A Portrait of Loyalty

. . . White's smooth flowing narrative and resonant themes of misinformation and social upheaval will draw readers in to this glowing love story.

Author: Roseanna M. White

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

ISBN: 0764231839

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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Zivon Marin was one of Russia's top cryptographers, until the October Revolution tore apart his world. Forced to flee after speaking out against Lenin and separated from his brother along the way, he arrives in England driven by a growing anger and determined to offer his services to the Brits. Lily Blackwell sees the world best through the lens of a camera--and possesses unsurpassed skill when it comes to retouching and recreating photographs. With her father's connections in propaganda, she's recruited to the intelligence division, even though her mother would disapprove. After Captain Blackwell invites Zivon to dinner one evening, a friendship blooms between him and Lily. He sees patterns in what she deems chaos; she sees beauty in a world he thought destroyed. But both have secrets they're unwilling to share. When her photographs reveal that someone has been following Zivon, his loyalties are called into question--and his enemies are discovered to be far closer than he'd feared.

A Portrait of Loyalty The Codebreakers Book 3

. . . White's smooth flowing narrative and resonant themes of misinformation and social upheaval will draw readers in to this glowing love story."--Publishers Weekly

Author: Roseanna M. White

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781493428175

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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Zivon Marin was one of Russia's top cryptographers until the October Revolution tore apart his world. Forced to flee to England after speaking out against Lenin, Zivon is driven by a growing anger and determined to offer his services to the Brits. But never far from his mind is his brother, whom Zivon fears died in the train crash that separated them. Lily Blackwell sees the world best through the lens of a camera and possesses unsurpassed skill when it comes to retouching and re-creating photographs. With her father's connections in propaganda, she's recruited to the intelligence division, even though her mother would disapprove if she ever found out. After Captain Blackwell invites Zivon to dinner one evening, a friendship blooms between him and Lily that soon takes over their hearts. But both have secrets they're unwilling to share, and neither is entirely sure they can trust the other. When Zivon's loyalties are called into question, proving him honest is about more than one couple's future dreams--it becomes a matter of ending the war.

D H Lawrence and Frieda

The pair eloped to Bavaria, leaving her three children behind and two years later they were married. This book sheds a different light on the Lawrences, using several of Frieda's letters.

Author: Michael Squires

Publisher: Andre Deutsch Limited

ISBN: STANFORD:36105131784964

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 210

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In 1912, D H Lawrence met Frieda von Richthofen, the wife of his former professor, and fell in love with her. The pair eloped to Bavaria, leaving her three children behind and two years later they were married. This book sheds a different light on the Lawrences, using several of Frieda's letters.

Small Change

Thurber wrote his essay and it was really a portrait of loyalty: Fitzgerald to Zelda, Fitzgerald to Hemingway, Fitzgerald to Ring Lardner, Thurber to Fitzgerald. You taught me about loyalty. You were the one who put flesh on that bone.

Author: Elizabeth Hay

Publisher: Emblem Editions

ISBN: 9781551994345

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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These twenty superbly crafted linked stories navigate the difficult realm of friendship, charting its beginnings and ends, its intimacies and betrayals, its joys and humiliations. A mother learns something of the nature of love from watching her young daughter as she falls in and out of favour with a neighbourhood girl. An intricate story of two women reveals a friendship held together by the steely bonds of passivity. A chance sighting in a library prompts a woman to recall the “unconsummated courtship” she was drawn into by a male colleague. With trenchant insight, uncommon honesty, and dark humour, Elizabeth Hay probes the precarious bonds that exist between friends. The result is an emotionally raw and provocative collection of stories that will resonate with readers long after the final page.

Dreams of Savannah

"White's smooth flowing narrative . . . will draw readers in to this glowing love story.

Author: Roseanna M. White

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781493430017

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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Cordelia Owens can weave a hopeful dream around anything and is well used to winning the hearts of everyone in Savannah with her whimsy. Even when she receives word that her sweetheart has been lost during a raid on a Yankee vessel, she clings to hope and comes up with many a romantic tale of his eventual homecoming to reassure his mother and sister. But Phineas Dunn finds nothing redemptive in the first horrors of war. Struggling for months to make it home alive, he returns to Savannah injured and cynical, and all too sure that he is not the hero Cordelia seems determined to make him. Matters of black and white don't seem so simple anymore to Phin, and despite her best efforts, Delia's smiles can't erase all the complications in his life. And when Fort Pulaski falls and the future wavers, they both must decide where the dreams of a new America will take them, and if they will go together.

The True Amazons The sixth edition etc With a portrait

Where , Britons , where is your boasted Loyalty , that the very Insects of our Country shall reprove you ? Whilft they join their Forces together with an undivided Fidelity , against all that dare presume to invade either the Crown or ...

Author: Joseph WARDER


ISBN: BL:A0019662745



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Life of Robert Burns Fourth edition With a portrait

romance . affections , ancestral loyalty , and the generosity of In the new species of hostility , every thing seemed mean as well as perilous ; it was scorned even more than hated . The very name stained whatever it came near ; and men ...

Author: John Gibson Lockhart


ISBN: BL:A0018641018


Page: 348

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A Portrait of Joan

From this moment on I had a sense of audience, warm living people who would care for me in direct proportion to the energy and talent I could give, a public to whom I owed a loyalty and from whom I've always received loyalty.

Author: Joan Crawford

Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing

ISBN: 9781787208919

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 282

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One of Hollywood’s greatest stars recalls her fabulous life: at nine, scrubbing floors in a Kansas City school; at twenty, motion picture stardom and marriage to Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.; in 1945, the Academy Award for her sensational comeback-triumph in Mildred Pierce; and today, a glamorous “double life” as Hollywood star and corporation executive. Richly illustrated with photographs throughout.

John D Rockefeller Jr A Portrait

214 One evidence of the loyalty he inspired occurred at the time of John's graduation. Andrews was in Europe, but the Senior class voted not to accept their diplomas unless they were signed by Andrews. They were therefore sent to him ...

Author: Raymond B. Fosdick

Publisher: Plunkett Lake Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography


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“Mr. Fosdick has written a biography in its formal meaning — fully documented, chronologically precise — and not simply a personal tribute to a friend of more than forty years’ standing. The book, in consequence, is both biography and history, satisfying all the rigorous canons of personal and social analysis. It is to be read as part of the history of our time and as the record of a man of as much consequence to us as have been those other leaders and creators among his contemporaries who have affected public conduct. What we have here, then, is the narrative of a rich man who overcame the almost impossible handicaps of great wealth, limited religious upbringing, and a narrow and protective family circle. He might have become defensive and suspicious, or a recluse cultivating private and expensive hobbies, or a popular leader and therefore a demagogue (such patterns of the behavior of men of inherited fortunes are familiar throughout history), but instead he was able to grow and to assume great, national obligations. What might have been a puzzle slowly disappears under Mr. Fosdick’s skillful scholarship and his deep regard for his friend. The young Rockefeller (he is called throughout the book ‘JDR Jr.’), as early as 1910, when he was 36, severed his direct connections with business: did he do so because of a real or unconscious rejection of his father? Quite the contrary; father and son early forged strong bonds of mutual affection and respect, but while there never was hostility on the part of the son, neither was there subservience. JDR Jr. continued to support the philanthropies founded by the older man, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, the General Education Board, and the Rockefeller Foundation, and to expand them; did he do this because he, like other men in public life — like Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Louis D. Brandeis — was inevitably swept up in the ‘reform movement’ of the day? That was only a part, and possibly a minor one, of his development. For as his tastes became surer and his vocation clearer, he ranged wider and wider until his interests were as large as those of his country and his world. As one goes over the catalogue of his benefactions and interests — none ever representing a perfunctory concern, most requiring long years of careful planning with a devotion to exact detail that only the truly outstanding seem to possess — one grasps the sweep and boldness of JDR Jr.’s mind. Williamsburg; the Cloisters; Rockefeller Center; the Museum of Modern Art; the restoration of the Athenian Agora; Rheims, Versailles, Fontainebleau; Negro education; the four International Houses; Jackson Hole and the Jersey Palisades; the Library of the League of Nations at Geneva, and the site of the U.N. at New York; the interdenominational movement; the long battle to achieve industrial understanding in two decades marked by bitter strife between management and labor: this is only a partial list. Mr. Fosdick seeks the key to the Rockefellers in some observations made by Frederick T. Gates, that restless and fascinating man who had such a great influence on the lives of both father and son. In 1905, Gates wrote to the father: ‘Two courses are open to you. One is that you and your children while living should make final disposition of this great fortune in the form of permanent corporate philanthropies for the good of mankind... or at the close of a few lives now in being it must simply pass into the unknown, like some other great fortunes, with unmeasured and perhaps sinister possibilities.’ In 1929, Gates was satisfied, for he put down in a private document these remarks concerning JDR Jr.: ‘I have known no man who entered life more absolutely dominated by his sense of duty, more diligent in the quest of the right path, more eager to follow it at any sacrifice.’” — Louis M. Hacker, The New York Times “The central theme of Raymond B. Fosdick’s book is its subject’s career as a philanthropist... This is not an impartial book and was not so intended. Mr. Fosdick is an admiring friend and associate of the man of whom he writes. But if the book is understandably friendly to John D. Rockefeller, Jr., it is also an honest book.” — John D. Hicks, The Saturday Review

The End of Religious Controversy Etc With a Portrait

1l , but it is also a duty , which we owe to our fellow subjects as well as ourselves , to repe : these charges , by proving that there was reason , and religion , and loyalty , and good faith among ( ' hristians , before Luther ...

Author: John Milner


ISBN: BL:A0019472044


Page: 16

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The Works of Mr Thomas Otway Etc With a Portrait

D'ye try My Resolution , or my Loyalty ? Queen . Your Courage , Sir , is known ; your Loyalty , If you have any , you'll find due to me . Thro ' me these Honours you in Sparta bore , And ' ewas my Father made you great before .

Author: Thomas Otway


ISBN: BL:A0023878617



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The Legend of the Dagger Prince

A twisting tale of virtue and intrigue, peopled with unforgettable kings, princes, Lord Mayors, councillors, and guardians. THE LEGEND OF THE DAGGER PRINCE is more than a coming-of-age tale.

Author: T. A. Gallant

Publisher: Timotheos Press

ISBN: 0997244704

Category: Fiction, Medieval

Page: 174

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In the days of King Tsedecc, the seventh generation after Qccesed the Great, a kidnapping shatters young Prince Korbin's idyllic world. In short order, everything he knows is called into question as he hears horrifying things about the world around him. In the deadly aftermath, nothing can ever be the same. A twisting tapestry of virtue and intrigue, The Legend of the Dagger Prince is much more than a coming-of-age tale or an adventure story, although it could aptly be described as both. This carefully-woven medievalesque fantasy is a rich journey toward redemption, exploring hard lessons regarding the cost of loyalty and honor-and the price of deceit. Eminently quotable and flavored with a subtle Old World literary feel, The Legend of the Dagger Prince is the opening salvo in T. A. Gallant's exciting new series, The Annals of Adamah.

The Lives of the Poets Etc With a Portrait

At length the King returned , and the time came in which loyalty hoped for its reward . Butler , however , was only made secretary to the Earl of Carbury , president of the principality of Wales ; who conferred on him the stewardship of ...

Author: Samuel Johnson


ISBN: BL:A0018556333


Page: 704

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A Portrait of Rivalry

about West's life before he arrived in London, other than he painted some portraits in colonial Pennsylvania and had traveled and ... As importantly, West passed the political test, that is, loyalty to the Crown and its policies, ...

Author: Douglas G. Waters

Publisher: ArchwayPublishing

ISBN: 9781480801363

Category: History

Page: 178

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American colonial artists John Copley and Benjamin West were both born into humble circumstances in 1738. As young boys, they both wanted to be artists. As teenagers, they embarked on their artistic careers. They met each other for the first time in London in 1774, clashing as they sought the same goals: wealth and artistic fame. In A Portrait of Rivalry, author Douglas G. Waters examines the histories of these two eighteenth-century American painters and their competition to achieve artistic dominance in London. Their struggle began against the backdrop of America’s fight to gain independence from the realm of King George III, coincidently born the same year as the two artists. Filled with colorful characters—including a wax lady and spy, a noble Englishman with too many wives, a preacher unworthy of the cloth, and a con artist—A Portrait of Rivalry focuses on the lives of the two artists, revealing why they created the paintings they did and who achieved everlasting fame.

A Portrait of the American Jewish Community

He argues that Jewish self - definition as loyalty to the Jewish people , without reference to theology , “ ... did not belong together with their usual rhetoric about ethnic pluralism . An ethnic group cannot assert “ chosenness ...

Author: Norman Linzer

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0275960226

Category: Social Science

Page: 222

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This comprehensive picture explores the many issues confronting the American Jewish community today, including the desire to remain a distinct entity while also participating in the larger American culture.

The Originals A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man

34 / A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Uncle Charles shook his head, saying: – A bad business! ... of Ireland betray us in the time of the union when Bishop Lanigan presented an address of loyalty to the Marquess Cornwallis?

Author: James Joyce

Publisher: Om Books International

ISBN: 9789352762903

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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The first novel by Irish writer, James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is a coming-of-age tale about the religious and intellectual awakening of the protagonist. In this semi-autobiographical novel, Joyce examines what distinguishes the individual from the social, religious and cultural, by mapping the ever-changing landscape of the mind. Written in a modernist style, the novel traces the journey of young Stephen Dedalus, a fictitious alter ego of Joyce, with an allusion to the skilful craftsman and artist of Greek mythology. Stephen rebels against the Catholic and Irish mores that govern his upbringing, culminating in his self-imposed exile from Ireland to Europe. American modernist poet Ezra Pound had the novel serialised in the English literary magazine The Egotist in 1914 and 1915. Published as a book in 1916 by B.W. Huebsch of New York, Joyce’s debut novel earned him his place as a frontrunner of literary modernism.