A New History of British Documentary

A New History of British Documentary is the first comprehensive overview of documentary production in Britain from early film to the present day.

Author: James Chapman

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 0230392865

Category: History

Page: 344

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Documentary was once described as 'Britain's outstanding contribution to the film', though most accounts have focused narrowly on the group of film-makers associated with the movement's figurehead, John Grierson. A New History of British Documentary looks at the subject afresh and offers the first comprehensive overview of documentary from early film to the present day. James Chapman argues that the privileging of Grierson and the documentary movement of the 1930s in most standard histories has eclipsed the rich tradition of non-fiction film-making that existed in Britain during the silent period. It has also led many commentators to regard the period after the Second World War as a period of stagnation and decline for documentary. Chapman suggests instead that a full assessment of documentary's place in British film and television history should also consider pre- and post-Grierson documentary and the extent to which documentary practice has adapted in response to changing institutional and ideological contexts. A New History of British Documentary not only offers a balanced assessment of the achievements of the documentary movement but also considers the place of alternative and oppositional documentary practices in British film and television culture.

A New History of Documentary Film

British Cinema in the Second World War. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1986. Aitken,
Ian, ed., The Documentary Film Movement: An Anthology. Edinburgh: Edinburgh
University Press, 1998. Arts Enquiry, The, The Factual Film. London: Oxford ...

Author: Betsy A. McLane

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781441189981

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 456

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A New History of Documentary Film, Second Edition offers a much-needed resource, considering the very rapid changes taking place within documentary media. Building upon the best-selling 2005 edition, Betsy McLane keeps the same chronological examination, factual reliability, ease of use and accessible prose style as before, while also weaving three new threads - Experimental Documentary, Visual Anthropology and Environmental/Nature Films - into the discussion. She provides emphasis on archival and preservation history, present practices, and future needs for documentaries. Along with preservation information, specific problems of copyright and fair use, as they relate to documentary, are considered. Finally, A History of Documentary Film retains and updates the recommended readings and important films and the end of each chapter from the first edition, including the bibliography and appendices. Impossible to talk learnedly about documentary film without an audio-visual component, a companion website will increase its depth of information and overall usefulness to students, teachers and film enthusiasts.

A New History of Documentary Film

The other is that if it is thought of as an artistic movement, as it can be, British
documentary is remarkable within the history of twentieth-century art movements
for lasting some twenty years, its influence spreading internationally and
extending ...

Author: Jack C. Ellis

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0826417515

Category: Performing Arts

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This history of documentary film concentrates mainly on the output of the film industries in the US, the UK and Canada. The authors outline the origins of the form and trace its development over the next several decades. Each chapter concludes with a list of the key documentaries in that time period or genre.

Introduction to Film

Nick Broomeld's rst lm, Who Cares (UK, 1971), a short, documents residents'
dismay about being moved out of their community ... Chapman, J. (2015) A New
History of British Documentary, Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Author: Nick Lacey

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 9781137463869

Category: Performing Arts

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Movie watching has never been so wide-ranging or so popular. The rise of Internet-based video on demand has transformed the way films are distributed and exhibited, with many previously unobtainable and obscure films becoming available for global audiences to view instantly. The second edition of this concise yet complete introduction to film responds to these shifts in the medium, while continuing to address all of the main approaches that continue to inform film studies. This new edition also: • reflects the increasing importance of production contexts in chapters that focus exclusively on the film business, distribution and exhibition • represents the significance of transnational cinema, moving away from Western-centric perspectives of film and drawing on a more global, non-Hollywood range of film examples and case studies from Europe, Asia and Latin America • is now illustrated with a wider variety of film stills, representing world cinema from the classics to the latest in contemporary cinema. Interweaving historical and current theoretical approaches, Nick Lacey presents a tightly-focused and coherent overview of a discipline in transition. With its original narrative line and student-oriented philosophy, the second edition continues to enrich students' appreciation of cinema, while equipping them with the essential skills and vocabulary to succeed in film studies. This is an ideal foundational text for all students and enthusiasts of cinema.

Cambridge Cultural History of Britain Volume 9 Modern Britain

Classic British film has tended to come in shades of grey : documentary in the
thirties ; David Lean , Carol Reed and Olivier's Hamlet in the forties ; Ealing
comedy , Free Cinema , the New Wave of the sixties . The emotions are grey too

Author: Boris Ford

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521428890

Category: Art

Page: 362

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This book is a comprehensive survey for students, specialists and general readers of all major branches of the arts in early Britain. It also reveals the cultural and social setting in which writers, musicians, architects and other artists of the period worked.

New Challenges for Documentary

34 Dramatised Documentary Leslie Woodhead Leslie Woodhead has long been
regarded as one of Britain's most ... from films on Ethiopia in the Disappearing
World series to acting as Executive Producer on a history of British television .

Author: Alan Rosenthal

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 0719068991

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 507

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Publisher Description

How to Read a Film

Expanded Cinema . New York : Dutton , 1970 . New directions ; the cinematic
forms of the future . Recommended . 4E . FILM HISTORY : THE DOCUMENTARY
Aldgate , Anthony . Cinema & History : British Newsreels and the Spanish Civil
War ...

Author: James Monaco

Publisher: New York : Oxford University Press

ISBN: UOM:39015011591644

Category: Film criticism

Page: 533

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Now thoroughly revised and updated, the book discusses recent breakthroughs in media technology, including such exciting advances as video discs and cassettes, two-way television, satellites, cable and much more.

A New History of Ireland Volume VII

The British state and the Ulster crisis: from Wilson to Thatcher. London, 1985.
Bowman, John. ... London, 2000. Buckland, Patrick. Irish unionism, 1885–1923: a
documentary history. Belfast ... Dublin and New York, 1973. —The history of
Ulster ...

Author: J. R. Hill

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191615597

Category: History

Page: 1254

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A New History of Ireland is the largest scholarly project in modern Irish history. In 9 volumes, it provides a comprehensive new synthesis of modern scholarship on every aspect of Irish history and prehistory, from the earliest geological and archaeological evidence, through the Middle Ages, down to the present day. Volume VII covers a period of major significance in Ireland's history. It outlines the division of Ireland and the eventual establishment of the Irish Republic. It provides comprehensive coverage of political developments, north and south, as well as offering chapters on the economy, literature in English and Irish, the Irish language, the visual arts, emigration and immigration, and the history of women. The contributors to this volume, all specialists in their field, provide the most comprehensive treatment of these developments of any single-volume survey of twentieth-century Ireland.

The British Documentary Film Movement 1926 1946

CHAPTER VITI Conclusion Writing a national cinema history for any country
involves special difficulties for the historian . This is particularly true when dealing
with an explicitly national school of film claiming responsibility for a whole genre
of ...

Author: Paul Swann

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521334799

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 216

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Paul Swann's study is a political and social history of the documentary film movement led by John Grierson in the 1930s and 1940s.

Signs of Life

London : CCHE . Corrigan , P. ( 1983 ) ' Film entertainment as ideology and
pleasure : a preliminary approach to a history of audiences ' , in J. Curran and V.
Porter ( eds ) British Cinema History : London : Wiedenfeld and Nicolson , 24–35

Author: Graeme Harper

Publisher: Wallflower Press

ISBN: 1904764169

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 178

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Signs of Life: Medicine and Cinema is the first single volume to consider the cinematic representation of medicine, medical science and the medical profession, and explores the political implications of the representations of doctors, nurses, patients, diseases and disabilities. The essays in this collection, from a wide range of film scholars and medical practitioners, also consider how formal qualities of cinema such as empirical observation, mise-en-sc'ne, propaganda and education, melodrama, documentary and narrative construction impact on our understanding of medical procedures and the public image of medicine.

Public History

For example, AlMurray, though he studied history at college, is better known
asastandup comedian inthe UK, and presented ... Documentaries have benefited
historians, enabling the production and collectionof new historical
researchoutside ...

Author: Faye Sayer

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472506498

Category: History

Page: 272

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Public History: A Practical Guide explores history in the public sphere and examines the variety of skills that historians require in the practice of public history. It discusses how through various mediums of interpretation and presentation a range of actors, which include museums, archives, government agencies, community history societies and the media and digital media, make history accessible to a wider audience. It provides the reader with an overview of the wider-world application and communication of history beyond the classroom through core case studies for each sector that include ideas for best practice 'in the field'. This book offers an accessible and engaging synopsis of a topic that has not previously been covered. By focusing on an area of study that has changed substantially in the last decade, Public History: A Practical Guide presents a comprehensive outline of the practice of 'public history', and provides ideas for future methodological approaches as well as a reference point for planning professional development in order to gain future employment in these sectors. In the current economic climate, students need to understand the potential use of history beyond university; this book contains the tools and advice needed for them to get one step ahead in terms of knowledge, skills and experience.

Muriel Rukeyser and Documentary

Price, Frederic Newlin, Ryder [1847-1917]: A Study of Appreciation (New York:
William Edwin Rudge, 1932) Prins, Harald ... Paul, Documentary Diary: An
Informal History of the British Documentary Film, 1928-1939 (New York: Hill 86
Wang, ...

Author: Catherine Gander

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748670550

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 256

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Provides a new perspective on the documentary diversity of Muriel Rukeyser's work and influencesWinner of the inaugural Peggy O'Brien Book Prize of the Irish Association for American Studies (IAAS)

Humphrey Jennings and British Documentary Film A Re assessment

A new film was lined up: 'a very exciting subject which I will tell you later when all
is settled [and] Dal[rymple] has been full of ... Anticipated at 'second feature'
length, the film was to consider the history of 'Combined Operations' by the Royal

Author: Mr Philip C Logan

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409482284

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 400

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Humphrey Jennings ranks amongst the greatest film makers of twentieth century Britain. Although a relatively unknown figure to the wider public, his war-time documentaries are regarded by many (including Lord Puttnam, Lindsay Anderson and Mike Leigh) as amongst the finest films of their time. Groundbreaking both in terms of their technique and their interest in, and respect for, the everyday experiences of ordinary people, these films are much more than mere government propaganda. Instead, Jennings work offers an unparalleled window into the British home-front, and the hopes, fears and expectations of a nation fighting for its survival. Yet until now, Jennings has remained a shadowy figure; with his life and work lacking the sustained scholarly investigation and reassessment they deserve. As such film and social historians will welcome this new book which provides an up-to-date and thorough exploration of the relationships between Jennings life, ideas and films. Arguing that Jennings's film output can be viewed as part of a coherent intellectual exercise rather than just one aspect of the artistic interests of a wide ranging intellectual, Philip Logan, paints a much fuller and more convincing picture of the man than has previously been possible. He shows for the first time exactly how Jennings's artistic expression was influenced by the fundamental intellectual, social and cultural changes that shook British society during the first decades of the twentieth century. Combining biography, social history and international artistic thought, the book offers a fascinating insight into Jennings, his work, the wider British documentary film movement and the interaction between art and propaganda. Bringing together assessments of his tragically short life and his films this book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in British cinema or the social history of Britain in the 1930s and 40s.

The History of British Women s Writing 1610 1690

Boyle's phrase is telling: althoughthe inclusion of women in British sciencemay
have lessened the emphasison'Man', itis not ... Ania Loomba andJonathan
Burton, eds,Race in Early Modern England:A Documentary Companion (New
York: ...

Author: M. Suzuki

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230305502

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 339

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During the seventeenth century, in response to political and social upheavals such as the English Civil Wars, women produced writings in both manuscript and print. This volume represents recent scholarship that has uncovered new texts as well as introduced new paradigms to further our understanding of women's literary history during this period.

The Cambridge History of British Theatre

No other British collective got nearer than Theatre Workshop to Piscator'
s1929account of epic documentary theatre: 'In lieu of ... 4 Paul Fussell, The Great
War and Modern Memory (Oxford 397 I7 - Case study: Theatre Workshop's Oh
What a ...

Author: Baz Kershaw

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521651325

Category: Drama

Page: 598

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Explores the rich and complex histories of English, Scottish and Welsh theatres in the 'long' twentieth century since 1895.

The History of British Women s Writing 1920 1945

published in Harper's Bazaar, Holden's private diaries and Second World War
documentary fictions focus on women's experience. 24 However, in contrast to
her writing of the mid1930s, Holden's private and public writings of the early
1940s ...

Author: M. Joannou

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137292179

Category: Social Science

Page: 316

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Featuring sixteen contributions from recognized authorities in their respective fields, this superb new mapping of women's writing ranges from feminine middlebrow novels to Virginia Woolf's modernist aesthetics, from women's literary journalism to crime fiction, and from West End drama to the literature of Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

A History Of British Serial Killing

... the FBI (New York: Simon & Schuster). Details about David Morley have been
constructed from newspaper accounts and from the website www.david-morley.
co.uk. I benefited from acting as a consultant on the Channel 4 documentary
about ...

Author: David Wilson

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780748111725

Category: True Crime

Page: 256

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Expanded and updated, this is the definitive history of British serial killing 1888-2020 - by the UK's leading expert, David Wilson In this fascinating and informative book, Professor David Wilson tells the stories of Britain's serial killers from Jack the Ripper to the extraordinary Suffolk Murders case. David Wilson has worked as a Prison Governor and as a profiler, and has been described as the UK's leading expert on serial killers. His work has led him to meet several of the UK's deadliest killers, and build up fascinating insights into what makes a serial killer - and who they are most likely to target. A vivid narrative history and a call for prison and social reform, Professor Wilson's new book is a powerful and gripping investigation of Britain's serial murderers.

The Historical Film

This article argues that through the medium of television , history documentaries
have come a long way — that history on ... to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the
outbreak of World War I and to help launch a new channel in Britain — BBC2 .

Author: Marcia Landy

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0485300966

Category: Philosophy

Page: 350

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This aims to show how media critics and historians have written about history as portrayed in cinema and television by historical films and documentaries, focusing on what it means to "read" films historically and the colonial experience as shown in post-colonial film.

The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature

The catalogue , Films for universities , British Universities Film Council , 1968 ,
should be consulted . Lescarboura , A . C ... 1935 ; tr New York 1938 ( as The
history of motion pictures ) . Lye , L . and L . Riding . Film - making . Epilogue i
1935 .

Author: George Watson

Publisher: CUP Archive


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 19

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More than fifty specialists have contributed to this new edition of volume 4 of The Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature. The design of the original work has established itself so firmly as a workable solution to the immense problems of analysis, articulation and coordination that it has been retained in all its essentials for the new edition. The task of the new contributors has been to revise and integrate the lists of 1940 and 1957, to add materials of the following decade, to correct and refine the bibliographical details already available, and to re-shape the whole according to a new series of conventions devised to give greater clarity and consistency to the entries.

British Cinema Past and Present

None the less they remain a useful way of organising and analysing British
cinema history. ... Lowenstein compares the ways in which Jack Clayton's
seminal New Wave film, Room at the Top (1959) and Michael Powell's once
critically reviled ...

Author: Justine Ashby

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135125080

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 408

View: 735


British Cinema: Past and Present responds to the commercial and critical success of British film in the 1990s. Providing a historical perspective to the contemporary resurgence of British cinema, this unique anthology brings together leading international scholars to investigate the rich diversity of British film production, from the early sound period of the 1930s to the present day. The contributors address: * British Cinema Studies and the concept of national cinema * the distribution and reception of British films in the US and Europe * key genres, movements and cycles of British cinema in the 1940s, 50s and 60s * questions of authorship and agency, with case studies of individual studios, stars, producers and directors * trends in British cinema, from propaganda films of the Second World War to the New Wave and the 'Swinging London' films of the Sixties * the representation of marginalised communities in films such as Trainspotting and The Full Monty * the evolution of social realism from Saturday Night, Sunday Morning to Nil By Mouth * changing approaches to Northern Ireland and the Troubles in films like The Long Good Friday and Alan Clarke's Elephant * contemporary 'art' and 'quality' cinema, from heritage drama to the work of Peter Greenaway, Derek Jarman, Terence Davies and Patrick Keiller.