A Voice of Her Own

Award-winning author Barbara Dana brilliantly imagines the girlhood of this extraordinary young woman, capturing the cadences of her unique voice and bringing her to radiant life.

Author: Barbara Dana

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061993435

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 368

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When something is most important to me and I do not want to lose it, I gather it into a poem. It is said that women must employ the needle and not the pen. But I will be a Poet! That's who I am! Before she was an iconic American poet, Emily Dickinson was a spirited girl eager to find her place in the world. Expected by family and friends to mold to the prescribed role for women in mid-1800s New England, Emily was challenged to define herself on her own terms. Award-winning author Barbara Dana brilliantly imagines the girlhood of this extraordinary young woman, capturing the cadences of her unique voice and bringing her to radiant life.

Poetry and Voice

For a short time, this palilalia, the child echoing her own words, was a kind of
compulsion. Reading now about language acquisition, I learn that echolalia,
echoing the words of others, is often part of a child's speech development (Harley
, 2008, ...

Author: Stephanie Norgate

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443846790

Category: Poetry

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Poetry and Voice, with a foreword by Helen Dunmore, is a book of essays which fuses critical and creative treatments of poetic voice. Some contributors focus on critical explorations of voice in work by poets such as John Ashbery, Simon Armitage, Eavan Boland, Carol Ann Duffy, Arun Kolatkar, Don McKay and Dragica Rajčić, and on the musical voices of the lyric tradition and of poetry itself. Vicki Feaver, Jane Griffiths, Philip Gross, Waqas Khwaja, Lesley Saunders and David Swann reflect on their own poetic processes of composition, and the development of the voices of childhood, old age, migration, landscape, bilinguality, and imprisonment. Laurel Cohen-Pfister and Tatjana Bijelić examine the nature of poetic voice in exile, the need for fresh voices after war and new spaces in which poetic voices can be heard. In this international collection, the contributors give rare and generous insights into inner poetic processes and external effects. They engage with artistic debates about developing, losing and appropriating voice in poetry and approach the question of what is ‘finding a voice’ in poetry from multiple angles. The book will interest literary critics, poets, lecturers, and undergraduate and postgraduate students of literature, poetry and creative writing.

HER Global Voice

HER Global Voice shares the voices of up and coming feminine empowerment
leaders who have decided to share ... Each coauthor will inspire and empower
you to say YES to your own story while giving you all the permission you need to

Author: Anita M. Jackson

Publisher: AMJ Productions & Publications

ISBN: 9781662901904

Category: Self-Help


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There has never been a more powerful time in our history for women to come forward and share their voice than now. Women are amazing, powerful, and divine gifts to our human existence. Dr. Anita and the co-authors of this book believe that women are so much more than our past, our stories, our pain, our credentials, our resources, and the disguises we often wear to help us merely survive. We believe foremost that the essence of a woman living and operating from her feminine power and truth is a crucial element to humankind’s spiritual healing and restoration, balance and harmony, wealth and abundance, growth, and overall success. Despite the amazing contributions women have already made to society, we believe there is so much more for women to contribute and offer. Never before have women had more power and rights than they do now in shaping the future of our families, communities, and world. Women have heard the message of empowerment and feminism for years yet; women today still struggle with fully allowing themselves to truly be seen, heard, valued and influential as we make an impact to all those around us. True empowerment, we believe, is a spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and social experience that activates power within a woman to truly be her divine authentic self. HER Global Voice shares the voices of up and coming feminine empowerment leaders who have decided to share MORE of their voice, their stories, their pain, and the wisdom they have gained from finally speaking their truth unapologetically. Each coauthor will inspire and empower you to say YES to your own story while giving you all the permission you need to yell your story from the rooftop. Share your global voice sister…we want to hear you.

The Voice

She also knew that Life was forever and only the outer appearances of one's
circumstances ever changed. Inside of her, all was a ... But soon, she believed,
her Star would rise, and she would surely blaze a trail of her own. Stargazer was

Author: Maurice J Turmel


ISBN: 9780595799442

Category: Fiction


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It is widely understood that there is a vast field of knowledge referred to as Cosmic Consciousness. It contains all the glowing yet heart-wrenching facts about life, love and purpose, including every human's participation in this ever-expanding wisdom. Through circumstances previously set up on the Spirit side, the Great Creator requests that selected "volunteers" be picked up from Earth by his personally trained instructors and transported to his cosmic education center on planet Rapture. Here, these students are exposed to what is essential to understand about the many challenges a Soul faces on the Earth plane, about connecting to their True Selves, and about activating that Divine Pulse within-The Voice! Coming to terms with this vast array of personal growth issues is a must before these novices can be returned to Earth to assist their fellow humans in their growth challenges. Their training proves to be the necessary prelude for a much anticipated and desired Shift in Consciousness due for their home planet. This rigorous and demanding program prepares them for that purpose by guiding them through a process that reveals itself as the next wave for all humans-Conscious Evolution!

Memory Voice and Identity

[she] heard herself calling out with a voice that was not her own ... Then that new
voice was lost, caught up in thousands of others, and she slipped down from her
perch ... She began all of a sudden to shout again, in that voice that belonged to ...

Author: Feroza Jussawalla

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000367362

Category: Literary Criticism

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Muslim women have been stereotyped by Western academia as oppressed and voiceless. This volume problematizes this Western academic representation. Muslim Women Writers from the Middle East from Out al-Kouloub al-Dimerdashiyyah (1899–1968) and Latifa al-Zayat (1923–1996) from Egypt, to current diasporic writers such as Tamara Chalabi from Iraq, Mohja Kahf from Syria, and even trendy writers such as Alexandra Chreiteh, challenge the received notion of Middle Eastern women as subjugated and secluded. The younger largely Muslim women scholars collected in this book present cutting edge theoretical perspectives on these Muslim women writers. This book includes essays from the conflict-ridden countries such as Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, and the resultant diaspora. The strengths of Muslim women writers are captured by the scholars included herein. The approach is feminist, post-colonial, and disruptive of Western stereotypical academic tropes.

The Mortal Voice in the Tragedies of Aeschylus

They seem, indeed, to hope that their own refrain might be heard as an echo of
his voice, and yet their assertion that their song is “same-voiced” also points to
the fact that their voice and Calchas are distinct in origin and authority. They have

Author: Sarah Nooter

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108548625

Category: History

Page: 322

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Voice connects our embodied existence with the theoretical worlds we construct. This book argues that the voice is a crucial element of mortal identity in the tragedies of Aeschylus. It first presents conceptions of the voice in ancient Greek poetry and philosophy, understanding it in its most literal and physical form, as well as through the many metaphorical connotations that spring from it. Close readings then show how the tragedies and fragments of Aeschylus gain meaning from the rubric and performance of voice, concentrating particularly on the Oresteia. Sarah Nooter demonstrates how voice - as both a bottomless metaphor and performative agent of action - stands as the prevailing configuration through which Aeschylus' dramas should be heard. This highly original book will interest all those interested in classical literature as well as those concerned with material approaches to the interpretation of texts.

Your Voice Personality

She never forgot a name or a voice . Her own voice radiated cheerfulness and
she could quiet the worst grouch . If you are nervous , and you will be if you're
any good , take a deep breath , get your breathing regular and relaxed . Then
when ...

Author: Loraine Osborn


ISBN: PSU:000001184914

Category: Personality

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A Voice of Their Own

The 11 essays of this volume demonstrate how the suffrage press - in such works as Woman's Journal, Woman's Tribune, Woman's Exponent, and Farmer's Wife - was able to educate an audience of women readers, create a sense of community among ...

Author: Martha Solomon

Publisher: Tuscaloosa : University of Alabama Press

ISBN: UOM:39015022050010

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 233

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A Voice of Their Own explores the consciousness-raising role of the American suffrage press of the latter half of the 19th century. From the first women's rights convention - a modest gathering of 300 sympathizers led by Elizabeth Cady Stanton - grew the ever-expanding movement for equal rights, greater protection, and improved opportunities. Although the leaders of that and subsequent conventions realized that such public rallies, with their exhortative speeches, were crucial in gaining support for the movement, they also recognized the potential impact of another medium - the women's suffrage periodicals, written and published by and expressly for women. The 11 essays of this volume demonstrate how the suffrage press - in such works as Woman's Journal, Woman's Tribune, Woman's Exponent, and Farmer's Wife - was able to educate an audience of women readers, create a sense of community among them, and help alter their self-image.

New Mexico Quarterly

She had put on her spectacles and was attempting to concentrate upon the
newspaper propped up on a stand on her bed . However , she merely ... She
feared it because she wondered if her own voice had the same wretched
weakness .



ISBN: UCSC:32106019605598

Category: New Mexico


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Fire Dancer

It was his voice . He held her hand , squeezed it , and then let it fall . ... It occurred
to her that Fire Dancer ' s sadness had something to do with her . ... This time she
could have sworn she heard a voice . . . her own voice , throaty and ragged .

Author: Colleen Faulkner

Publisher: Zebra Books

ISBN: 0821757822

Category: Fiction

Page: 351

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Free-spirited artist Mackenzie Daniels decides to venture into the wild frontier and meets Fire Dancer, a Shawnee prince, and their passion escalates, forcing her to choose between two worlds, in a sensual novel of forbidden love. Original.

Annual Report United Church Board for World Ministries

Hardly yet able to voice its desires but feeling strongly ... organizations whose
purpose is the seeking of political rights and it is evident that machinery to give
the natives a voice in their own government must be shaped in the near future .

Author: United Church Board for World Ministries


ISBN: UIUC:30112109573946



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Vols. for 1970- include "Calendar of prayer" with directory of missionaries (formerly called pt. 3)

Homiletical commentary on the Song of Solomon

Hephzibah , ' the the reflection of His own - His own comliness name He gives to
His saved people : ' My which He has put ... No situation or circumstances lift up
their voice in prayer and song to the in which the soul should yield to the tempta-

Author: Thomas Robinson


ISBN: OXFORD:600094494



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The Literature of Politics the Politics of Literature

This is precisely the appeal of the Voice , which insists that only through War can
a nation preserve its Manhood . ... Her own son is fighting with the British on the
Continent ; she is concerned for him and his comrades but accepts what she ...

Author: International Association for the Study of Anglo-Irish Literature. International Congress


ISBN: UVA:X002643932

Category: English literature


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Assignment Children

... that the atonal quality of voice or the undifferentiated vocalizations of the
hearing - impaired person are derived from the inability of that person to hear or
to monitor his or her own voice , rather than from a defect in the voice itself .
Mutism ...



ISBN: MINN:31951D01030692A

Category: Child welfare


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The voiceover is intimate and personal , distinguishing it from traditional modes
of documentary and clarifying its ... the words of her subject to tell the story in this
film , the majority of her work foregrounds her own voice , her own personal ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105213162550

Category: Motion pictures


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The versions of her own origins , which she writes and re - writes in her fictions
and her letters , represent a deliberate and determined effort to bring to life and
voice her silenced mother and the culturally unacceptable child which Bessie
was ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105113215235

Category: Africa, Southern


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Lyric Cartographies

earth its color . The earth both directs her speech and forms her body ; but she in
turn gives back to it . Nature and history ... Alma Villanueva accentuates the
importance of women ' s " control over their own bodies and a voice with which to

Author: Adrianne Estill


ISBN: STANFORD:36105022801497

Category: American poetry

Page: 544

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Expert Inventions

It was more the way her own voice , her own personality , her essential self
penetrated the page in spite of whatever she actually had to say " ( Kroeger 104 )
. What Bly had to say , of course , created the effect of her own personality ; to ...

Author: Jean Marie Lutes


ISBN: WISC:89067238634

Category: Authority in literature

Page: 564

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Anzia Yezierska an American Writer

Actually , Anzia was in retreat from a host of conflicting voices and claims ; she
withdrew into her writing in search of her own voice , her own vision , her own
way of using the English language . She was plagued by the fear that she was
not a ...

Author: Ralda Meyerson Sullivan


ISBN: UCAL:C3512640


Page: 512

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