A Voice of Her Own

Presents a biography of the African girl brought to New England as a slave in 1761 who became famous on both sides of the Atlantic as the first Black poet in America.

Author: Kathryn Lasky

Publisher: Candlewick Press (MA)

ISBN: 0763602523

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 38

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Presents a biography of the African girl brought to New England as a slave in 1761 who became famous on both sides of the Atlantic as the first Black poet in America.

A Voice of Her Own

Eileen's father, Morton McEIroy, recently passed away at the age of 89, so now
she and her mother, Joyce McEIroy, run the farming and ranching ... Dad said
when they got married that a woman should always have her own source of

Author: Thelma Poirier

Publisher: University of Calgary Press

ISBN: 9781552381809

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 489

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The voices of these women, though truly diverse, represent a deep commitment to the land, to their families and communities, and most importantly to the ranching way of life. Women have worked on farms and ranches in western Canada unheralded for generations, and yet their contributions have received scant attention. In this ground-breaking anthology, over fifty ranch women share first-hand their lives and experiences. The book is arranged geographically and spans three generations of ranching women, giving readers of all ages a unique glimpse of these unsung heroes.

Voice of Her Own

As I read A Voice of Her Own: Women and the Journal Writing Journey, I
experience myself in a large, round room with many doors. One by one, the doors
open and several of the closest companions of my life — Virginia Woolf,
Katherine ...

Author: Marlene A. Schiwy

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780684803425

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 380

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Offers advice on keeping a journal, including choosing a blank book, keeping the journal private, and deciding when to reread old journals

A Voice of Her Own

Each quilt in the book speaks for hundreds of others in telling the historical traditions and contributions of Wisconsin women.

Author: Ellen Kort

Publisher: Rutledge Hill Press

ISBN: 1558537899

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 192

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Thread by thread, memory by memory, quilting is storytelling. A Voice of Her Own is a celebration of Wisconsin quilts made between 1800 and 1950. Included is a quilt made from scraps of Ringling Brothers Circus costumes, a quilt that helped save lives during the devastating Peshtigo fire in 1871, and a feathered star quilt Mary Jane Rule Davies brought with her from England when she left on her wedding day in I848. During the early years of migration and settlement in Wisconsin, women experienced many hardships and often found comfort and joy in making quilts. A Voice of Her Own contains nearly 100 quilts selected from 7,000 documented by the Wisconsin Quilt History Project between 1988 and 1996. Each quilt in the book speaks for hundreds of others in telling the historical traditions and contributions of Wisconsin women.

In Her Own Voice

addressing her culture from a position of authority, which required the public
presentation of the self. ... Her concerns about the propriety of her own writing
may have led her to adopt the jeremiad, hoping that the form itself would lend
authority ...

Author: Sherry L. Linkon

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317944966

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 192

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First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company. In Her Own Voice examines the literary history of women’s nonfiction writing through studies of individual writers, their works, and their careers. The essays in this collection consider the development of women’s public voices, relationships between women essayists and their editors and readers, and the fuzzy line that divides—or seems to divide—fiction from nonfiction. The book includes studies of some of the best known American women essayists, including Margaret Fuller, Lydia Maria Child, and Fanny Fern, and articles on women writers whose work has received very little attention, such as Gail Hamilton, Anna Julia Cooper, Ann Sophia Stephens, and Zitkala-Sa.

In Her Own Voice

Elsa is a pragmatic , down - to - earth person , and she seems to have had her
children in a like manner . In addition to the story of the births of her own children
, she tells of the arrival of her grandson , Ezra , in a planned home birth at her ...

Author: Katherine Martens

Publisher: Univ. of Manitoba Press

ISBN: 9780887553271

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 246

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Winnipeg writer Katherine Martens interviewed 26 women from the Mennonite community in southern Manitoba, ranging in age from 22 to 88 years old. They had many different backgrounds, but they all had one important characteristic: all were mothers.In the course of these interviews, Martens was searching for answers to questions that affected her both as a Mennonite and as a woman. How did they feel when they learned of the pregnancy? How did they choose home or hospital birth? How did the traditions of the Mennonite culture affect them as wives and mothers? As they talked, many spoke about the joys and trials of giving birth, and they also told Martens stories about other parts of their lives. Some had escaped the Russian Revolution to emigrate to Canada; others spent their entire lives in rural Manitoba, part of the close-knit Mennonite community, running farms and bearing as many as 15 children. Younger women who had formally left the Mennonite church were still conscious of the impact of the beliefs and customs on their lives.Many women were surprised to be approached for an interview, insisting that they had "no stories to tell." One was visited in a dream by her dead husband, who told her to "leave that alone." Yet, in the privacy of their kitchens and parlours, over sociable cups of tea, many did share with Martens their private fears and joys about what was often seen as a rite of passage into responsible adulthood, and they recalled that childbirth could be a difficult and, at times, traumatic event, but it could also be a radiant and spiritual experience.

Certificate of Absence

She cannot describe her own voice, cannot hear herself speak, only hears words
as she jots them down. She sees the graph of a voice (her own voice), sees the
structure it gradually builds, feels physical pleasure in finding the right word, ...

Author: Sylvia Molloy

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292711247

Category: Fiction

Page: 125

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A young woman writing in a small room, reexamines her past and meditates on love and the act of writing

Mrs Jeffries Defends Her Own

into her head and the inspector's voice was clear as a bell. The letter she'd typed
for him was to a law firm in Sydney . . . Apparently, two days after he'd forced her
to do his private correspondence, he tried to sack her. Mrs. Jeffries finished her ...

Author: Emily Brightwell

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101580738

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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She keeps house for Inspector Witherspoon...and keeps him on his toes. Everyone’s awed by his Scotland Yard successes—but they don’t know about his secret weapon. No matter how messy the murder or how dirty the deed, Mrs. Jeffries’ polished detection skills are up to the task...proving that behind every great man there’s a woman—and that a crimesolver’s work is never done. When the general office manager of Sutcliffe Manufacturing is murdered, no one is really surprised. Ronald Dearman was anything but a dear man. The tyrannical bully had more than enough enemies to go around. But who hated him enough to walk into his office and put a bullet between his eyes? For once, Inspector Gerald Witherspoon doesn't get the case; it's given to another inspector. Then someone from Mrs. Jeffries' past—someone she'd hoped to never see again—shows up and begs for her help. Now Mrs. Jeffries must step into the fray and stop a terrible miscarriage of justice…


And before the click of the phone, after a pause, there was a voice: 'You
remember.' The voice had hit somewhere and echoed. It was her own voice that
echoed. Like when you stand before a high mountain and you say, 'I remember,'
and the ...

Author: Kaveh Basmenji

Publisher: Saqi

ISBN: 9780863565557

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

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Whether negotiating often-treacherous paths through political and religious upheavals or threading their way through dreams and fantasies, the characters in these stories are vivid and compelling enough to challenge and surprise anyone unfamiliar with Iranian life and literature. From the oppressive atmosphere before the Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Simin Daneshvar's Whom Shall I Greet? to Shahrnoosh Parsipour's mesmerising story of women who blur distinctions between reality and dreams in Crystal Pendants, these tales brim with the inner lives, attitudes and outlooks of women in Iran. 'There is great talent in these stories as well as great courage.' Elaine Showalter, Literary Review

Unruly tongue

She also refuses the muting of her voice this plot entails. In the past, Roger has
often silenced Angela, but here she asserts her own voice, saying in a very unro-
mantic and undiplomatic manner, "Go away, Roger. I don't want to be bothered ...


Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 1617035300

Category: American fiction


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The Bloomsbury Companion to Existentialism

Faced with the prospect of having no addressee, or no living addressee, de
Beauvoir appears to change her mind and direct ... De Beauvoir's aesthetics
entail the endeavour to fashion a voice of her own, a 'singular voice' that speaks
from and ...

Author: Felicity Joseph

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472567864

Category: Philosophy

Page: 416

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The Bloomsbury Companion to Existentialism is the definitive guide to this key area of modern European philosophy. Now available in paperback, the book covers the fundamental questions asked by existentialism, providing valuable guidance for students and researchers to some of the many important and enduring contributions of existentialist thinkers. Chapters from an international team of experts explore existentialism's relationship to philosophical method; ontology; politics; psychoanalysis; ethics; religion; literature; emotion; feminism and sexuality; emotions; authenticity and the self; its significance in Latin American culture; and its contribution to the development of post-structuralism and cognitive science. In addition, five short chapters summarize the status of canonical figures Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sartre and de Beauvoir, delineating the historical approach to their work, while pointing to new directions contemporary research is now taking. Featuring a series of indispensable research tools such as an A to Z glossary, a timeline of key events, texts and thinkers in existentialism, a list of resources, and an annotated guide to further reading, this Companion is an essential resource to help the new reader navigate through the heart of Existentialism and modern European philosophy.


But what happened next stopped her dead and scared her away from that task as
the voice in her mind said. ... 'she had heard a voice in her own mind that no one
else had heard so could it be the man's voice that she heard was just the work ...

Author: Nicole Jalonen

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469175416

Category: Fiction

Page: 73

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When an eleven years old girl named Teagan wakes terrified of a dream she has had about the parents who abandoned her for her uncle to raise. Her uncle Dunkan after hearing about this dream whisks her away from her home and to live with a stranger in the middle of the night. Now in Bangor Maine where Teagans favorite author Steven King lives the young girl gets pulled into one mystery after the other steaming from the question. What scared her uncle so bad about a mysterious phone call he got before they left their home town the night she had that dream? Then Teagan starts hearing voices that no one else can hear and throwing objects with her mind. But when she tells her uncle about all this he admits her to an asylum where a mystery man says he is her real father. To find the truth Teagan must find out if she really has magic or if she's going crazy and hallucinating the voices and above all who she can trust if she can even trust her uncle. With all this happening to her can she stay sane and survive?

Hayley Westenra

This is her story, from her first performance, through later roles in major productions such as Annie, La Boh me and The Sound of Music, her decision at the age of eleven to busk for her lunch money, and the subsequent record deals, money, ...

Author: Hayley Westenra

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781905264209

Category: Sopranos (Singers)

Page: 213

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Hayley's first performance as 'Little Star' in a Christmas play was perfectly pitched, beautifully sung and enthusiastically received. She was six years old. Now, at the tender age of twenty, she is the fastest-selling debut classical artist ever. Her string of musical accolades is astonishing and her audiences range from royalty to premiers. This is her story, from her first performance, through later roles in major productions such as Annie, La Bohème and The Sound of Music, her decision at the age of eleven to busk for her lunch money, and the subsequent record deals, money, charity work and classical superstardom.

A Will To Learn Being A Student In An Age Of Uncertainty

Each singer has to be engaged, and to bring his or her own talents to bear. This
story surely holds for higher education: we look to develop the student's own
clear voice, even amid inter-dependency. There is a sound to higher education ...

Author: Barnett, Ronald

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335223800

Category: Education

Page: 199

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This book examines the structure of what it is to have a will to learn and offers an idea of student development that challenges current dominant views.

Lata Mangeshkar in Her Own Voice

This work reveals the person behind the voice that has provided the soundtrack for the lives of billions.

Author: Latā Maṅgeśakara


ISBN: 8189738410

Category: Hindustani music

Page: 268

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Since 1949, when Lata Mangeshkar was first noticed for her extraordinary singing talent in the Mahal song Aayega aanewala', her magical voice has taken a firm hold of the Indian imagination. This work reveals the person behind the voice that has provided the soundtrack for the lives of billions. Since 1949, when Lata Mangeshkar was first noticed for her extraordinary singing talent in the Mahal song 'Aayega aanewala', her magical voice has taken a firm hold of the Indian imagination. The tuneful purity and timeless quality of her voice have had a profound impact. For over six decades,'

Mind of Her Own

Be quiet, she told the voice in her head. You're just saying that because you're a
writer and you always wonder, “What if?” It doesn't mean it will happen. Jazz
wrinkled her nose. “Stinks in here.” She opened the van door and stepped out.

Author: Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 9781414381022

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Who knew making dinner could change your life? Louisa Copeland certainly didn’t. But when the George Foreman grill falls out of the pantry onto her head, resulting in a bump and a mighty case of amnesia, Louisa’s life takes a turn for the unexpected. Who is this Collin fellow, claiming she is his wife? And whose kids are those? Her name can’t be Louisa. Why, she is the renowned romance writer Jazz Sweet, not a Midwestern mom of three. Struggling to put the pieces together of the life she’s told she had, Louisa/Jazz may realize that some memories are better left alone.

Stanley Cavell

One way of thinking of that attained state of her soul, a way which gives a specific
Wittgensteinian inflexion to the idea of her having been deprived of her own
voice, is as one in which her own self is no longer intelligible to her. According to

Author: Stephen Mulhall

Publisher: Clarendon Press

ISBN: 9780191036972

Category: Philosophy

Page: 378

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Stephen Mulhall presents the first full-length philosophical study of the work of Stanley Cavell, best known for his highly influential contributions to the fields of film studies, Shakespearian literary criticism, and the confluence of psychoanalysis and literary theory. It is not properly appreciated that Cavell's project originated in his interpretation of Austin's and Wittgenstein's philosophical interest in the criteria governing ordinary language, and is given unity by an abiding concern with the nature and the varying cultural manifestations of the sceptical impulse in modernity. This book elucidates the essentially philosophical roots and trajectory of Cavell's work, traces its links with Romanticism and its recent turn towards a species of moral pefectionism associated with Thoreau and Emerson, and concludes with an assessment of its relations to liberal-democratic political theory, Christian religious thought, and feminist literary studies. It will be of interest to anyone concerned with the relationships between Anglo-American and Continental philosophy, and between philosophy and other disciplines in the humanities. 'an excellent presentation and discussion of [Cavell's] thought . . . very timely' Political Studies 'Learning to read Mulhall is both a suitable and a worthy first step to learning to read Cavell' British Journal of Aesthetics 'there can be no doubt as to the depth of Mulhall's knowledge of Cavell's writings or to his ability as an advocate. [The book] is also very well written. Mulhall's prose is capable of registering the fine grain in a subtle and elusive thinker and, while more conventional than Cavell's, is no less supple or eloquent.' Times Literary Supplement '[Mulhall's] explication is careful enough to explain the importance of Cavell's work, clarify the subtleties of Cavell's ideas, provide a complete overview of Cavell's thought, and show the coherence in Cavell's diverse writings . . .invaluable' Harvard Review

The Write Voice

And yet she strived to increase her use of dialogue in her writing. She recognized
the importance of characters engaging in conversations. By giving her characters
personality and voice, I was able to hear a reflection of her own voice coming ...

Author: Lisa Donohue

Publisher: Pembroke Publishers Limited

ISBN: 9781551382685

Category: Education

Page: 128

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A comprehensive approach to teaching writing, organized around 7 strategies to help students seek and recognize inspiration: sensory statements; wordsmithing; emotional cues; character development; perspectives; personality; and style. Explore ways to use rich, engaging prompts to help students develop a strong writing voice, and discover a series of prompts that can help even the most mechanical writer to begin writing with pizzazz!

The Cambridge Companion to Virginia Woolf

2 SUZANNE RAITT Finding a voice : Virginia Woolf's early novels On 26 July
1922 , shortly after she finished writing her ... feeling that in writing this novel , she
had ' found out how to begin ( at 40 ) to say something in [ her ] own voice ' ( D2 ,
p ...

Author: Sellers Susan

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521625483

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 286

View: 687


Comprehensive study by leading scholars of Virginia Woolf and her novels, letters, diaries and essays.