A Sense of Place

JONATHAN HART University of Alberta Afterword Sense of Place : A Response to Regionalism A PARADOX OFTEN INFORMS ART : if artists embrace the places they live , no matter how remote , they are more likely to speak to those who live in ...

Author: Christian Riegel

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 0888643101

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As more and more children enter our nation`s court system, recognition is growing that they can be competent and credible witnesses when trial procedures accommodate their special needs. This video was produced to assist in the efforts being made to find ways to make it possible for children`s voices to be heard in court without harm to them or to the rights of defendants. Through a dramatic presentation of a criminal court trial involving two child witnesses alleged to be sexually abused, the video highlights issues relevant to any kind of case in which children are called upon to testify. The film shows how judges can make proceedings less intimidating to children, and also shows how such measures in no way compromise the search for truth.

A Sense of Place

The local environment Getting to know the area where we live and grow up helps us to develop our 'sense of place'. What are the main features of your local area? Buildings? Green spaces? Traffic? People? What can you smell?

Author: Susan Ogier

Publisher: Evans Brothers

ISBN: 9780237535797

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Designed for elementary students, this series inspires creativity based on observations and sensory perceptions. Famous works of art and art history introduce thoughtful projects. Covering techniques for textiles, landscapes, depicting movement, and using found objects in art, these books are sure to inspire young artists.

Sense of Place Health and Quality of Life

It can be argued that websites such as “Facebook” and “MySpace”, in addition to online chat groups, provide their users with a sense of community, and thus a sense of place. Although it seems clear that globalization and new ...

Author: Allison Williams

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351901154

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A significant body of theoretical and empirical studies describes 'sense of place' as an outcome of interconnected psychological, social and environmental processes in relation to physical place(s). Sense of place has been examined, particularly in human geography, in terms of both the character intrinsic to a place as a localized, bounded and material entity, and the sentiments of attachment/detachment that humans experience and express in relation to specific places. Scholars in a wide range of disciplines are increasingly exploring the relationship between place and health, and recently, the field of public health has been encouraged to recognize sense of place as a potential contributing factor to well-being. It is evident that over the last few decades, sense of place has developed into a versatile construct. This important book brings together work related to sense of place and health, broadly defined, from the perspective of a variety of fields and disciplines. It will give the reader an understanding of both the range of applications of this construct within approaches to human health as well as the breadth of research methodologies employed in its investigation.

Sense Of Place

The sense of place evoked in conversation then becomes a filter through which people perceive the landscape around them, indeed, which structures their very thinking about the land and the social relations carried out on it.

Author: Barbara Allen

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813185095

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Despite the homogenization of American life, areas of strong regional consciousness still persist in the United States, and there is a growing interest in regionalism among the public and among academics. In response to that interest ten folklorists here describe and interpret a variety of American regional cultures in the twentieth century. Their book is the first to deal specifically with regional culture and the first to employ the perspective of folklore in the study of regional identity and consciousness. The authors range widely over the United States, from the Eastern Shore to the Pacific Northwest, from the Southern Mountains to the Great Plains. They look at a variety of cultural expressions and practices -- legends, anecdotes, songs, foodways, architecture, and crafts. Tying their work together is a common consideration of how regional culture shapes and is shaped by the consciousness of living in a special place. In exploring this dimension of regional culture the authors consider the influence of natural environment and historical experience on the development of regional culture, the role of ethnicity in regional consciousness, the tensions between insiders and outsiders that stem from a sense of regional identity, and the changes in culture in response to social and economic change. With its focus on cultural manifestations and its folkloristic perspective this book provides a fresh and needed contribution to regional studies. Writ¬ten in a clear, readable style, it will appeal to general readers interested in American regions and their cultures. At the same time the research and analytical approach make it useful not only to folklorists but to cultural geographers, anthropologists, and other scholars of regional studies.

Constructing a Sense of Place

Erez Tzfadia1 Introduction The issues surrounding the study of 'place', 'space' and 'sense of place' have in the last few years become principal items on geographical and architectural agendas. The questions of how 'space' and 'place' ...

Author: Haim Yacobi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351949330

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While it is widely recognized that architects and their architecture play a key role in constructing a sense of place, the inherent nexus between an architectural ideology and the production of national space and place has so far been neglected. Focusing on the Zionist ideology, this book brings together practising architects and academics to critically examine the role of architects, architecture and spatial practices as mediators between national ideology and the politicization of space. The book first of all sets out the wider context of theoretical debates concerning the role of architecture in the process of constructing a sense of place then divides into six main sections. The book not only provides an innovative new perspective on how the Israeli state had developed, but also sheds light on how architecture shapes national identity in any post-colonial and settler state.

A Sense of Place

sense. of. place? Children can more easily move, feel, notice and stretch their bodies, and learn about themselves and others when they are outdoors. Teachers and carers also benefit from time outdoors. There are always natural teaching ...

Author: Annie Davy

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472953667

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Being outside and connecting with nature is key to young children's learning and wellbeing, especially in a busy, fast-changing and digitalised world. Outdoors, children can more easily connect to their bodies, and learn about themselves and others and how to be in the world. They use their senses to explore, understand and become mindful of the earth and the people around them. But how can Early Years practitioners best support young children as they engage with nature, while also passing on the values about the future of the planet? Annie Davy presents tried-and-tested strategies that support the wellbeing and learning journey of children through mindfulness, with a focus on learning outdoors and connecting with the world. A Sense of Place is an easily accessible guide that will make outdoor learning more interesting and fun, while also supporting children's development of resilience and resourcefulness so that they can survive and thrive in the world as they grow.

A Sense of Place

The Life and Work of Forrest Shreve Janice Emily Bowers. The Life and Work of Forrest Shreve s Janice Emily Bowers A Sense of Place A Sense of Place The Life. A Sense of Place Front Cover.

Author: Janice Emily Bowers

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816510726

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Forrest Shreve (1878-1950) was an internationally known plant ecologist who spent most of his career at the Carnegie Institution's Desert Laboratory in Tucson, Arizona. Shreve's contributions to the study of plant ecology laid the groundwork for modern studies and several of his works came to be regarded as classics by ecologists worldwide. This first full-length study of Shreve's life and work demonstrates that he was more than a desert ecologist. His early work in Maryland and Jamaica gave him a breadth of expertise matched by few of his ecological contemporaries, and his studies of desert plant demography, the physiological ecology of rain-forest plants, and vegetational gradients on southwestern mountain ranges anticipated by decades recent trends in ecology. Tracing Shreve's development from student to scientist, Bowers evokes the rigors and delights of fieldwork in the first half of this century and shows how Shreve's sense of place informed his scientific thoughtÑmaking him, in his own words, "not an exile from some better place, but a man at home in an environment to which his life can be adjusted without physical or intellectual loss."

A Sense of Place

Whether I'm in Tibet or sit— ting here in Santa Barbara, that is a place I can return to. I sometimes think that the English language ... I'd never had a strong sense of departures (or arrivals); I'd grown up with— out a sense of place.

Author: Michael Shapiro

Publisher: Travelers' Tales

ISBN: 9781932361810

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In A Sense of Place, journalist/travel writer Michael Shapiro goes on a pilgrimage to visit the world's great travel writers on their home turf to get their views on their careers, the writer's craft, and most importantly, why they chose to live where they do and what that place means to them. The book chronicles a young writer’s conversations with his heroes, writers he's read for years who inspired him both to pack his bags to travel and to pick up a pen and write. Michael skillfully coaxes a collective portrait through his interviews, allowing the authors to speak intimately about the writer's life, and how place influences their work and perceptions. In each chapter Michael sets the scene by describing the writer's surroundings, placing the reader squarely in the locale, whether it be Simon Winchester's Massachusetts, Redmond O'Hanlon's London, or Frances Mayes's Tuscany. He then lets the writer speak about life and the world, and through quiet probing draws out fascinating commentary from these remarkable people. For Michael it’s a dream come true, to meet his mentors; for readers, it's an engaging window onto the twin landscapes of great travel writers and the world in which they live.

A Sense of Place

Bruce Dukes reveres the wines of Rutherford for their history, their pedigree, and their sense of place. "What we aim to do here is to make a wine that has an address and a personality that doesn't reflect California or even Napa, ...

Author: Steven Kolpan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135772710

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In A Sense of Place, renowned wine expert and writer Steven Kolpan tells the story of how Francis Ford Coppola brought California's most distinguished and historic vineyard back to life. Gustave Niebaum's Inglenook Estate, started in 1879, was one of the Napa Valley's first established vineyards and the birthplace of its premium wine industry. Generations after Niebaum's death, the vineyard was sold to Heublein, the wine and spirits monolith, who broke up the land and changed the Inglenook brand from a premium, connoisseur wine to a mass-market jug wine. In 1975, Francis Coppola bought the Niebaum residence and the surrounding estate. Along with the original estate's reputation, he also brought back some of its original workers, including Rafael Rodriquez, who, in h is late seventies, now serves as the vineyard manager and historian. Coppola overcame naysayers, red tape, and financial turmoil to reestablish the winery as a defender of quality, producing wine under four different labels, including the revered wine Rubicon. In 1995, Coppola purchased the Inglenook Chateau and its adjacent vineyards, fulfilling his dream of reuniting the original Napa Valley estate. Kolpan's luscious, flavorful narrative is worth enjoying now and keeping for later.

A Sense of Place

Learning Media Staff. MY COUNTRY Sense of Place TW MY COUNTRY A Sense of Place. Front Cover.

Author: Learning Media Staff

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A Sense of Place

The ultimate goal is to enhance the unique sense of place embodied by this extraordinary park called Yosemite . SETTING Yosemite includes scenery and sights ranging from the spectacular to the sublime . At 1,169 square miles and 748,160 ...

Author: Yosemite National Park (Agency : U.S.)

Publisher: Government Printing Office

ISBN: 0160904129

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[This book passes] on at least the basics of the special and unique considerations that undergird excellence of design in Yosemite -- from foreword.

A Sense of Place

The sense of ownership added to the joy of using the tools. She bought a discount store block plane, thinking it would be a good as the ... quality tools and more importantly, she practiced diligently with them. One of 17 A Sense of Place.

Author: Jim Northum

Publisher: Devine Destinies

ISBN: 9781554879540

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Angel Perez has it allãhighly paid position, her pick of international assignments and related world travel. Her professional career is almost unlimited and her personal life seems to be headed toward the American dream. Her fianc_ appears to be every womanês desire; handsome, wealthy, nice cars, fine home and attentive to her every need. However, under the shell of respectability, he is a mean, manipulative control freak who tricks her into accepting his dominating, abusive ways. After a severe beating, she lashes back and breaks away from the relationship. Thinking her social life is over, she returns to Altus, Arkansas. Her long-time best friend welcomes her to his furniture shop, supports her struggles and offers his love to her. Can she overcome the abuse and mental anguish and accept his love?

A Sense of Place

Director Mather's desire to make Yosemite the showplace of the national park system , as well as his goal of relocating Yosemite Village to a new site on the north side of the Valley , precipitated a lengthy ... 32 NPS A SENSE OF PLACE.



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A Sense of Place

Worse yet, the bush clover, ominaeshi (“golden lace”), reeds, and pampas grass block all view and annul all sense of ... was confined to a curious placelessness, given purchase on the world beyond the grasses by its poetic status.

Author: David Spafford

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9781684175369

Category: History

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"A Sense of Place examines the vast Kantō region as a locus of cultural identity and an object of familial attachment during the political and military turmoil of the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries in Japan. Through analysis of memoirs, letters, chronicles, poetry, travelogues, lawsuits, land registers, and archeological reports, David Spafford explores the relationships of the eastern elites to the space they inhabited: he considers the region both as a whole, in its literary representations and political and administrative dimensions, and as an aggregation of discrete locales, where struggles over land rights played out alongside debates about the meaning of ties between families and their holdings. Spafford also provides the first historical account in English of medieval castle building and the castellan revolution of the late fifteenth century, which militarized the countryside and radically transformed the exercise of authority over territory. Simultaneously, the book reinforces a sense of the eastern elite’s anxieties and priorities, detailing how, in their relation to land and place, local elites displayed a preference for past precedent and inherited wisdom. Even amidst the changes wrought by war, this inclination, although quite at odds with their conventional reputation for ruthless pragmatism and forward thinking, prevailed."

Creating a Sense of Place in School Environments

Place refers to a particular location in the world given meaning through the emotional attachment of an ... 1 Place is an essential property of man's existence, and sense of place is a basic human need that gives meaning to the world.

Author: Sun-Young Rieh

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429805738

Category: Architecture

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Creating a Sense of Place in School Environments guides its readers to the characteristics that tend to generate a sense of place through children’s vivid descriptions of their school and provides a body of critical information that can be employed to design a better school environment that can imprint cherished childhood memories. The childhood school environment calls for special attention regarding the sense of place it creates. The sense of place in childhood both affects children's current quality of life and frames their lasting world view. It is well known that children's cognitive development is closely related to their place attachment to their surroundings, and that children’s adaptation to a given environment depends on how such place attachment can be created. Therefore, it is natural that people’s identity in the world is the accumulation of their experience of place while in childhood. Cross-checking between the imprint of adults' memories of places in school and children’s current "lived experience" of their favorite school place confirmed that certain spatial configurations, which the author herein refers to as "place generators" can generate positive attributes of physical settings that construct a sense of place and last as lifelong memories. It is an ideal read for academics, students, and professionals.

Language and a Sense of Place

Introduction A sense of place is central to Newfoundland identity. Not only is Newfoundland, as an island, physically separated from the nearby North American continent, its unique European settler origins, along with its distinct ...

Author: Chris Montgomery

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107098718

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Place has always been central to studies of language, variation and change. Since the eighteenth century, dialectologists have been mapping language features according to boundaries - both physical and institutional. In the twentieth century, variationist sociolinguists developed techniques to correlate language use with speakers' orientations to place. More recently, perceptual dialectologists are examining the cognitive and ideological processes involved in language-place correlations and working on ways to understand how speakers mentally process space. Bringing together research from across the field of language variation, this volume explores the extent of twenty-first century approaches to place. It features work from both established and influential scholars, and up and coming researchers, and brings language variation research up to date. The volume focuses on four key areas of research: processes of language variation and change across time and space; methods and datasets for regional analysis; perceptions of the local in language research; and ideological representations of place.

Habitus A Sense of Place

8 Famously Jameson analyses the homogenising placelessness of late capitalism through the confusing spatial layout of the vast atrium of the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles. He goes on to explore the process of what he terms 'cognitive ...

Author: Emma Rooksby

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351931854

Category: Social Science

Page: 444

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Habitus is a concept developed by the late French sociologist, Pierre Bourdieu, as a 'sense of one's place...a sense of the other's place'. It relates to our perceptions of the positions (or 'place') of ourselves and other people in the world in which we live and how these perceptions affect our actions and interactions with places and people. Habitus implies that a web of complex processes links the physical, the social and the mental. Inspired by this concept, this compelling book brings together leading scholars from interdisciplinary fields to examine ways in which spaces and places are constructed, interpreted and used by different people. This second edition contains updated chapter material, together with an entirely new introduction and revised conclusions which recognise the importance of Bourdieu's work. This publication is a tribute to Pierre Bourdieu's remarkable contribution to the fields of sociology, anthropology, geography, political philosophy and urban planning.

Shakespeares Settings and a Sense of Place

'Rialto' and 'gondola' figure in Shakespeare's sense of place. I would argue that everything in The Merchant of Venice comes out of a location never named in the play but manifest: the Ghetto. It is the neighbourhood around Shylock's ...

Author: Ralph Berry

Publisher: University of Wales Press

ISBN: 9781783168095

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 101

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Shakespeare’s use of location governs his dramas. Some he was personally familiar with, like Windsor; some he knew through his imagination, like Kronborg Castle (‘Elsinore’); some matter because Shakespeare’s plays were performed there, like Hampton Court and the Great Hall of the Middle Temple. Shakespeare’s plays are powerfully shaped by their sense of place, and the location becomes an unacknowledged actor. This book is about the locations that he used for his plays, each of which the author has visited, and the result presents the reader with a sense of those places that Shakespeare knew either through direct personal contact or through his imaginative re-interpretation of the scene.

A Sense of Place Or Virgil is Still the Frogboy

A SENSE OF PLACE or Virgil is Still the Frogboy Copyright © 1999 , Lanford Wilson All Rights Reserved CAUTION : Professionals and amateurs are hereby warned that performance of A SENSE OF PLACE or Virgil is still the Frogboy is subject ...

Author: Lanford Wilson

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 0822215926

Category: Drama

Page: 76

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THE STORY: Schuyler Browne and his friends, Josh, Ann and Mary, gather for the spring at Schuyler's family's Hampton home. Schuyler, a trust-fund kid from wealthy lineage, doesn't yet know what to do with his life. Josh, very into computers, is on

A Sense of Place Regional American Literature

(The identification with “place,” for writers of both fiction and nonfiction, has diverse linkages. It can be geographic, ... I would say a sense of place is also critical to the development of a sense of morality and of human identity.


Publisher: DIANE Publishing

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