Backwoods A Collection of Rural Poetry of Love Truth Life and Death

ROW. WE. HOE. Sowing our love in the hills of our home town Another chance for us to turn our lives around For the second time they said it would never last And your family kept reminding you of my wicked past But even thru the heart ...


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Down a Long Cotton Row and the Shadows of Love

cotton down the row to your house for twenty years, and believe me, it's been a long row to hoe. I'm here to tell you the wine oflove is now in the water jug, and that's an end and a beginning. We have new rows to hoe.

Author: Franklin David Richardson

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How Free Is Free

All it mean is you got a long row to hoe and ain't got no plow . Ain't got no seed . Ain't got no mule . What good is freedom if you can't do nothing with it ? — Solly Two Kings , in August Wilson's Gem of the Ocean SHORTLY AFTER the ...

Author: Leon F. Litwack

Publisher: Harvard University Press

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Discusses inequalities that have persisted despite the end of Jim Crow laws, covering the treatment of African American soldiers during World War II and the high incarceration rate of black men.

English Idioms

The management and the trade unions are at loggerheads over the decision to close down the plant. by a long chalk/shot ... She's a bit long in the tooth for a cabaret dancer, isn't she? long row to hoe A difficult task, assignment or ...

Author: Ahmed Abouleel

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Would you like to give a new meanings for your language, do you think you know every thing about english language. OK, Read this book than think again. This book provide vary range of idiom in english arranged in alphabet to easy access. when you reading this book you will rich your english with new meaning and unique touch. Challenge your self and see if you can understand this idiom from the first look.

A Whole Bunch of Words

Well I'm cold and hungry next to the road, and I still have a long, long way to go. I still got a long, long row to hoe. Broke down in south bend Indiana, left my car and thumbed it down the road. That night I slept in and nearly froze ...

Author: Jon Glenn


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Idioms in Compositions

A LONG PROCESS a long row to hoe (kerja yang mengambil masa yang panjang) eaning:M When something is described as a long row to hoe, it is a complicated job to finish and takes a long time to get done. xample:E It is a long row to hoe ...

Author: Rose Latiff

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Idioms and idiomatic expressions classified into topics for easy reference during the writing of compositions. Includes quick translation in BM, description of meanings in English, sample sentences and sample essays.

American Slang

Long row to hoe: a difficult and wearisome task [originated when farmers with horse plows used all their energy to make rows for planting crops]. A law student has a long row to hoe before he can become a good defense lawyer.

Author: Joseph Melillo

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This compilation of American slang contains more than 5,000 common slang terms with easy-to-understand definitions and sample sentences. The book's unique classification of slang terms under key words makes it easy to search for and discover any term. By organizing terms this way, slang terms that share a common key word can be classified together for easy reference. For example, under the key word "Chip," the following terms are alphabetically listed: bargaining chip, blue chip, cash in one's chips, chip in, chip off the old block, chip on one's shoulder, in the chips, let the chips fall where they may, and when the chips are down. Slang terms with more than one key word are also cross-referenced, and sample sentences lend meaning to the slang terms by showing their applications in writing and in conversation.

God Bless America

The first U.S. greenback dollars were printed in 1863 and this term came into use soon after. Long green means “a lot of money,” suggesting green bills laid in a long line, end to end. long row to hoe. Rows in American home gardens ...

Author: Robert Hendrickson

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

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Uncovers the histories and origins of patriotic American words, phrases, and colloquial sayings, providing the definition and background of such phrases as melting pot, Yankee Doodle, Boston baked beans, and whoopee.