A Strategic and Tactical Approach to Global Business Ethics

Foundation of business ethics in contemporary religious thought: The Ten Commandment perspective. International Journal of Social Economics, 25(10), 1552–1564. Allen, J. (1831). As a man thinketh. Retrieved on February 23, 2010, ...

Author: Lawrence A. Beer

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Ethics is a compendium of moral interpretations steeped in a multitude of religious and philosophical applications. It is subject to various cultural intrusions as well as independent personal interpretation. The study of international business and all related managerial disciplines usually includes ethical content. The majority of global management textbooks offer a chapter on ethics, and its often misaligned cousin, social responsibility. They tend to cover the subject matter by stating the problem and then reciting laws enacted to combat social injustice as well as including philosophical theories intended to provide generic direction. This iceberg approach, a topical view of the issues, leaves the average MBA student along with executive cadre longing for more specific guidelines.

Encyclopedia of Global Studies

Economic ethics has become an established aspect of the global era. ... Verhaltens in der säkularen Gesellschaft [Christian, Jewish and Islamic business ethics: The religious foundation of business behavior in secular society].

Author: Helmut K. Anheier

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"With all entries followed by cross-references and further reading lists, this current resource is ideal for high school and college students looking for connecting ideas and additional sources on them. The work brings together the many facets of global studies into a solid reference tool and will help those developing and articulating an ideological perspective." — Library Journal The Encyclopedia of Global Studies is the reference work for the emerging field of global studies. It covers both transnational topics and intellectual approaches to the study of global themes, including the globalization of economies and technologies; the diaspora of cultures and dispersion of peoples; the transnational aspects of social and political change; the global impact of environmental, technological, and health changes; and the organizations and issues related to global civil society. Key Themes: • Global civil society • Global communications, transportation, technology • Global conflict and security • Global culture, media • Global demographic change • Global economic issues • Global environmental and energy issues • Global governance and world order • Global health and nutrition • Global historical antecedents • Global justice and legal issues • Global religions, beliefs, ideologies • Global studies • Identities in global society Readership: Students and academics in the fields of politics and international relations, international business, geography and environmental studies, sociology and cultural studies, and health.

Business Ethics Ethical Decision Making Cases

John (Jack) Ruhe and Monle Lee, “Teaching Ethics in International Business Courses: The Impacts of Religions,” Journal of ... World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts, A project of the international religious foundation ...

Author: O. C. Ferrell

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Packed with cases, exercises, simulations, and practice tests, the market-leading BUSINESS ETHICS: ETHICAL DECISION MAKING AND CASES, Tenth Edition, thoroughly covers the complex environment in which managers confront ethical decision making. Using a proven managerial framework, this accessible, applied text addresses the overall concepts, processes, and best practices associated with successful business ethics programs--helping readers see how ethics can be integrated into key strategic business decisions. Thoroughly revised, the new tenth edition incorporates coverage of new legislation affecting business ethics, the most up-to-date examples, and the best practices of high-profile organizations. It also includes 20 all-new or updated original case studies. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Cosmopolitan Business Ethics

also addresses the concept of business ethics at the micro-, macro-, and meso-levels of society in order to look at the ... Moreover, the ethics of responsibility is critical toward a religious foundation of ethics as suggested by ...

Author: Jacob Dahl Rendtorff

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In Cosmopolitan Business Ethics: Towards a Global Ethos of Management, Jacob Dahl Rendtorff maps the concept of global business ethics, related to sustainability and corporate governance, via an examination of the major theories of business ethics and the philosophy of management. The book is based on the philosophy of Immanuel Kant and the European tradition, which is applied as the foundation for the analysis of the contemporary European and Anglo-American debate on business ethics in order to formulate an up-to-date theory of global business ethics. The book will compare the different schools of business ethics, corporate citizenship, and the philosophy of management and will address the modern-day issues of sustainability, business and human rights, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder management, and corporate governance, offering insights on how to deal with these international challenges of global economics, the development and protection of human rights, and the environment. This book proposes a decision-making model for cosmopolitan business ethics as the foundation of management and leadership in dealing with the complexities of globalization. The case studies will address the efforts of businesses to work with global and cosmopolitan business ethics at the levels of maintaining corporate integrity. Both the theoretical argument and case studies presented in the book are based on exchanges with notable business ethicists, philosophers of management, business managers, and public policy-makers.

Public Theology for a Global Society

It provides an articulated common foundation for a global ethic regarding human values and the social contract among employees, ... Global businesses should actively engage religious pluralism in the workplace, and their leaders should ...

Author: Deidre King Hainsworth

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In these essays honoring ethicist Max Stackhouse, leading Christian scholars consider the historical roots and ongoing resources of public theology as a vital element in the church s engagement with global issues. / Public Theology for a Global Society explores the concept of public theology and the challenge of relating theological claims to a larger social and political context. The range of essays included here allows readers to understand public theology as both theological practice and public speech, and to consider the potential and limits of public theology in ecumenical and international networks. / The essays begin by introducing the reader to the development of public theology as an area of study and to the historical interrelationship of religious, legal, and professional categories. The later essays engage the reader with emerging problems in public theology, as religious communities encounter shifting publics that are being transformed by globalization and sweeping political and technological changes. / The breadth and scholarship of Public Theology for a Global Society make this volume a fitting tribute to Stackhouse a central figure in Christian ethics and pioneer in the church s study of globalization.

Business Ethics

A classic business example of a transition from stakeholder morality to stakeholder ethics is represented in the Ford v . ... in either religious or secular conclusions , and both can provide conceptual foundations for moral values .

Author: Alan R. Malachowski

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Thought Leadership in Advancing International Business Research

A substantial amount of effort has been made in management and business ethics in analyzing and understanding various ... the moral basis of modern global capitalism, which should serve as the foundation for global business ethics.

Author: Arie Y. Lewin

Publisher: Springer

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This volume is devoted to those areas that can advance our understanding of international business. It contains contributions from intellectual leaders of the field, using cutting edge research to explore frontier topics in international business, and to look at where international business is going.

Practices of Global Ethics

Global Ethic Foundation, 'Manifesto: Global Economic Ethic – Consequences for Global Businesses', in Hans Küng, ... Green, Ronald M., 'Religions and the Ethics of International Business', in Sumner B. Twiss and Bruce Grelle (eds), ...

Author: Frederick Bird

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9781474407069

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The Practices of Global Ethics takes a unique look at global ethics: not as mere written statements but as a set of practices undertaken by thousands of organisations and hundreds of thousands of people to shape the normative trajectory of human affairs. It looks at statements of global ethical principles including The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Earth Charter and the Rio Documents and positions them as the outcomes and expression of ongoing practices. Offering innovative, critical and thoughtful analyses of ethical practices since World War II, the book examines efforts to promote human rights; foster ecological responsibility; end genocide; reduce global poverty; encourage responsible and sustainable international business practices; cultivate understanding and collaboration amongst the world's religions among other worldwide endeavours.

Encyclopedia of Global Justice

Its goals are intercultural and interreligious research, education, and encounter. Through its manifold activities it attempts to raise awareness for a Global Ethic. Sister foundations have been set up in Switzerland, Austria, ...

Author: Deen K. Chatterjee

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

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This encyclopedia provides a premier reference guide for students, scholars, policy makers, and others interested in assessing the moral consequences of global interdependence and understanding the concepts and arguments that shed light on the myriad aspects of global justice.

The Routledge Companion to Business Ethics

Attempts at an interfaith religious dialogue to define a single global ethic have occurred intermittently over the past 125 years. ... Küng has continued to champion an interfaith global ethic through his Global Ethic Foundation.

Author: Eugene Heath

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317655411

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The field of business ethics continues to expand intellectually and geographically. During the past five decades, scholars have developed and deepened their inquiries into the ethics of commercial and corporate conduct. This Companion provides a novel overview of the discipline of business ethics, covering the major areas of the field as well as new and emerging topics. The eight thematic units range over an extraordinary set of subjects and include chapters on the history and pedagogy of business ethics, moral philosophy, the nature of business, responsibilities within the firm, economic institutions, the 2008 financial crisis, globalization, and business ethics in different regions of the world. Led by a well-respected editorial team, this unique volume gathers an international array of experts whose various critical approaches yield insights from areas such as public policy, economics, law, and history, in addition to business and philosophy. With its fresh analyses, wide scope, and clarity of approach, this volume will be an essential addition to library collections in business, management, and applied ethics.