Dictatorship in Newfoundland

... sale of frozen, 12 1-3 Cod oils, 118 Codfishery, 16, 49 et seq.; Newfoundland's competitors in, 22, 36, 88, 90, 96, 106-7, 124; no longer a possible economic mainstay, 23, 43, 64, 75, 108, 124-5; Royal Commission reports on, 41, 65.

Author: Thomas Lodge

Publisher: London ; Toronto : Cassell

ISBN: UOM:39015023153748

Category: Newfoundland

Page: 273

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Thomas Lodge was appointed by the British Government as Public Utilities Commissioner to Newfoundland's Commission of Government in 1934. In this book, Lodge explains the causes of Newfoundland's economic and social troubles which then necessitated creating Commission of Government, and how the Commission worked. He also recommended remedies for the conditions in Newfoundland and ways in which the Commission itself could achieve better success as a government.

Twentieth century Newfoundland

Initially artillery recruits went into the 57th ( Newfoundland ) Heavy Regiment , Royal Artillery . From November , 1941 , however , there were two distinctly Newfoundland Regiments — the 59th ( Newfoundland ) Heavy Regiment , Royal ...

Author: James Hiller

Publisher: Breakwater Books

ISBN: 1550810723

Category: History

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Twentieth Century Newfoundland: Explorations brings together ten papers by eight well-known historians of Newfoundland and Labrador. The papers address a wide variety of subject matter and open many avenues for further research. The book concludes with an extensive bibliography on the Newfoundland and Labrador in the Twentieth century. This bibliography is organized by topic and will serve the needs of the general reader and specialists alike. Twentieth Century Newfoundland: Explorations highlight the scope and complexity of present day writing about the history of Newfoundland and Labrador. James Hiller, Professor of History at Memorial University and author of a number of articles on Newfoundland in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Peter Neary, Professor of History at the University of Weste Ontario and the author of Newfoundland in the North Atlantic World, 1929-1949(1998).

Rural Transformation and Newfoundland and Labrador Diaspora

St. John's, NL: ISER (Institute of Social and Economic Studies) Books, Memorial University of Newfoundland. Baldacchino, Godfrey, Greenwood, Rob, & Felt, Lawrence (2009). “Geography, Governance, and Development: Challenges Facing the ...

Author: Amarjit Singh

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789462093027

Category: Education

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This book is endorsed by Dr. Clar Doyle in his preface to this book. Dr. Doyle is very well known locally. This book is about the contemporary life of grandparents in Newfoundland and Labrador – a geographically isolated and culturally unique rural region of Canada. The book can be used for courses in the areas of critical social work, family studies, gerontology, nursing, rural development, critical pedagogy, and diaspora studies. Clar Doyle, Professor of Education, Memorial University of Newfoundland, and member of the Founding Scholars Advisory Board, The Paulo and Nita Freire International Project for Critical Pedagogy. “This book offers a platform not only to look in on the lives of vital grandparents but paints, in broad strokes, a mural of coming, changing, as well as challenging cultural and social settings.... In what the astute editors ....call “small nuanced studies” we find telling narratives of generational connections in the face of changing and challenging odds....This book does a great service to the concept of diaspora, as well as to the changing nature of that concept... This book elevates the status of grandparents by positioning them as vital members of a complex and challenging society where their skills, gifts, and sheer presence are most formative.... As is strongly advocated in this book, it is essential that educators, curriculum developers, and teachers appreciate the place of grandparents in their students’ lives.”

Sport in Vancouver and Newfoundland

Notwithstanding my resolve that the Vancouver trip should be my last one, the call of the wild was once more too strong, and the summer of 1910 found me planning an expedition to Newfoundland. I think J. G. Millais' charming book ...

Author: John Rogers




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Example in this ebook CHAPTER I TO VANCOUVER ISLAND From the day I read in the Field Sir Richard Musgrave's article, "A seventy-pound salmon with rod and line," and located the river as the Campbell River, I determined that should the opportunity arise, I, too, would try my luck in those waters. Subsequent articles in the Field, which appeared from time to time, only increased my desire, and the summer of 1908 found me in a position to start on the trip to which I had so long looked forward. Living in Egypt, the land of eternal glare and sunshine, I counted the days till I could rest my eyes on the ever-green forests of Vancouver Island. My intention was to arrive in Vancouver about the end of July, spend the month of August, when the great tyee salmon run, at the Campbell River, and pass September, when the shooting season begins, in hunting for wapiti in the primeval forests which clothe the north of Vancouver Island. I also hoped, should time permit, to have a try for a Rocky Mountain goat, and possibly a bear on the Mainland. I sailed from Southampton on July 10, on the Deutschland, the magnificent steamer of the Hamburg-American Line, and never did I travel in greater luxury. The voyage across the Atlantic is always dull and monotonous; it was therefore with great relief that, having passed Sandy Hook in the early morning, I found myself approaching New York on the 16th. Here I was to have a new experience. I am, I hope, a modest man, and never dreamt that I was worthy of becoming the prey of the American interviewer. The fact of being a Pasha in Egypt, a rank which I attained when serving in the Egyptian Army, was my undoing. A kind German friend who had used his good offices on my behalf with the Board of the Hamburg-American Line, gave the show away, for I found myself on the printed passenger list figuring as Sir John Rogers Pasha. To the American interviewer, a Pasha was, I presume, a novelty, and the opportunity of torturing one not to be forgone, for as soon as we came alongside the quay at Hoboken, a pleasant and well-spoken individual came up to me and, raising his hat, remarked, "The Pasha I believe. Welcome to America." I then realized what I was in for. Had I been a witness in the box, I could not have undergone a more merciless cross-examination. It was almost on a par with a declaration I had to make for the Immigration Authorities—giving my age, where I was born, who were my father and mother, when did they die, what was the colour of my hair and eyes, and lastly, had I ever been in prison, and if so, for what offence? I really think New York might spare its visitors this ordeal. Wriggle as I could, my interviewer was determined to obtain copy, and though I insisted that the title of "Pasha" had been entered on the passenger list by mistake, and that it was one not intended for exportation, he was not to be satisfied. Giving as few details as possible as to how I had obtained my exalted title, I eventually shook off my persecutor. No sooner had I moved a few steps away, than if possible a more plausible person expressed the great pleasure it gave him to welcome me to New York, and endeavoured to impress on me that it was a duty I owed to myself and to the American nation, not only to explain what a "Pasha" was and how I became a Pasha, but also to allow my photograph to be taken, which he guaranteed would appear the following day in his paper—naturally the leading journal of New York. To be continue in this ebook

Newfoundland and Labrador

'Great Britain and the Future of Newfoundland, 1939–45.' Newfoundland Studies 1, 1 (1985): 29–56. – 'The Bradley Report on Logging Operations in Newfoundland, 1934: A Suppressed Document.' Labour/Le Travail 16 (1985): 193–232.

Author: Sean Thomas Cadigan

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802082473

Category: History

Page: 363

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Examining the region from prehistoric times to the present, Newfoundland and Labrador is not only a comprehensive history of the province, but an illuminating portrait of the Atlantic world and European colonisation of the Americas.

Trails and Tramps in Alaska and Newfoundland

In the spring I hadmadeallpreparations fora tripto Newfoundland, and arrived atNorthSidneytotakethe steamer Bruce for Port auxBasques.Walkingintothe offices of the company upon the dock to make arrangements for my passage, my attention ...

Author: William S. Thomas

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 9781465571533

Category: Alaska

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Retrenchment and Regeneration in Rural Newfoundland

Changing Self - image : Studying Menopausal Women in a Newfoundland Fishing Village . ' In Tony Whitehead and Mary Ellen Conaway , eds . , Self , Sex and Gender in Anthropological Fieldwork , 24–62 . Urbana : University of Illinois ...

Author: Reginald Byron

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802084133

Category: Social Science

Page: 267

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Set against the background of momentous economic changes over the last decade, Retrenchment and Regeneration in Rural Newfoundland examines the economic, political, and social circumstances that have led to the current crisis in rural Newfoundland. In this timely collection, ten social scientists explore how outporters are coping with uncertainty, the choices that they are now confronting, and the consequences of these choices in terms of their capacity to sustain livelihoods into the next generation and beyond. Offering both general overviews and specific case studies drawn from recent research, Retrenchment and Regeneration in Rural Newfoundland provides insight into the moral and political economy of Newfoundland, the background to the collapse of the fish stocks, and the effects of the crisis on outporter's occupational choices and migration decisions. Rich in detail and thought-provoking ideas, this collection is the first to examine the interconnected problems and opportunities in rural Newfoundland in light of global economic and social changes.

Dictionary of Newfoundland English

First published in 1982 to international acclaim, the Dictionary of Newfoundland English introduced the world to an incredibly rich dialect with deep roots in Ireland and the English West Country.

Author: George Morley Story

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802068197

Category: Reference

Page: 770

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First published in 1982 to international acclaim, the Dictionary of Newfoundland English introduced the world to an incredibly rich dialect with deep roots in Ireland and the English West Country.

The Voice of Newfoundland

A Social History of the Broadcasting Corporation of Newfoundland, 1939-1949 Jeffrey Allison Webb. September 1943, for example, Davies read a letter in which a seaman informed his family in Newfoundland that he was now the father of a ...

Author: Jeffrey Allison Webb

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802098207

Category: History

Page: 272

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The Voice of Newfoundland studies cultural and political changes in Newfoundland from 1939 to 1949 by taking a close look at the Broadcasting Corporation of Newfoundland's radio programming and the responses of their listeners.

Newfoundland Portfolio

Ms. Butt had known the early Newfoundland author Margaret Duley and in the ' 60s she read Ionesco , Becket and Pinter . Ms. Butt was also a strong anti - confederate and a Newfoundland nationalist . Ms. Butt was also an ardent feminist ...

Author: Joan Sullivan

Publisher: Breakwater Books

ISBN: 1894377222

Category: Newfoundland and Labrador

Page: 181

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This work represents trailblazing artists, dedicated activists, innovative entrepreneurs - people who made their mark through their work or their calling. It includes long-loved eccentrics and exceptional young adults who met with tragedy, as well as those who happened on momentous events and those who were swept along by them. Together they touch on a myriad of incidents and adventures significant to the politics, industry and culture of this province, our country and the world, and leave the gift and legacy of their work and ideals.

Unanticipated Inflation and Unemployment in Canada Ontario and Newfoundland

Author: William Craig Riddell


ISBN: STANFORD:36105128635369

Category: Inflation (Finance)

Page: 107

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"This report discusses the estimation of the natural (or noninflationary) unemployment rate in both a national and a regional context, and presents estimates of the natural rate for Canada, Ontario and Newfoundland over the 1955-78 period"--Introd., p. [1].

Statutes of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador. CAP . XV . An Act to repeal an Act passed in the thirty - eighth year of the Reign of Her present Majesty , chapter twenty - one , entitled “ The Methodist Incorporation and Trusts Act , 1875 , and for other ...

Author: Newfoundland and Labrador


ISBN: UOM:35112101872135

Category: Law


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Let s Visit Newfoundland and Labrador

24.; _ 'Teacher lnpuT Suggestions l lnlroduciion: The province of Newfoundland and Labrador could be lnfroduced in any of The following ways. a) Use a good film, filmsfrip or video abouT Newfoundland and Labrador To arouse sTudenT ...

Author: Melanie Komar

Publisher: S&S Learning Materials

ISBN: 9781550353730

Category: Creative activities and seat work

Page: 97

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New Brunswick is one of Canada's Maritime provinces. It is surrounded by 2000 kilometres of coastline! Learn about the natural wonders of New Brunswick as you explore this unique Canadian province with your students. This book highlights the history, land, industry, animals, symbols and interesting places found in New Brunswick. Additional activities in reading comprehension, word study, creative writing, mapping and research are also included, with a reproducible student booklet and answer key. 105 pages.

Dunnage Melange and Subduction of the Protacadic Ocean Northeast Newfoundland

——1966, Comparison of the lower Paleozoic volcanic and non-volcanic belts in Nevada and Newfoundland: Canadian Petroleum Geology Bull., v. 25, p. 579-599. ——1967, Stratigraphy and structure of northeast Newfoundland bearing on drift in ...

Author: Marshall Kay

Publisher: Geological Society of America

ISBN: 9780813721750

Category: Geology

Page: 49

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Newfoundland and Labrador Days

10 11 The term “ lavrador ” means husbandman ( a small land holder ) , ploughman or farmer . In 1500 , a Portuguese lavrador ... Earlier , in 1498 , he reportedly charted the coast from Greenland to Newfoundland with John Cabot .

Author: Howard Maxwell Harvey

Publisher: Breakwater Books

ISBN: 0921692773

Category: Calendars

Page: 192

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Fluorspar Mines of Newfoundland

St Lawrence Corporation of Newfoundland Limited and St Lawrence Fluorspar Inc: A Report on Application for Financial Assistance. 1950. Centre for Newfoundland Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland. Peckford, Hon A. Brian.

Author: John R. Martin

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773586819

Category: History

Page: 208

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In the early 1930s a rich deposit of fluorspar, a mineral used in the production of aluminum, steel, non-stick coatings, and fire retardant clothing, was discovered on the southern tip of Newfoundland. Two mines were established and by mid-century were major employers in St Lawrence. In the 1950s physician Cyril Walsh noticed a marked increase in cases of cancer in the miners. By the late 1960s nearly twenty percent of St Lawrence households had lost a family member to lung cancer. John Martin tells the history of Newfoundland's fluorspar mines from their founding to the last shipment of fluorspar in 1990 and declaration of bankruptcy a year later. He focuses on the health hazards experienced by the miners, and how the mining companies, workers, governments, and health services came to terms with the unfolding human tragedy. He also covers such matters as the improvement of methods for dust quantification and radiation surveillance in the mines, battles for compensation, and the influence of the St Lawrence case on the development of labour law in the province. Martin's compelling history takes on new significance as the mines are set to reopen with the support of the provincial government and renewed confidence in the community due to modern ventilation technology and vigilant monitoring.