Academic Writing Consulting and WAC

This book provides theoretical models and practical methods for helping writing teachers and writing program administrators within postsecondary institutions conduct the interdisciplinary, collaborative consulting activities that are common ...

Author: Jeffrey Jablonski

Publisher: Hampton Press (NJ)

ISBN: STANFORD:36105127431968

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This book provides theoretical models and practical methods for helping writing teachers and writing program administrators within postsecondary institutions conduct the interdisciplinary, collaborative consulting activities that are common with formal and information writing across the curriculum (WAC) programs. It specifically discusses how to conduct the day-to-day work of negotiating close working partnerships with faculty in other disciplines and is the first book length treatment to do so. The book deepens current understandings of how writing specialist collaborate with non-writing specialists in academic contexts and provides a map for structuring successful collaborations in the future.

Sojourning in Disciplinary Cultures

Hyland, Ken. 2004. Disciplinary Discourses: Social Interactions in Academic
Writing. Michigan classics ed. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. Jablonski,
Jeffrey. 2006. Academic Writing, Consulting and WAC: Methods and Models for ...

Author: Maureen Mathison

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9781607328032

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Sojourning in Disciplinary Cultures describes a multiyear project to develop a writing curriculum within the College of Engineering that satisfied the cultural needs of both compositionists and engineers at a large R1 university. Employing intercultural communication theory and an approach to interdisciplinary collaboration that involved all parties, cross-disciplinary colleagues were able to develop useful descriptions of the process of integrating writing with engineering; overcoming conflicts and misunderstandings about the nature of writing, gender bias, hard science versus soft science tensions; and many other challenges. This volume represents the collective experiences and insights of writing consultants involved in the large-scale curriculum reform of the entire College of Engineering; they collaborated closely with faculty members of the various departments and taught writing to engineering students in engineering classrooms. Collaborators developed syllabi that incorporated writing into their courses in meaningful ways, designed lessons to teach various aspects of writing, created assignments that integrated engineering and writing theory and concepts, and worked one-on-one with students to provide revision feedback. Though interactions were sometimes tense, the two groups––writing and engineering––developed a “third culture” that generally placed students at the center of learning. Sojourning in Disciplinary Cultures provides a guide to successful collaborations with STEM faculty that will be of interest to WPAs, instructors, and a range of both composition scholars and practitioners seeking to understand more about the role of writing and communication in STEM disciplines. Contributors: Linn K. Bekins, Sarah A. Bell, Mara K. Berkland, Doug Downs, April A. Kedrowicz, Sarah Read, Julie L. Taylor, Sundy Watanabe

Teaching Academic Writing in European Higher Education

Within these classes, sit a peer (student) tutor trained by a faculty member to act
as a writing consultant and peer and faculty mentor. These WAC tutors work
closely with faculty, creating developmental writing assignments appropriate to
the ...

Author: Lennart Björk

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781402012082

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This volume describes in detail teaching philosophies, curricular structures, research approaches and organizational models used in European countries. It offers concrete teaching strategies and examples: from individual tutorials to large classes, from face-to-face to web-based teaching, and addresses educational and cultural differences between writing instruction in Europe and the US.

WPA Writing Program Administration

If the university is to support team - based WAC it needs to put in place structures
that allow for communication and ... Teams of faculty may be ideal to develop
WAC programs , teams that combine subject specialists and writing consultants .



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WAC and Second Language Writers

... of English and director emerita of George Mason University's nationally ranked
Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program. ... She is a member of the
Consultants Board of the International WAC Network, the College Composition
and ...

Author: Terry Myers Zawacki

Publisher: Parlor Press LLC

ISBN: 9781602355057

Category: Foreign Language Study

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Editors and contributors pursue the ambitious goal of including within WAC theory, research, and practice the differing perspectives, educational experiences, and voices of second-language writers. The chapters within this collection not only report new research but also share a wealth of pedagogical, curricular, and programmatic practices relevant to second-language writers. Representing a range of institutional perspectives—including those of students and faculty at public universities, community colleges, liberal arts colleges, and English-language schools—and a diverse set of geographical and cultural contexts, the editors and contributors report on work taking place in the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

WAC Partnerships Between Secondary and Postsecondary Institutions

Hartley, Kirsten Jamsen, Katie Levin, and ... along with graduate writing
consultant (and former K–12 teacher with an interest in high school writing
centers as sites of ...

Author: Jacob Blumner

Publisher: Parlor Press LLC

ISBN: 9781602358096

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Working with educators at all academic levels involved in WAC partnerships, the authors and editors of this collection demonstrate successful models of collaboration between schools and institutions so others can emulate and promote this type of collaboration.

Dissertation Abstracts International

Chapter 4 further articulates the knowledge base of WAC specialists by
addressing questions about what they know and do relevant to academic writing
consulting . It develops a typology of writing consulting models : the workshop
model ...



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Writing in the Academic Disciplines 1870 1990

Other institutions reduced their programs , attaching them to a writing center or to
English department writing courses . ... Other WAC programs became “ critical
thinking ” programs or evolved into consulting services under the auspices of ...

Author: David R. Russell


ISBN: UOM:39015021870012

Category: Education

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In this singular study, David R. Russell provides a history of writing instruction outside general composition courses in American secondary and higher education, from the founding of public secondary schools and research universities in the 1870s through the spread of the writing-across-the-curriculum movement in the 1980s. Russell's task is to examine the ways writing was taught in the myriad curricula that composed the varied structure of secondary and higher education in modern America. He begins with the assertion that, before the 1870s, writing was taught as ancillary to speaking. As a result, formal writing instruction was essentially training in handwriting, the mechanical process of transcribing sound to visual form. From this point, Russell carefully examines academic writing, its origins and its teaching, from a broad institutional perspective. He looks at the history of little-studied genres of student writing such as the research paper, lab report, and essay examination. Tracing the effects of increasing specialization on writing instruction, he notes how two new ideals of academic life, research and utilitarian service, shaped writing instruction into its modern forms. Finally, he contributes the definitive history of the current writing-across-the-curriculum movement, providing a study of the long tradition of other WAC efforts with an analysis of why they have waned.

Writing in the Academic Disciplines

At institutions without formal WAC programs , writing centers often became de
facto WAC programs , providing faculty development or consulting with faculty in
the disciplines and paving the way , sometimes , for more formal campuswide ...

Author: David R. Russell

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 0809324679

Category: Education

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?To understand the ways students learn to write, we must go beyond the small and all too often marginalized component of the curriculum that treats writing explicitly and look at the broader, though largely tacit traditions students encounter in the whole curriculum,” explains David R. Russell, in the introduction to this singular study. The updated edition provides a comprehensive history of writing instruction outside general composition courses in American secondary and higher education, from the founding public secondary schools and research universities in the 1870s, through the spread of the writing-across-the-curriculum movement in the 1980s, through the WAC efforts in contemporary curriculums.

The Writing Program Administrator as Theorist

Figure 11 - 2 Functional view of writing programs ' work WPA - led teams
conducting WAC workshops , consulting with ... however , some go on to an even
broader circle , the All - University Writing Committee ) WPA making decisions
about ...

Author: Shirley K. Rose

Publisher: Boynton/Cook Pub

ISBN: UCSC:32106016122001

Category: Education

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The work of Writing Program Administration, however, overturns that perception, for it demands that theory be integrated within everyday decision-making.

Academic Literacies

Writing across the curriculum ( WAC ) as a movement ( see Russell 1989a for an
historical overview of predecessors to the current ... Writing consultants and
faculty workshops often address the following areas for change with respect to
writing ...

Author: Elizabeth Chiseri-Strater


ISBN: UOM:39015020798487

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Marginal Words Marginal Work

In a visionary sense, the perfect outcome would be a university that is a Writing
Center—one where the presence of an actual Writing Center would be rendered
... Writing lab consultants talk about helping students writing across the
disciplines. ... You can also access issues of WAC publications such as Across
the Disciplines, The WAC Journal, and Academic Writing.
wf/main.html: ...

Author: William J. Macauley

Publisher: Hampton Press (NJ)

ISBN: UCSC:32106019486775

Category: Education

Page: 277

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How can we tutor our campus communities, administrators, faculty, and students toward the most effective use of writing center resources? Based on the premise that writing centers know how to guide learners toward more productive and successful work, this volume includes scholarship that provides historical, theoretical, and practical guidance for both writing centers and their campus communities. This collection focuses on helping the academy understand writing centers and, more importantly, articulates how writing centers move beyond remediation and become centers of learning and teaching through fostering productive working relationships.

Higher Education Abstracts Fall 1991 Volume 27 Number 1

Chapter 10 is concerned with the evaluation of WAC programs , Chapter 11
deals with the application of WAC to non - English - speaking students , and
Chapter 12 ... The use of writing consultants to work with faculty members and
students in computer - assisted writing laboratories is the subject of Chapter 13 .
... Professor of English , City University of New York , Queensborough Community
College .






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Collaborating Literature and Composition

Academic Writing Consulting and WAC Jeffrey Jablonski Identities Across Text
George H . Jensen Classroom Spaces and Writing Instruction Ed Nagelhout &
Carol Rutz Toward Deprivatized Pedagogy Becky Nugent & Diane Calhoun Bell

Author: Frank Gaughan

Publisher: Hampton Press (NJ)

ISBN: 1572737107

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 201

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"The disciplines of English and composition seem particularly prone to crisis-driven proclamations: our kids don't read the great works or they don't read at all or they can't write. Crisis talk notwithstanding, educators are left to theorize and practice ways to teach reading and writing with intelligence, compassion, and integrity. However, it often seems that theoretical formulations do not sufficiently explain their practicable applications; and practicable discussions too rarely rise above the level of swapping recipes--sharing assignments that work well in one context but may not in another. Therefore, the editors of this volume submit this collection of essays that strives to harmonize the all-too-often discordant qualities of theory and practice. Each co-authored essay illustrates and analyzes various classroom-based strategies for productive collaboration between literature and composition. This collection envisons a reciprocal to composing literature--literaturing composition, which entails "living through" literature, as Louise Rosenblatt has it. This process regards the literary text as a medium for creative action, so that one reads not to criticize so much as to imagine new compositional possibilities. The eight essays in this collection are divided into four sections which span topics that include: textuality and critical pedagogy, argumentation and hybrid genres, student engagement and popular culture, and materiality and assessment."--Publisher's website.

The Longman Guide to Writing Center Theory and Practice

As homes for WAC , writing centers combine two features vital to the campus :
consulting for faculty and tutoring for students . The degree of success depends
largely on the academic status of the program ' s leaders , particularly its director

Author: Robert W. Barnett

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group

ISBN: 0205574173

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 576

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The Longman Guide to Writing Center Theory and Practice offers, in unparalleled breadth and depth, the major scholarship on writing centers. This up-to-date resource for students, instructors, and scholars anthologizes essays on all major areas of interest to writing center theorists and practitioners. Seven sections provide a comprehensive view of writing centers: history, progress, theorizing the writing center, defining the writing center's place, writing-across-the curriculum, the practice of tutoring, cultural issues, and technology.

College Credit for Writing in High School

She teaches undergraduate courses in advanced writing , the history of rhetoric ,
and rhetorical style , as well as graduate ... A former secondary English teacher
and university WAC consultant , she also coordinates the concurrent enrollment ...

Author: Kristine Hansen

Publisher: National Council of Teachers

ISBN: UOM:39076002867807

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 314

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Writing Across the Curriculum

Author: Chris M. Anson

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: UOM:39015032535828

Category: Education

Page: 187

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This annotated bibliography is the first to trace the history of the Writing Across the Curriculum Movement and to assess the scholarship and pedagogy on the subject for researchers in diverse fields.

A Time to Every Purpose

However , even if WAC is more widely used in academic courses , there are
clearly exceptions . ... At Orange County Community College ( California ) the
Writing Consultancy Project focuses specifically on eight technical and allied
health ...

Author: W. Norton Grubb


ISBN: PSU:000020742270

Category: Community colleges

Page: 54

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