Women and Men in Yemen

It summarizes the different roles of women and men in the Republic of Yemen, in terms of social and economic development indicators.



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This booklet is based on a national publication (in Arabic) originally produced by the Central Statistical Organization of the Ministry of Planning and Development in Yemen. It summarizes the different roles of women and men in the Republic of Yemen, in terms of social and economic development indicators. Topics discussed include the legal status of women, population and households, education and training, health and reproduction, work and economic activity as well as public life and leadership in Yemen.

About Women and Men

At night the sordid tales of Venusia would come true for many women, while your
men are tied to the ground in chains. But the Emperor just decreed that no
structures be destroyed. The Palace of the People is to become the Emperor's

Author: Marjorie Caspe

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Men and Women in Interaction

The popular press and scholarly journals are filled with accounts of differences
between men and women, in their verbal, mathematical, and perceptual abilities,
their personalities, and their patterns of communication. One of the areas of ...

Author: Elizabeth Aries

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For many years the dominant focus in gender relations has been the differences between men and women. Authors such as Deborah Tannen (You Just Don't Understand) and John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) have argued that there are deep-seated and enduring differences between male and female personalities, styles, even languages. Elizabeth Aries sees the issue as more complex and dependent on several variables, among them the person's status, role, goals, conversational partners, and the characteristics of the situational context. Aries discusses why we emphasize the differences between the sexes, the ways in which these are exaggerated, and how we may be perpetuating the very stereotypes we wish to abandon. For psychologists and researchers of gender and communication, this book will illuminate recent studies in gender relations. For general readers it will offer a stimulating counterpoint to prevailing views.

Women and Men in Organizations

Working women are a diverse group (e.g., White women, minorities, women with
children, immigrants, older workers) with ... One goal of this book is to cover a
range of issues that both women and men encounter in the workplace but that
are ...

Author: Jeanette N. Cleveland

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The gender and racial composition of the American workforce is rapidly changing. As more women in particular enter the workforce and as they enter jobs that have traditionally been dominated by men, issues related to sex and gender in work settings have become increasingly important and complex. Research addressing sex and gender in the workplace is conducted in several distinct disciplines, ranging from psychology and sociology to management and economics. Further, books on gender at work often reflect either a more traditional management perspective or a more recent feminist perspective; rarely however, are these two orientations on women and work acknowledged within the same text. Thus, the principle goal of the book is to communicate a variety of social psychological literatures and research on gender issues that affect work behaviors to upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in applied psychology and business.

Women and Men in Management

These findings suggest that attitudes toward women as leaders are most
negative when the leadership style or situation invokes traditional male norms.
Women who exhibit the same leader behavior as men may be evaluated less
favorably ...

Author: Scott William Menard

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Table of contents

Women and Men in the Fourth Gospel

In addressing this claim, I shall draw upon the fruits of feminist biblical
scholarship, but attempt to move beyond a narrow definition of feminism by
widening the focus and thereby giving a new meaning to 'inclusiveness': 'women
and men in the ...

Author: Margaret Beirne

Publisher: A&C Black

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e fourth gospel presents the reader with an early christian text in which women and men are treated as "a discipleship of equals" as this term is broadly understood in the work of Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza but qualified with respect to her discussion of the meaning of 'equality' when applied to gender. Specifically, the gospel contains six examples of "gender pairs" of characters (a widely-accepted lukan feature). The members of each pair are portrayed in a parallel or contrasting faith encounter with the Johannine Jesus which is of substantial theological importance to the gospel's stated purpose (John 20:31). The six pairs are the mother of Jesus (2:1-11) and the royal official (4:46-54); nicodemus (3:1-12) and the samaritan woman (4:4-42); the man born blind (9:1-41) and Martha (11:1-54); Mary of Bethany and Judas (12:1-8); the mother of Jesus and the beloved disciple (19:25-27); Mary Magdalene (20:11-18) and Thomas (20:24-29).

The Women and Men of 1926

Crucially important was the male bonding that took place in the pub and in the
recreational pursuits in the miners' welfare hall, where unemployed men found
mutual support. Women participated in upholding patriarchal values in order to ...

Author: Sue Bruley

Publisher: University of Wales Press

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Work on the miners' Lock-Out of 1926 tends to focus on the perspective of the National Union of Mineworkers, while nothing has been written which attempts to examine, for example, how miner's wives coped for six months without pay. This book investigates the Lock-Out from the perspective of gender relations.

Byron and Women and men

about women by Lord Byron:1 [Lady Charlotte Harley, Lady Oxford's daughter] ...

Author: Peter Cochran

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443820318

Category: Poetry

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Byron and Women [and men] is a compilation of new biographical and literary essays, examining the poet’s bisexuality and the ways in which it affected his poetry and drama. Areas covered are Byron and gender-studies (a general introduction); Byron’s Boyfriends (an aspect of his life which has traditionally been neglected); the Male Gaze in the Oriental Tales; homosexuality in Venice; Byron’s Nottinghamshire love-life; sex and gender in Don Juan; bisexuality in Byron and Shakespeare; and Byron’s heroines contrasted with those of Mozart. The volume has as appendices new editions of the notorious poems Don Leon and Leon to Annbella, with startling theories as to their authorship.

Women and Men at Work

Today , about 60 percent of married women share responsibility for the
breadwinner role , but men , by and large , have been slower to share domestic
responsibilities . Women's responsibility for domestic tasks appears early in a
relationship ...

Author: Irene Padavic

Publisher: Pine Forge Press

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Author order on title cover reads Irene Padavic and Barbara Reskin.

Unequal Pay for Women and Men

information to enter the wage regressions: 1,051 men, 263 women working full-
time, and 269 women part-timers. The NCDS sample is larger. It includes 5,369
employees: 3,098 men, 1,421 female full-timers, and 850 female part-timers.

Author: Heather Joshi

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262600390

Category: Social Science

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The book is the result of an extensive study of the relative wages of British men and women between 1978 and 1991. Using two large and extremely detailed longitudinal data sets, one of women and men born in 1946, and the other of women and men born in 1958, the authors examine the evolution of the pay gap over time and evaluate the success of policies designed to establish equal pay.

Asian American Women and Men

It explores how racist and gendered labor conditions and immigration laws have
affected relations between Asian American men and women. The first goal is to
document how the historical and contemporary oppression of Asian Americans ...

Author: Yen Le Espiritu

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0803972555

Category: Social Science

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This groundbreaking volume is among the first to explore the Asian-American experience from a gendered perspective. Yen Le Espiritu documents how the historical and contemporary oppression of Asian-Americans has structured gender relationships among them, and has contributed to the creation of social institutions and systems of meaning.

Women and Men in Scripture and the Church

This accessible guide will enable readers to look at what the Bible says about the roles of men and women in family life, in ministry and in society.

Author: Steven Croft

Publisher: Canterbury Press

ISBN: 9781848255203

Category: Religion

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This accessible guide will enable readers to look at what the Bible says about the roles of men and women in family life, in ministry and in society. Ideal for individual reading or group study, each chapter contains a Bible study, insights from current scholarship, an exploration of contemporary application, questions for reflections and prayers.

Men as Women Women as Men

This book provides an objective, comprehensive study of Native American women-men and men-women across many tribal cultures and an extended time span.

Author: Sabine Lang

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292747012

Category: Social Science

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As contemporary Native and non-Native Americans explore various forms of "gender bending" and gay and lesbian identities, interest has grown in "berdaches," the womanly men and manly women who existed in many Native American tribal cultures. Yet attempts to find current role models in these historical figures sometimes distort and oversimplify the historical realities. This book provides an objective, comprehensive study of Native American women-men and men-women across many tribal cultures and an extended time span. Sabine Lang explores such topics as their religious and secular roles; the relation of the roles of women-men and men-women to the roles of women and men in their respective societies; the ways in which gender-role change was carried out, legitimized, and explained in Native American cultures; the widely differing attitudes toward women-men and men-women in tribal cultures; and the role of these figures in Native mythology. Lang's findings challenge the apparent gender equality of the "berdache" institution, as well as the supposed universality of concepts such as homosexuality.

Women and Men As Friends

Women, for example, tend to live longer than men and, in addition, usually have
husbands who are several years older than them-selves. Thus, espe- cially in “
older” old age, there is a scarcity of appropriately aged men for women to form ...

Author: Michael Monsour

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9781135658861

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This monograph studies women and men as friends from a developmental perspective. Women and Men as Friends examines cross-sex friendships from early childhood through old age, then summarizes the findings and offers recommendations on how friendship between males and females can be encouraged throughout the life span. In each chapter three themes are documented and applied to the corresponding stage of life: *Cross-sex friendships enrich an individual's social network in generic and unique ways. *Social and structural barriers interfere with the formation of cross-sex friendships in every stage of life. *Cross-sex friendships affect and are affected by an individual's ongoing social construction of self throughout the life cycle. The primary audience for the volume is scholars and students in personal relationship study (interpersonal communication, social psychology, sociology) with a secondary audience of scholars in family studies, developmental psychology, and clinical psychologists. The book can also be used as a supplemental text in graduate and undergraduate courses for the relevant disciplines.

Women and Men in Management

... are not identical for women and men, both men and women are vulnerable to
negative experiences when their sex is underrepresented. Moreover, as the level
of sex diversity in a team increases, the effectiveness of the team may decline.

Author: Gary N. Powell

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412972840

Category: Business & Economics

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This bestselling book provides a comprehensive survey and review of the literature on gender and organizations. Referencing the most recent employment and research data, the book includes a revised introductory chapter that situates the book in the context of workplace issues in the first decade of the 21st century. Topics include employment decisions, work teams, leadership, sexual harassment, workplace romance, career development, and work and family. In a final chapter, Gary N. Powell provides specific research-based strategies for both the individual and the organization to promote an organizational culture of nondiscrimination, diversity, and inclusion.

Strong Women and Men Beat Arthritis

Author: Miriam E. Nelson

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0399528563

Category: Health & Fitness

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A guide to treating, preventing, and overcoming arthritis provides a program that focuses on diet, exercise, therapy, and other lifestyle "tools" that will help to reverse the pain and immobility of the disease.

Making and Sharing the Space Among Women and Men

Having been rooted in (and in certain respects mirroring) a violent, unequal and
divided society, in which relationships between women and men tended to take
the backseat among other issues and concerns deemed to be more urgent, the ...

Author: Maria Ericson


ISBN: 9781920109875

Category: Abused women

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This book explores how contemporary notions of reconciliation as a process of building, rebuilding and transforming relationships in the pursuit of a ?just peace?, or God?s shalom, may be applied not only to ?race?, but also to gender relations in post-apartheid and post?TRC South Africa. After highlighting links between the past, the present and the future with regard to such relations in wider South African society, critical questions are asked about the churches as spaces and agents of a gender-inclusive shalom.