The Religious Thought of Hasidism

The generation ( that wandered ] in the desert , for they were privileged to receive the Torah . ... Sanhedrin 44a , “ The myrtle , even though it stands among reeds , is still a myrtle and is called a myrtle .

Author: Norman Lamm

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It provides a detailed sketch of the historical background of the early Hasidic movement and charts its central ideas within the wider intellectual and historical context of Jewish religious and mystical thought."--BOOK JACKET.

Jewish Church

Actually, Halacha practice among Messianic Jews produces the effect precisely opposite to that envisaged by Kinzer. ... “A myrtle, though it stands, among reeds, is still a myrtle” and the many myrtles that exist throughout the world ...

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For two millennia calling oneself a Jew and confessing Jesus-Christ was perceived as nonsense. This is no longer the case. Jewish believers in Christ - "Messianics", Catholics, Orthodox, and so forth - are now reclaiming their Jewish identity. Jewish Church is about imagining what their home in the Church would look like.

Israel My Inheritance

Let me say that I am in complete agreement with several justices at the highest level of the rabbinic court who have ruled that a ... the very identity of a myrtle tree standing among reeds, anymore than any action of men, self-action, ...

Author: Raymond Robert Fischer

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In this narrative nonfiction, Israel My Inheritance, author, theologian and born-again Jew Raymond Robert Fischer traces the non-fictional history of religious discrimination and persecution imposed upon Jewish believers in Yeshua from the first century to modern times. Follow the intriguing story of Hannah Miles Silberman and her family, from the Holocaust to contemporary Israel. This compelling story, comprised of fictional and non-fictional characters, details historically accurate events. Throughout Hannah's story, nonfiction segments are interweaved, providing the real-life backdrop for the story.

A Myrtle Among Reeds

This book is essential reading for every Jew, and for all who are interested in Judaism, or the act of prayer in any form. No religious school classroom should be without it.

Author: David Prashker


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"A Myrtle Among Reeds" is a highly personal account of the nature and history of Jewish prayer, rooted in the author's 25 years of experience as a head of Jewish schools, and as a regular prayer-leader. From getting out of bed until the end of Shacharit, Prashker takes the reader on a journey through the whys and hows and whats of every Jewish prayer: their origins, their practices and their different purposes. This scholarly commentary is driven by one guiding question: if the Judaism that has existed for the past 2,000 years was consciously established as a "substitute for the time of exile" by the Talmudic Rabbis, because the Jews had lost their sovereignty in the land of Israel and the Temple was destroyed, why are Jews still "playing the substitute" when the exile has ended? Prashker offers a challenge to traditional Jews, and to those who count themselves as liberal, modern and progressive as well, to re-think Jewish prayer and practice in the light of the establishment of the State of Israel. This book is essential reading for every Jew, and for all who are interested in Judaism, or the act of prayer in any form. No religious school classroom should be without it. "The Day of Atonement," exploring the prayers and rituals of Yom Kippur, provides a sister-volume to "A Myrtle Among Reeds."


In the Talmud, Rabbi Abba bar Zabda sees a fine point in God's words to Joshua. ... And Rabbi Abba continued: "As people say, a myrtle that is found among the reeds is still a myrtle, and it is still called a myrtle.

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When Leon Wieseltier’s father died in March 1996, he began to observe the rituals of the traditional year of mourning, going daily to the synagogue to recite the Kaddish. Between his prayers and his everyday responsibilities, he sought out ancient, medieval and modern Jewish tests in pursuit of the Kaddish’s history and meaning. And every day he studied, translated and wrote his own reflections on the obscure texts that he found, punctuating his journal with stories about life in his synagogue and his family’s progress through grief. In reflecting upon the fate of his father and of his people, he wrestles with problems of loss and faith, the meaning of tradition, freedom and determinism, and the perplexity of rational religion. ‘Leon Wieseltier’s Kaddish, a poignant book prompted by his year of mourning for a particular death, the death of his father, is a contradictory but illuminating journey . . . a profound quest for the origins of the Kaddish prayer’ Daily Telegraph ‘Much more than a personal memoir . . . he speaks wisely about the most important things: about meaning and loss; about death and life; about the nature of ritual and tradition . . . Submitting oneself to [Kaddish’s] process, one discovers that, like the best novels and poems, it illuminates the world’ Times Literary Supplement

A Treasury of Jewish Quotations

MYRTLE 570.1 A myrtle among reeds is still a myrtle. Proverb. q Abba b. Zabda. Talmud: Sanhedrin, 44a. 571. MYSTERY 571.1 The secret things belong to the Lord our God. Bible: Deut., 29.28. 571.2 There are three things which are too ...

Author: Joseph L. Baron

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The quotations contained in this monumental volume consist of aphorisms, maxims, proverbs, and comments of Jewish authorship or on Jewish themes. Here is a rich treasury compiled from over 2,500 years of Jewish writings–from the Talmud, the Mishnah, the Zohar, and the Bible, through excerpts from Rashi, Maimonides, the Baal Shem Tov, as well as Spinoza, Disraeli, Herzl, Freud, Einstein, and many others. For more than forty years Dr. Joseph L. Baron, the eminent Jewish scholar, gathered material for this work, mining all the great treasuries of classic Jewish literature. The result is this magnificent volume, a classic in its own time. Classified according to subject, the quotations are indexed by topic and author. Full source references are given as well as bibliographic data.

The Jewish Political Tradition

This applies not only in the case of a male apostate and a female apostate but even in the case of a gentile [ goy ] ... for " a myrtle standing among reeds is [ nevertheless ] a myrtle and is called a myrtle " ( BT Sanhedrin 44a ) .

Author: Michael Walzer

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"This book launches a landmark four-volume collaborative work exploring the political thought of the Jewish people from biblical times to the present. The texts and commentaries in Volume I address the basic question of who ought to rule the community."--Descripción del editor.

The Talmud

Said R. Abba , " This is in line with what people say : ' A myrtle standing among reeds is still a myrtle and still called a myrtle . ' " “ Yes , they have even transgressed my covenant which I have commanded them , yes , they have even ...

Author: Jacob Neusner

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The Talmud is important because it sets forth the law and theology of Judaism in its authoritative statement, continuing for centuries to attract commentators and forming the curriculum for the culture of Judaism. In these pages, important and representative compositions afford an encounter with this classic, ancient document in its own terms and framework, but in English translation. Examples include the following: Law: "An Eye for an Eye" Bavli Baba Qamma 8:1/83b-84b; "In the case of anything of which I am liable to take care, I am deemed to render possible whatever damage it may do" Bavli Baba Qamma 1:2/9b-11a; "He who steals food and feeds what he stole to his children, or left it to them

Essential Figures in the Talmud

He made an analogy to “a myrtle, [which] though it stands among reeds, still is [and is called] a myrtle” (Sanh. 44a). Delivering a sermon on a public fast day, Abba bar Zavda exhorted those wishing to repent to correct their evil ways.

Author: Ronald L. Eisenberg

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In Essential Figures in the Talmud, Dr. Ronald L. Eisenberg explains the importance of the more than 250 figures who are most vital to an understanding and appreciation of Talmudic texts. This valuable reference guide consists of short biographies illustrating the significance of these figures while explaining their points of view with numerous quotations from rabbinic literature. Taking material from the vast expanse of the Talmud and Midrash, this book demonstrates the broad interests of the rabbis whose writings are the foundation of rabbinic Judaism.

The Poet s Ogam A Living Magical Tradition

The Reed appears in Aesop's Fables (600bce) in the story of the Oak tree and the Reed in which the proud and rigid Oak is ... Bog Myrtle it seems was used all over northern Europe in flavouring beer, it has been speculated that it can ...

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I Didn t Know That

more bluntly , “ A myrtle , though it stands among reeds , is still a myrtle ! ” Surely , there must be some restrictions placed on such a Jew ? Yes . He cannot be called to the Torah and , if a Cohen , cannot bless the community ...

Author: Joe Bobker

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Join Joe Bobker in his humorous adventure through Torah and Talmud, history and halacha, law and lore, and much more. This enjoyable volume on Jewish practice and law serves, in the author s words, as an envelope to be opened from time to time in order to learn something new. Packed with nuggets of information, this pithy tome is a lighthearted introduction to the serious business of being Jewish.

Teshuvot for the Nineties

An oft cited passage in the Talmud reads : Rabbi Abba the son of Zavda said , Even though [ an Israelite ] has sinned , he is ... Rabbi Abba said , there is a popular saying : A myrtle , though it stands among reeds , is still a myrtle ...

Author: Central Conference of American Rabbis

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With a blend of the old and new, traditional and modern Reform principles, Rabbis Plaut and Washofsky elucidate issues of the history and practice of Reform Jews. Topics range from synagogue matters to personal life; from guns on temple property to genome research; from private ordinations to apostasy. Topics also include the role of a humanistic congregation in the Reform Movement and the participation of Gentiles in Jewish worship. This is the latest volume in the vast collection of Reform Responsa from the CCAR.

Ancient Jewish Proverbs

A myrtle standing among reeds still retains the name of myrtle (Sanh. 44a; D. 108). The good man remains good and is recognisable as such, even when he is in bad company. A later Jewish moralist, quoted by Dukes, declares: “The wise man ...

Author: Abraham Cohen

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The Cornhill Magazine

This may arise from the prevalence of myrtle in those parts , and I do not know if it is used elsewhere . ... All of them wear an extravagant number of flowers about their person , and their reed huts are often gaily decorated with the ...

Author: William Makepeace Thackeray


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The Works of the Learned Sr Thomas Brown

And Curtius * Symphorianus in * Curtius his description of the Exotick Myrtle , makes it , Folio denfiffimo fenis in ... Though the famous paper Reed of Agypt , be only particularly Rieds in named in Scripture ; yet when Reeds are so ...

Author: Sir Thomas Browne


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Sir Thomas Browne s Works Including His Life and Correspondence Repertorium A letter to a friend Christion morals Certain miscellany tracts Unpublished papers

And Curtius Symphorianus * in his description of the exotic myrtle , makes it folio densissimo senis in ordinem versibus . ... Though the famous paper reed of Egypt be only particularly named in scripture ; yet when reeds are so often ...

Author: Sir Thomas Browne


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Sir Thomas Browne s Works Repertorium A letter to a friend Christian morals Certain miscellany tracts Unpublished papers

And Curtius Symphorianus * in his description of the exotic myrtle , makes it folio densissimo senis in ordinem versibus . ... Though the famous paper reed of Egypt be only particularly named in scripture ; yet when reeds are so often ...

Author: Sir Thomas Browne


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Sir Thomas Browne s Works

And Curtius Symphorianus * in his description of the exotic myrtle , makes it folio densissimo senis in ordinem versibus . ... Though the famous paper reed of Egypt be only particularly named in scripture ; yet when reeds are so often ...

Author: Sir Thomas Browne


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The Devil s Tickets

The prosecutor knew Reed was trying to put Jack Bennett on trial. Myrtle's longtime friend Mrs. E. M. Houston of Memphis testified, “They always seemed greatly in love with each other and got along fine, except when he got ugly.

Author: Gary M. Pomerantz

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Kansas City, 1929: Myrtle and Jack Bennett sit down with another couple for an evening of bridge. As the game intensifies, Myrtle complains that Jack is a “bum bridge player.” For such insubordination, he slaps her hard in front of their stunned guests and announces he is leaving. Moments later, sobbing, with a Colt .32 pistol in hand, Myrtle fires four shots, killing her husband. The Roaring 1920s inspired nationwide fads–flagpole sitting, marathon dancing, swimming-pool endurance floating. But of all the mad games that cheered Americans between the wars, the least likely was contract bridge. As the Barnum of the bridge craze, Ely Culbertson, a tuxedoed boulevardier with a Russian accent, used mystique, brilliance, and a certain madness to transform bridge from a social pastime into a cultural movement that made him rich and famous. In writings, in lectures, and on the radio, he used the Bennett killing to dramatize bridge as the battle of the sexes. Indeed, Myrtle Bennett’s murder trial became a sensation because it brought a beautiful housewife–and hints of her husband’s infidelity–from the bridge table into the national spotlight. James A. Reed, Myrtle’s high-powered lawyer and onetime Democratic presidential candidate, delivered soaring, tear-filled courtroom orations. As Reed waxed on about the sanctity of womanhood, he was secretly conducting an extramarital romance with a feminist trailblazer who lived next door. To the public, bridge symbolized tossing aside the ideals of the Puritans–who referred derisively to playing cards as “the Devil’s tickets”–and embracing the modern age. Ina time when such fearless women as Amelia Earhart, Dorothy Parker, and Marlene Dietrich were exalted for their boldness, Culbertson positioned his game as a challenge to all housebound women. At the bridge table, he insisted, a woman could be her husband’s equal, and more. In the gathering darkness of the Depression, Culbertson leveraged his own ballyhoo and naughty innuendo for all it was worth, maneuvering himself and his brilliant wife, Jo, his favorite bridge partner, into a media spectacle dubbed the Bridge Battle of the Century. Through these larger-than-life characters and the timeless partnership game they played, The Devil’s Tickets captures a uniquely colorful age and a tension in marriage that is eternal.