A Little Bit of Dirt

Dandelion Bubbles, Rain Drums, Seed Bomb Lollipops and more! Bursting with creative hands-on outdoor science and art activities, A Little Bit of Dirt is full of motivation to get outside and explore.

Author: Asia Citro

Publisher: The Innovation Press

ISBN: 9781943147069

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 237

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Dandelion Bubbles, Rain Drums, Seed Bomb Lollipops and more! Bursting with creative hands-on outdoor science and art activities, A Little Bit of Dirt is full of motivation to get outside and explore. Whether you're investigating the health of your local stream, learning how birds fly, or concocting nature potions, you'll be fostering an important connection with nature. The engaging activities encourage the use of the senses and imagination and are perfect for all ages. Discover more about the natural world waiting just outside your door!

O Give Me a Home

Does she ever yell if she finds a little bit of dirt in the corner of a stairway or something. “Delbert,” she says — she always calls me Delbert, though my name is really Debe — “Delbert,” she says as soon as you come in the door from ...

Author: James Hursey

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781365538971

Category: Fiction


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An old man visits closed and decaying buildings which he remembers entering many years before as a small, frightened nine-year-old, then mines his now fading memories for this stark recounting of growing up in a large, state-run, military orphanage. He remembers newkie lessons perhaps too well-learned and a kiddie dorm perhaps too well-ordered; he remembers a fellow orphan who finds a way out and another who would rather stay in; he tells of violent daytime battles and innocent nighttime rendezvous; and of a happy-go-lucky garbage man and a not so lucky marksman; of unconsummated first love and an unexpected last message. All of these memories are interspersed here and there with interludial vignettes of orphanage life and are ultimately flanked, like caliginous bookends, by two sad goodbyes, one wistful and one anguished, but each demarcating a decisive fork in life's road.

Out and Back

But I'll take a little bit of dirt every now and then it gives me appreciation for the course , the struggle , and the good when it comes around . I have to admit , though : sometimes I get sick of constantly having to learn the hard ...

Author: Hillary Allen

Publisher: Blue Star Press

ISBN: 9781950968411

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 208

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"Powerful and affecting. Hillary is an indomitable force." — Dean Karnazes In 2017, world-class ultrarunner Hillary Allen was at the top of her sport--and it felt like she was running on top of the world as she competed in Norway's Tromsø Skyrace. Allen was nearly halfway through the 50-kilometer race when she fell 150 feet off an exposed ridge, fracturing her back and breaking multiple ribs, both feet, and both of her lower arms. Beginning with the dramatic story of her accident and rescue, Out and Back: A Runner's Story of Survival Against All Odds recounts Allen's fight to return to the life she loves. With vulnerability that reveals remarkable strength and introspection that yields wisdom, Allen shares the story of her recovery both physically and mentally, and hard-earned knowledge that the path forward is not always linear, that healing takes time, and that the process of rediscovery is ongoing as she learns what it takes to survive--and thrive. Out and Back is an inspiration to anyone who knows what it means to reclaim and rebuild your life, one day and one step at a time.

Dolores at Fort Hood Tijuana and Detroit

You should have seen the chagrin that I had felt: Why was she so concerned about a little bit of dirt? I just couldn't figure it out. Why was it in her nature to get hysterical about dirt to such an extent? The next few days I thought ...

Author: John Jellinek

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450249300

Category: Medical

Page: 344

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An unsung American heroine, Dolores a nurse in surgery is betrayed by her own kind: doctors! Th e first one, a gynecologist, keeps her waiting for 3 months before he does a D & C, and by way of a biopsy, finds out she has cervical cancer. At first he is going to do a radical hysterectomy, changes his mind, and dumps her on a radiologist with a non-existent Stage IC diagnosis report. The radiologist, not knowing his Merck Manual too well, convinces her that radiology is as effective as a hysterectomy operation for any Stage I cervical cancer. A year later, the cancer had metastasized. She receives chemotherapy and becomes very religious. The tumors disappear and she believes she is healed. However, three months later her health deteriorates, again. The husband and Dolores meet a lady cured of lung cancer by a strict metabolic diet and Laetrile pills. This happens while he is on a 3 month tour of duty assignment at Fort Hood, Texas as a civilian engineer for the US Army Tank-Automotive Command. On her advice and a talk with the doctor in Mexico they take a chance to cure Dolores with a trip to Clinica Cydel in Tijuana. After a few days of Laetrile treatment, but inability to hold down food, Dolores collapses and she is hospitalized at Dr. Contreras Hospital del Mar. She is put on a plane from San Diego to Detroit 3 weeks later, but rapidly breaks down in health. Her last day out, she attends a faithful Christian service conducted by evangelist Nora Lam. Dolores expires 4 months later.

The Complete Book of Tanning Skins Furs

... and sprinkle a little bit of dirt over it so it won't be taken by birds. If you have a little fox urine, sprinkle about two drops in the back of the hole. Carefully spread out any loose dirt left around the hole and smooth out any ...

Author: James Churchill

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780811742023

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 208

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In the classic reference, learn techniques of tanning with background information on the necessary tools and equipment.


There's always that first, tiny bit of dirt that peels right off, ya know, and it looks a little bit better, nicer, but it's still dirty. And this is the last thing you want to be doing, but you know you have to get it done.

Author: Jason Myers

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781442487222

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 528

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When his manic-depressive mother is institutionalized after trying to kill herself, fourteen-year-old Jaime is sent to San Franciso to live with his estranged father, whom Jaime blames for his mother's problems.

Bartholomew B Bunny and the Marvelous and Magnificent Dirt Tunneller

... DIRTTUNNELER, and with every passing day Bartholomew grew more and more excited and maybe just a little bit anxious. Every morning, just like clockwork, Bartholomew made a visit to see Henrietta, hoping that his DIRTTUNNELERhad ...

Author: Evie Edgecumbe-Grey

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480812765

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 42

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Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew B. Bunny have been married a year. They’ve finally saved enough to purchase a modest bunny bungalow built for two. They haven’t lived there very long when they find they are expecting a batch of baby bunnies. What will they do? What would you do? Bartholomew has an idea—he will add an addition to their burrow that will be big enough to accommodate their bouncing litter of baby bunnies. Little does he know what kind of trouble he is in for after he orders a marvelous and magnificent Dirt-Tunneller! The problems begin when Bartholomew reads an advertisement in an old copy of Better Holes and Gardens in kindly old Dr. Goat’s office. From there the complications just continue to grow. Bartholomew B. Bunny and the Marvelous and Magnificent Dirt-Tunneller is a whimsical, action-packed story about do-it-yourself projects, the importance of reading instruction manuals, and believing in one’s own ability. Captivate your children’s imaginations and maybe inspire them to take on a project or two themselves.


I know this , that if you have got a bucket of clean water and you put a little bit of dirt in it , it takes a heck of a lot of extra effort to get that little bit of dirt out to make it clean water again . The answer to the problem is ...

Author: Patricia A. Savage


ISBN: STANFORD:36105132174033

Category: Factory and trade waste


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The first Bobcat shovelful of dirt crushed the coffin a little bit, leaking dirt into the casket. Jamie's vital signs immediately showed his concern about the possibility of the coffin's lid slipping off the casket and crushing him.

Author: Keith Zimmerman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416909293

Category: Fiction

Page: 230

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Provides evidence either verifying or disproving thirty urban legends, such as exploding silicon implants, cooking a chicken in a tanning bed, and cleaning chrome with cola, as seen on the television show "Mythbusters."

A Match Made in Dry Creek

“It all happened a long time ago,” Doris June slowly said as she used her shovel to lift a clump of dirt with a pansy ... She did not seem to realize she had a little bit of dirt on her hand and was leaving a streak of prime farmland on ...

Author: Janet Tronstad

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781426871979

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Twenty-five years ago, a fender bender tore high school sweethearts Doris June Hargrove and Curt Nelson from each other's arms on the night they were planning to elope. And they hadn't spoken since. Now their widowed parents want to rematch the pair—but how? Doris June agreed to return home and help her mother put together Mother's Day baskets of pansies for the women of Dry Creek. However, she didn't agree to see or talk to Curt. It would take much more than some pansies for her to open her heart to Curt again. But never underestimate the power of a matchmaking mother.