Federalism and Disaster Response

If this process is federalized , the innovation , the creativity , the sense of
responsibility , the passion for service would subside , and the local knowledge
that makes it more effective . I appreciate the chance to come , and I hope that
you will be ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Homeland Security


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A Passion for Wisdom

In Jewish literature itself , the connection between sin and disaster was
challenged in a most dramatic way . The Book of Job ... God “ tests ” Job by
allowing Satan to cause the worst personal disasters to befall Job and his family .
Through it all ...

Author: Robert C. Solomon

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780195112085

Category: Philosophy

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A multicultural examination of the three historical movements in philosophical thought and development over a 4000 year period

Perspectives on Natural Disaster Insurance

I feel as if I know his district, his area very well, having gone there so many times.
I know his passion for trying to help us come up with some answers, and I look
forward to working with all of you. Thank you very much for being here today.

Author: United States


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Disaster Law

On 6 August 2015, an MoU was signed between JNU and the National Institute of
Disaster Management for setting up a 'Centre for Excellence in Disaster ... S. K.
Sopory who shared his passion and understanding of transdisciplinarity.

Author: Amita Singh

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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This book looks at how legal frameworks can and do reduce risks arising out of disasters. The volume: analyses existing disaster laws and the challenges on the ground; brings together case studies from some of the most vulnerable regions; and proposes solutions to avert existing and possible future crises. The book offers appropriate legal frameworks for disaster management which could not only offer sustainable institutional reforms towards community resilience and preparedness but also reduce risk within the frameworks of justice, equity and accountability. It examines the intricacies of governance within which governments function and discusses how recent trends in infrastructure development and engineering technology could be balanced within the legal principles of ethics, transparency and integrity. The chapters in the volume suggest that legal frameworks ought to resonate with new challenges of resource management and climate change. Further, these frameworks could help secure citizens’ trust, institutional accountability and effective implementation through an unceasing partnership which keeps the community better prepared and more resilient. This volume will be indispensable to scholars and researchers of disaster management, law, public policy, environment and development studies as well as policymakers and those in administrative, governmental, judicial and development sectors.

Degrees of Disaster

Does that mean it wasn ' t a disaster ? " For all of his passion he did not take
himself too seriously , which made his passion all the more admirable . He
allowed , “ The people who are still out here , after this amount of time , are the
ones who ...

Author: Jeff Wheelwright


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Offers a survey of the physical fate of Prince William Sound in Alaska after two major disasters in a twenty-five year span--the earthquake of 1964 and the Exxon Valdez oil spill

Wagner and the Romantic Disaster

undiminished and undisguised passion for her in the creation of Tristan und
Isolde has always been recognized . Nor is the disposal of that influence
particularly important . In short , whether he wrote Tristan as he did because he
had fallen for ...

Author: Burnett James

Publisher: Hippocrene Books

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Mourning and Disaster

reactions , Johnson ( 1999 , 19 – 22 ) argues , belies both a passion for , and an
unacknowledged emotional investment in , something other that was seemingly
threatened by the mourning for Diana . Thus , “ on first reading ” , as Johnson ...

Author: Michael Brennan

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Pub

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The Hillsborough stadium disaster of 15 April 1989 and the death of Princess Diana on 31 August 1997 sparked expressivist scenes of public mourning hitherto unseen within the context of British society. The largely local displays of grief witnessed on Merseyside following the Hillsborough disaster were, however, repeated and provided a pre-text for the national (and global) public mourning which accompanied the death of Princess Diana. What was it, this book asks, about the Hillsborough disaster and death of Princess Diana that provoked such strong emotions? Why and how did these ostensibly similar events produce such contrasting reactions, moving some people, including the book's author, to mourn one event but resist the mourning for the other? Mourning and Disaster provides an insight into a series of questions raised by the public mourning that followed these two events. What, for example, do the messages contained in the public books of condolence signed in the wake of these events tell us either about the social identities of the people who mourned or about the processes of meaning-making by which death is apprehended and understood? What do condolence books tell us about how contemporary society mourns and the ways in which loss is languaged? Is it the case that, in episodes of public mourning in which the deceased are not known to us personally, the mourner might actually be mourning some aspect of themselves? Is it also the case that in not mourning these events some aspect of one's own identity or self was being repudiated or mourned? Drawing upon both the public books of condolence signed in Britain during the public mourning for these events, alongside the author's own autobiographical memories of them, it is to these sorts of questions, amongst others, that this book seeks to provide answers.

The Dialectics of Disaster

But all this was secondary , if not unintended : the Nazi passion against the Jews
was just that , a passion . Jews were exterminated not because they stood in the
way of Nazi goals - for example either by occupying contested space or offering ...

Author: Ronald Aronson

Publisher: Verso

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The Worst It Can Be Is A Disaster

The Worst It Can Be Is A Disaster is the story of an extraordinary life in the theatre
, a story illuminated with great candour and wit revealing ... Braham ' s passion is
sometimes overwhelming , sometimes annoying but completely inspirational .

Author: Braham Murray

Publisher: Methuen Drama

ISBN: STANFORD:36105131786076

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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The autobiography of Braham Murray, founding director of the Royal Exchange Manchester, United Kingdom.

Flames of Passion Flames of Greed

2 . rebellion : pride anger physical abuse passion Kirmse festival song / dance
laughter fire / arson candle dress wine 3 . disaster : broken dish physical abuse
arrest candle fire wind / storm drought guilt refusal to eat suicide knacker ' s yard

Author: Virginia L. Lewis

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

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This well-written, lively, concise and meticulously executed study establishes five basic models of thematic representation of arson in literature. By selecting texts from a wide spectrum that covers not only well-known works by Auerbach, Raabe, and Anzengruber, but also best-sellers of the nineteenth century that are no longer accessible, Professor Lewis succeeds in demonstrating that dominant thematic patterns and motif clusters foster schematized action sequences in works not usually grouped together by literary historians. In addition, the study shows that a unique social change (introducing fire insurance) and the resulting deviant behavior (arson for profit) are not simply mirrored in literature, but subsumed by previously existing thematic constellations.

Decade of Disaster

A most famous last man appeared in a Twilight Zone episode starring Burgess
Meredith as an ineffectual bank teller with a passion for reading , unable to do so
at home because his wife cruelly scribbled in his books . ' He hid in the bank vault

Author: Professor of English and American Studies Ann Larabee


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Lifeboat ethics -- Sarcophagus -- Radioactive body politics -- Oil and water -- The Bhopal effect.

Disaster and Society

... to a smaller role for the bureaucracy , has given birth to what some are already
calling a “ parallel government " . The bureaucracy ' s favorite pastime committee
- naming - is being pursued with a passion . Three toplevel “ supercommissions ...

Author: José da Cruz


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The Lusitania Disaster

... the famous Cunard Company . Morgan ' s maneuvers threatened Britain ' s
prestige as well as her profitable shipping business . Wealthy travelers have a
passion for the fastest and most luxurious forms of transportation , as
manufacturers of ...

Author: Thomas Andrew Bailey


ISBN: UOM:39015027233454

Category: History

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A detailed account of the sensational U-boat sinking of the British passenger liner in 1915, exploring background causes and contexts, questions of cargo, conspiracy, and controversy, and the subsequent legends and stories


Harry loved engines with a passion , having grown up assembling ( and
disassembling ) his uncle ' s motors in the large garage in Surrey . From cars
Harry had moved up to planes when he joined the Royal Air Force . All too
quickly , however ...

Author: E. W. Leroe

Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children

ISBN: 0786814039

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First-person survivor accounts of three disasters, the 1914 shipwreck of the Empress of Ireland, the 1928 crash of the airship Italia, and the 1930 crash of the dirigible R-101.

The Politics of Disaster

Southern Baptist volunteer coordinator Bob Reccord explained , “ For people
who are employed with disaster relief , it is to some degree a job . For volunteer
faith - based people , it is a passion and a sense of calling . ” Reccord also spoke
of ...

Author: Marvin N. Olasky

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc

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Examines why the government failed those left stranded in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and discusses the importance of churches and the private sector in responding to major disasters.

The Sylmar Tunnel Disaster

The sight of Carter ' s body had not discouraged them , but seemed to fill them
with a furious energy — a passion to get into the tunnel , to reach their friends , to
save someone just to prove that the evidence of Carter ' s body meant nothing .

Author: Janette Zavattero


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Disaster Information

By Session 5 , the children had developed a passion . ate and possesive
attachment to the investigator . They were also strongly involved in the session .
They seemed to want to put order in the untidy and capricious disaster by killing
off ...



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