. & Schaap, G. (Eds.) (2001). Action Theoretical Approaches in European Communication Research: Theory, ...

Author: Karsten Renckstorf

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110197389

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 385

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The action theoretical approach has already proved its value as a framework for communication research, most especially in the study of media audiences and media use. It has deep roots in Weberian sociology, symbolic interactionism and phenomenology and it has been a robust survivor of the various storms that have beset the practice of the social sciences since the collapse of structuralist and social system paradigms. The social action approach privileges the perspective of the acting individual but offers guidelines for connecting the subjective orientation with networks of social interaction and for treating 'behaviour' as a social process. Research within this framework takes account of the wider social context and calls for a careful combination of empirical observation and interpretation, with a corresponding diversity of methodologies. The appeal of the approach stems also from its flexibility, wide range of applications and sensitivity to cultural and social meanings. The contributions assembled in this book, despite their diversity, can all be placed within the framework of social action theory. Some are reports of empirical inquiries, others reflections on theory but each one sheds some light on the significance of media use in everyday experience and contributes to an understanding of communication in society.

The Social Embeddedness of Media Use

Action Theoretical Contributions to the Study of TV Use in Everyday Life Henk Westerik ... In K. Renckstorf, D. McQuail, J. E. Rosenbaum, and G. Schaap (Eds.), Action theory and communication research (pp. 51–84). Berlin: De Gruyter.

Author: Henk Westerik

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110216103

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Scholars in the field of communication research have extensively studied television viewing in general and watching television news in particular. The book looks at the subject from an integrative theoretical perspective. Based on Schutzean sociology and action theoretical approaches to media use, the author argues that immediate social influences and other everyday life situations largely determine television use, and that the influence of short-term situational characteristics are often overlooked in person-centered explanatory models. In three empirical studies, the role of short-term situations and the influence of immediate social surroundings is analyzed. The use of Discrete Time Event History Analysis is an innovative way to look at household diary data. Findings reveal how family members influence each other in many ways. Watching television turns out to be an integral part of everyday life in the family, but also a force that may reduce family interaction. It is shown that television may serve as a surrogate for those family members that are not present, and that family members while present at home follow each others example. Partners are shown to mimic each other, children to mimic their parents, and parents follow the example set by their children. Television news viewing, in contrast to general television viewing is less determined by the immediate influence of others. Also, the individual motivations for news viewing vary throughout the day. First exposure to television news appears to be motivated by other factors than subsequent exposure. A need for ‘surveillance’ dominates first exposure, but subsequent exposure appears to be governed by other, more ‘ritualistic’ motivations. The book is important to scholars, graduate-level students, and practitioners who are concerned with theoretical and methodological insights in the phenomenon of television viewing in everyday life.

Theories and Models of Communication

The interaction management function of nonverbal cues: Theory and research about mutual behavioral influence in ... American Communication Research: The Remembered History, 21— 38. ... A second generation action assembly theory.

Author: Paul Cobley

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110240450

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Open publication This unique volume offers an overview of the diversity in research on communication: including perspectives from biology, sociality, economics, norms and human development. It includes general social science and humanities approaches to communication, from systems theory to cultural theory, as well as perspectives more specifically related to communication acts, such as linguistics and cognition. The volume also features chapters on the participants and various elements in communication processes, on possible effects and on wider consequences of mediation [with technical media]. The scope of the contributions is global, and the volume is relevant to both the empirical and the philosophical traditions in human sciences. Designed as a stand-alone collection to engage undergraduates as well as postgraduates and academics, this is also the first book in, and an introduction to, the de Gruyter Mouton multi-volume Handbooks of Communication Science.

Advancing Reasoned Action Theory

Communication Research 27 (4): 461–95. Evans, w. Douglas, katherine Christoffel, Jonathan Necheles, Adam Becker, and Jeremy Snider. 2011. Outcomes of the 5-4-3-2-1 Go! Obesity Prevention Trial. American Journal of Health Behavior 35 ...

Author: Michael Hennessy

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781452242538

Category: Psychology

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Dedicated to Martin Fishbein, the premier social psychologist in the area of attitude and attitude change, this volume focuses on his work as the codeveloper of reasoned action theory—an approach to behavioral prediction and change that has been used in thousands of research studies. Immediately after Fishbein's death, the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania established a memorial lecture series in his honor. This volume offers ten formal papers derived from those lectures, starting with a summary of the evolution of reasoned action theory and a quantitative analysis of the current approach, followed by a discussion of ways to expand the capacity of the theory, and concluding with current examples of state-of-the-art applications of reasoned action theory focusing on different types of behavioral interventions. These articles attest to the general applicability of the theory and the heterogeneous contexts in which the theory can be productively applied. Together, they compose the most up-to-date treatment of the quantitative analysis of reasoned action theory currently available, and they show that there is considerable justification for comparing the reasoned action approach to other well-known scientific theories. This volume will appeal to students of political sociology and public health; to a multidisciplinary scholarly audience in sociology, public affairs, and social work; and to public health practitioners and foundation grant specialists.

Neue Medien neue Formate hunk_g978140513199518_ss40-1 McQuail, Denis (2005), McQuail ́s Mass Communication ... Renckstorf, Karsten u.a. (2004) (Hg.), Action Theory and Communication Research.

Author: Hans-Jürgen Bucher

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 9783593392097

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Der gegenwärtige Medienwandel vollzieht sich nicht nur innerhalb einzelner Gattungen wie Fernsehen, Presse oder Rundfunk, sondern crossmedial. Dabei begünstigt die Digitalisierung eine Integration von Text, Bild, Video usw., wodurch neue multimodale Medien- und Kommunikationsformen innerhalb und außerhalb der klassischen Massenmedien entstehen. Der Band analysiert solche Formate (wie Google- Earth, Live-Ticker oder Fernsehformate im Handy-TV), entwickelt Theorien zur Multimodalität und zeigt, anhand welcher Methoden diese untersucht werden kann.

Health Communication Theory

In this chapter we discussed social cognitive theory, reasoned action theory, and the transtheoretical model as three leading ... these theories are still widely used in research and form the foundation of many health communication ...

Author: Teresa L. Thompson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119574460

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Assembles the most important theories in the field of health communication in one comprehensive volume, designed for students and practitioners alike Health Communication Theory is the first book to bring together the theoretical frameworks used in the study and practice of creating, sending, and receiving messages relating to health processes and health care delivery. This timely volume provides easy access to the key theoretical foundations on which health communication theory and practice are based. Students and future practitioners are taught how to design theoretically-grounded research, interventions, and campaigns, while established scholars are presented with new and developing theoretical frameworks to apply to their work. Divided into three parts, the volume first provides a summary and history of the field, followed by an overview of the essential theories and concepts of health communication, such as Problematic Integration Theory and the Cultural Variance Model. Part Two focuses on interpersonal communication and family interaction theories, provider-patient interaction frameworks, and public relations and organizational theories. The final part of the volume centers on theories relevant to information processing and cognition, affective impact, behavior, message effects, and socio-psychology and sociology. Edited by two internationally-recognized experts with extensive editorial and scholarly experience, this first-of-its-kind volume: Provides original chapters written by a group of global scholars working in health communication theory Covers theories unique to interpersonal and organizational contexts, and to health campaigns and media issues Emphasizes the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of health communication research Includes overviews of basic health communication theory and application Features commentary on future directions in health communication theory Health Communication Theory is an indispensable resource for advanced undergraduate and graduate students studying health communication, and for both new and established scholars looking to familiarize themselves with the area of study or seeking a new theoretical frameworks for their research and practice.

Engaging Organizational Communication Theory and Research

Many in the communication field were attracted to this emphasis on the role of action. It fit with the common assumption ... We were drawn into communication studies as college debaters under Donald Cushman at Michigan State University.

Author: Steve May

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781452222127

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Engaging Organizational Communication Theory and Research: Multiple Perspectives is a book unlike any in the field. Each chapter is written by a prominent scholar who presents a theoretical perspective and discusses how he or she "engages" with it, personally examining what it means to study organizations. Rejecting the traditional model of a "reader," this volume demonstrates the intimate connections among theory, research, and personal experience. Engaging Organizational Communication Theory and Research is an indispensable resource for anyone wishing to be familiar with current trends in the field of organizational communication.

American Pragmatism and Communication Research

A neofunctionalism5 attuned to creative possibilities aligns communication theory with “a social theory which is based on action theory, does not conflate functional analyses and causal explanations, yet contains the benefits of a ...

Author: David K. Perry

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135657956

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 271

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This monograph examines the past, present, and potential relationship between American pragmatism and communication research. The contributors provide a bridge between communication studies and philosophy, subjects often developed somewhat in isolation from each other. Addressing topics, such as qualitative and quantitative research, ethics, media research, and feminist studies, the chapters in this volume: *discuss how a pragmatic, Darwinian approach to inquiry has guided and might further guide communication research; *advocate a functional view of communication, based on Dewey's mature notion of transaction; *articulate a pragmatist's aesthetics and connect it to Deweyan democracy; *discuss the similarities and differences between Dewey's notion of inquiry and the philosophical hermeneutics of Hans-Georg Gadamer; *apply accommodation theory, linked to symbolic interactionism and more generally to the social behaviorism of George H. Mead and his followers, to media research; *interpret media-effects evidence in light of pragmatist ideas about inquiry; and *argue that pragmatism theorizes about despair and life's sense of the tragic. This book is written to be readily accessible to students and professional academics within and outside the field of communication studies without extensive training in specialized areas of communication study.

The Palgrave Handbook of Media and Communication Research in Africa

The idea of forming long-standing partnerships is thus paramount, and instead of seeing research as a project to be ... and communications studies, the strange dualism between world and action, theory and practice, is ever present, ...

Author: Bruce Mutsvairo

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319704432

Category: Social Science

Page: 497

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This handbook attempts to fill the gap in empirical scholarship of media and communication research in Africa, from an Africanist perspective. The collection draws on expert knowledge of key media and communication scholars in Africa and the diaspora, offering a counter-narrative to existing Western and Eurocentric discourses of knowledge-production. As the decolonial turn takes centre stage across Africa, this collection further rethinks media and communication research in a post-colonial setting and provides empirical evidence as to why some of the methods conceptualised in Europe will not work in Africa. The result is a thorough appraisal of the current threats, challenges and opportunities facing the discipline on the continent.

The Handbook of Media and Mass Communication Theory

However, it gives a thinking structure to guide researchers' attention to those transformation points that are ... As has already been explained, Burkeian dramatistic theory is not a communication theory per se, but an action theory.

Author: Robert S. Fortner

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118770009

Category: Social Science

Page: 1008

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The Handbook of Media and Mass Communication Theory presents a comprehensive collection of original essays that focus on all aspects of current and classic theories and practices relating to media and mass communication. Focuses on all aspects of current and classic theories and practices relating to media and mass communication Includes essays from a variety of global contexts, from Asia and the Middle East to the Americas Gives niche theories new life in several essays that use them to illuminate their application in specific contexts Features coverage of a wide variety of theoretical perspectives Pays close attention to the use of theory in understanding new communication contexts, such as social media 2 Volumes Volumes are aslo available for individual purchase