Abstracts and Abstracting

Highly beneficial to information professionals and researchers who work and publish in different fields, this book summarizes the most important and up-to-date theory of abstracting, as well as giving advice and examples for the practice of ...

Author: Tibor Koltay

Publisher: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: STANFORD:36105215476081

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 227

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Abstracts are as useful and beneficial in today's digital environment as they were in the print-era. Here is a comprehensive resource detailing the most important and up-to-date theories in abstracting and effective, practical guidance on writing abstracts. Author Tibor Koltay discusses abstracts' basic structures and functions plus important new approaches for informative and indicative abstracts. Koltay demonstrates current best practices and model implementation by including successful real world examples, and provides step-by-step guidelines for implementing essential abstracting rules of thumb.

Scientific English

The text identifies sentence connectors as the pillars underpinning scientific discourse, offers a number of ideas to increase one’s reading speed and shows how to write effective abstracts that are both appropriate from an academic ...

Author: Alessandra Damiani

Publisher: Celid

ISBN: 9788867891856

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 112

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Scientific English: Conceptual Understanding and Abstract Writing è un compendio di Inglese Scientifico scritto in lingua inglese, uno strumento per meglio scrivere e comprendere il linguaggio accademico in lingua. Il testo identifica nei connettivi enunciativi i perni del discorso scientifico, offre una serie di spunti per aumentare la propria velocità di lettura e mostra come scrivere un abstract che risulti corretto da un punto di vista accademico e accattivante da un punto di vista bibliometrico. Il compendio analizza la tipologia degli articoli scientifici e la loro articolazione in sezioni, facendo esplicito riferimento al formato IMRAD; nel contempo, provvede una griglia per la coniugazione dei verbi proprio in funzione di tali sezioni, fornisce uno schema per l’uso e l’identificazione dei connettivi enunciativi, esamina i tipi di paragrafo utilizzati in ambito scientifico, offre una tabella per il corretto posizionamento degli avverbi e una lista di frasi fatte utili nella composizione dei resoconti scientifici. Scientific English: Conceptual Understanding and Abstract Writing is a compendium of Scientific English written in English, and a tool to better understand academic language both spoken and written. The text identifies sentence connectors as the pillars underpinning scientific discourse, offers a number of ideas to increase one’s reading speed and shows how to write effective abstracts that are both appropriate from an academic perspective, and conducive to a high bibliometric score. This compendium analyses the typologies of scientific articles and their articulation into sections, making specific reference to the IMRAD format, whilst providing a framework for the conjugation of verbs according to these sections and offering a scheme for the use, as well as identification of sentence connectors. Furthermore, it also examines the various paragraph types used within science, offering a table to assist in the correct positioning of adverbs and providing a list of common phrases and idioms useful in the composition of scientific reports.

Thesis and Dissertation Writing in a Second Language

writing at a postgraduate level is highly recommended. Its explicit and accessible focus on language and writing make it essential reading. Swales, J. M., & Feak, C. B. (2009). Abstracts and the writing of abstracts.

Author: Brian Paltridge

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351690676

Category: Education

Page: 236

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Fully updated and packed with new material, the second edition of Thesis and Dissertation Writing in a Second Language is the ideal guide for non-native speaker students and their supervisors working on writing a thesis or dissertation in English. Considering the purposes of thesis and dissertation of writing alongside writer/reader relationships, this book uses accessible language and practical examples to discuss issues that are crucial to successful thesis and dissertation writing. This edition offers: Insights into the experience of being a doctoral writer, issues of writer identity, and writing with authority Typical language and discourse features of theses and dissertations Advice on the structure and organisation of key sections Suggestions for online resources which support writing Extracts from completed theses and dissertations Guidance on understanding examiner expectations Advice on publishing from a PhD Suitable for students from all disciplines, Thesis and Dissertation Writing in a Second Language is essential reading for non-native speaker students looking to complete a thesis or dissertation in English.

English for Professional and Academic Purposes

Lorés, R. (2004) On RA abstracts: From rhetorical structure to thematic organization, English for Specific Purposes (23): 280-302. Martín-Martín, P. (2002) A genre-based investigation of abstract writing in English and Spanish, ...

Author: Miguel F. Ruiz-Garrido

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042029552

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 237

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English in academic and professional settings has received great attention over the last 50 years, as its use has become a key asset for anyone interested in improving his/her chances of communicating internationally. However, it still offers rich opportunities for teachers and researchers working on English in specific settings. The aim ofEnglish for Professional and Academic Purposes is to offer an overview of several topics within the field of discourse analysis applied to English in academic and professional domains. The book compiles contributions from different origins, ranging from Japan to the USA and several European countries, and covers English as a native, second, foreign and international language. It also deals with various specialities, including academic writing, business discourse or English for medicine, nursing, maritime industry and science and engineering. This volume is divided into three sections: Discourse Analysis of English for Academic Purposes, Professional English and EPAP Pedagogy, since it was conceived as a contribution to the research on how English is analysed as both the discourse of and for effective communication in academic and professional settings, and how it can be applied to teaching. This manuscript offers some fresh insights for those involved or interested in this field of expertise, in an attempt to shed some light on its latest innovations.

Creating Effective Conference Abstracts and Posters in Biomedicine

All too often, abstracts are poorly written or rambling and do not clearly show the conference scientific programme committee that the author has anything interesting to say. By recognising how important the abstract is and spending an ...

Author: Jane Fraser

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781315357911

Category: Medical

Page: 160

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For most biomedical researchers and academics, preparing conference abstracts and posters is an important part of professional life. With good preparation and practice, all scientists can produce abstracts that act as effective ambassadors for their research. A well designed poster can help you to enhance your professional reputation in addition to communicating your data. This book aims to help you achieve these objectives. This book is designed for you to use when you are actually preparing a conference abstract or poster. It is intended to answer the most frequent questions, and to help you avoid the most common problems and pitfalls. Just dip into any chapter and you will find a range of tips relevant to the abstract or poster you are preparing right now. As a researcher and academic, you need to be able to disseminate and communicate your research work and findings. While many will view writing for peer-reviewed journals as the pinnacle of the academic communication hierarchy, being able to write and present conference abstracts and posters is also extremely important. Taking your work to conferences allows you to meet experts from all around the world, to exchange ideas in person and to network with potential employers and collaborators. 'This book is a gem of useful, practical tips covering the entire process - from reading the abstract submission guidelines, through to writing and laying out your poster and creating e-posters. If you are a novice this is the ideal book to guide you through every step. And, even if you consider yourself an expert, there is bound to be some useful information you can glean from the 500 or so tips. By reading this book, in sequence, or by dipping into relevant chapters, you will have all the necessary help with preparing abstracts and posters right at your fingertips' - Catherine Dunbar in her Foreword.

Nuclear Science Abstracts

Writing fields may be interconnected by the sharing of registration marks , enabling the construction of chips which are larger than a single writing field . ( auth ) Storage Rings Refer also to abstracts 1425 , 1426 , 1431 , and 1433 .



ISBN: UOM:39015026174212

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Abstracts and Abstracting

This prestige is higher than that which can usually be achieved by writing abstracts. Writing abstracts for abstracting services is a useful activity. It can eventually bring some financial benefit to the abstractor, but its main value ...

Author: Tibor Koltay

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9781780630328

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 236

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Despite their changing role, abstracts remain useful in the digital world. Highly beneficial to information professionals and researchers who work and publish in different fields, this book summarizes the most important and up-to-date theory of abstracting, as well as giving advice and examples for the practice of writing different kinds of abstracts. The book discusses the length, the functions and basic structure of abstracts, outlining a new approach to informative and indicative abstracts. The abstractors’ personality, their linguistic and non-linguistic knowledge and skills are also discussed with special attention. Despite the relatively large number of textbooks on the topic there is no up-to-date book on abstracting in the English language In addition to providing a comprehensive coverage of the topic, the proposed book contains novel views - especially on informative and indicative abstracts The discussion is based on an interdisciplinary approach, blending the methods of library and information science and linguistics

Make a PACT for Success

Here's an example of an abstract that appears in the online database of the US. ... The importance of analytical reading in the writing of good-quality abstracts, the length and style of abstracts, the time required for writing ...

Author: Ruth V. Small

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780810843479

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 241

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Small and Arnone have developed an extraordinarily successful model for professionals and academics_the PACT model (Purpose, Audience, Content, and Technique), which makes it easy to focus on the research, selection, organization, and delivery of information. Whether the assignment is public speaking, technical writing, or web designing, the PACT model can be used to integrate the common principles of information science and communication theory. This book introduces the reader to three crucial models for the successful design, development, delivery, and evaluation of information presentations.

A Genre Analysis of English and Chinese Research Article Abstracts in Linguistics and Chemistry

As an important part-genre in the research article (RA), the abstract has gained significant attention from the academic community.

Author: Yun Li


ISBN: OCLC:717751074


Page: 49

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As an important part-genre in the research article (RA), the abstract has gained significant attention from the academic community. A well-written abstract can attract more readers and increase the chances of the accompanying RA being indexed and cited. Previous genre analyses of RA abstracts have tended to focus on English and European languages, and on social science disciplines, such as linguistics. However, abstracts written in Chinese and in the hard sciences, such as chemistry, have been less analyzed. This study is a genre analysis on 40 RA abstracts written in two languages, English and Chinese and from two disciplines, chemistry and linguistics. The cross-disciplinary and cross-linguistic analyses reveal that linguistics abstracts follow a conventional scheme, but chemistry abstracts in these two languages do not exhibit the usual norms in terms of moves. Besides, greater difference in move structure is seen across languages in chemistry. The abstracts also manifest differences in sentence-level grammatical features such as the use of the first person pronoun and the passive voice. The results indicate that RA abstracts display differences in structure due to the differences in the writers' disciplinary and linguistic background. The results of this study can be drawn on in academic writing courses for graduate students and novice writers, especially those from non-English backgrounds in order to facilitate their successful acculturation into these disciplinary communities.

Handbook of Demonstrations and Activities in the Teaching of Psychology

I did notgradeany ofthe writing assignments leadingup to thefinalpaper. Instead, studentswere abletoget ... Students wrote abstracts of a second journal article on the same topic asthefirst journalarticle.Again, the authorabstract was ...

Author: Mark E. Ware

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9781317759409

Category: Psychology

Page: 340

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For those who teach students in psychology, education, and the social sciences, the Handbook of Demonstrations and Activities in the Teaching of Psychology, Second Edition provides practical applications and rich sources of ideas. Revised to include a wealth of new material (56% of the articles are new), these invaluable reference books contain the collective experience of teachers who have successfully dealt with students' difficulty in mastering important concepts about human behavior. Each volume features a table that lists the articles and identifies the primary and secondary courses in which readers can use each demonstration. Additionally, the subject index facilitates retrieval of articles according to topical headings, and the appendix notes the source as it originally appeared in Teaching of Psychology, the official journal of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology, Division Two of the American Psychological Association. Volume I consists of 97 articles about strategies for teaching introductory psychology, statistics, research methods, and the history of psychology classes. Divided into four sections (one for each specialty), the book suggests ways to stimulate interest, promote participation, grasp psychological terminology, and master necessary scientific skills.

Doing a Master s Dissertation in TESOL and Applied Linguistics

Swales and Feak (2009) published a book focusing exclusively on writing abstracts in a range of texts including theses. Purdue University has an excellent site for academic writing. They have a section on proof-reading from language ...

Author: Lindy Woodrow

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429995774

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 244

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Doing a Master’s Dissertation in TESOL and Applied Linguistics is a practical guide for master’s students tackling research and research writing for the first time. Structured for use in class or as part of an independent study, and divided into the four stages of designing, researching, writing up and submitting a dissertation, this book: carefully guides readers from the very beginning of producing a research proposal, all the way through to assessment procedures and the provisions for resubmission; covers publishing your dissertation and applying for higher research degrees, including funding; addresses all the most fundamental concerns students have about master’s dissertations, including how to choose a topic and conducting a literature review; draws upon examples from master’s dissertations from the UK, US and Australia and provides numerous ‘how-to’ tables and checklists; and includes activities and resources to facilitate master’s research and dissertation writing, as well as FAQs and solutions at the end of each chapter. Tailormade for MA students in TESOL or Applied Linguistics, this book is essential reading for students on these degrees around the world as well as for their supervisors and programme directors.

HCI International 2016 Posters Extended Abstracts

... Abstract. For this research, the authors identified writing-learning system requirements for words and sentences written by learners with intellectual disa‐bilities. The requirements can be involved in their daily work composing ...

Author: Constantine Stephanidis

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319405421

Category: Computers

Page: 581

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This is the second volume of the two-volume set (CCIS 617 and CCIS 618) that contains extended abstracts of the posters presented during the 18th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCII 2016, held in Toronto, Canada, in July 2016. The total of 1287 papers and 186 posters presented at the HCII 2016 conferences was carefully reviewed and selected from 4354 submissions. These papers address the latest research and development efforts and highlight the human aspects of design and use of computing systems. The papers thoroughly cover the entire field of Human-Computer Interaction, addressing major advances in knowledge and effective use of computers in a variety of application areas. The papers included in this volume are organized in the following topical sections: web, social media and communities; gesture and motion-based interaction; expressions and emotions recognition and psychophysiological monitoring; technologies for learning and creativity; health applications; location-based and navigation applications; smart environments and the Internet of Things; design and evaluation case studies.

Medical Postgraduate Dissertations

It is acceptable for a dissertation abstract to contain 400-450 words. The length of the dissertation abstract can be approximately 2 pages. General instructions regarding the dissertation abstract. The abstract is written at the end, ...

Author: Ananthakrishnan

Publisher: Wolters kluwer india Pvt Ltd

ISBN: 9789351293750

Category: Medical

Page: 215

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A post graduate dissertation book by Wolters Kluwer Lippincott.

Dissertation Abstracts International

I want to show that not only is personal selfhood there, ready to be discovered, but so is the writing self and both are intrinsically entwined. When we uncover the self through writing, we develop the self and our writing at the same ...



ISBN: UOM:39015062053999

Category: Dissertations, Academic


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The Rhetoric of the Abstract in English and Spanish Scientific Discourse

Although there are a number of manuals offering advice on how to write abstracts ( see , for example , Cremmins ... move analysis of abstracts from a wide range of disciplines and described the rhetorical features used by the writers to ...

Author: Pedro Martín-Martín

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 3039106384

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 218

View: 918


Scientific discourse is increasingly internationalised, as a result of the great influence that the discourse conventions of the international English-speaking academic community exert on scientific communication worldwide. Contrastive rhetoric studies, however, have shown that the particular configuration of different discourse communities may have an influence on the construction of genres. This book explores rhetorical preferences in the research article abstract genre. The main focus of the study is an investigation of the extent to which there is cross-linguistic variation in terms of the rhetorical strategies used by writers in abstracts to foreground their main knowledge claims and present themselves as qualified discourse community members. From a quantitative and qualitative perspective, the author compares the rhetorical structure and other socio-pragmatic features of abstracts written in English for international scientific journals with those written in Spanish for Spanish journals in the experimental social sciences, and more specifically in the disciplines of phonetics and psychology. In the interpretation of results, the author mainly draws on socio-cultural and contextual factors to account for cross-cultural rhetorical variation.

Saving the Earth as a Career

When writing abstracts for conferences there is often a gap of several months between writing the abstract and making the presentation, and this can lead to abstracts that conclude with open-ended promises such as “Results will be ...

Author: Malcolm L. Hunter

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119184799

Category: Science

Page: 224

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Written in an informal and engaging style, Saving the Earth as a Career is an ideal resource for students and professionals pursuing a career in conservation. The book explores the major skills needed to become an effective conservation professional by offering useful advice on a range of topics. Chapters include: Is this the right career for you? Designing a program of study Designing and executing a project Attending conferences and making presentations Writing papers Finding a job Making a difference Saving the Earth as a Career 2e is a friendly, accessible guide with a global perspective for anyone interested in becoming a conservation or environmental professional, and teachers will find this an invaluable resource for university students at all levels.

Abstracts of Theses

... Chairman; Professor Harvey W. Zorbaugh and Associate Professor Dudley F. McCollum This abstract approved by chairman ... The emergence and growth of humanitarian thinking in the writing of John Galsworthy are examined in this study.

Author: New York University. School of Education


ISBN: UCAL:B2929060

Category: Dissertations, Academic


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