A Gathered Distance

A new collection by Australian poet Mark Tredinnick, OAM (Birfish Books, 2020).

Author: Mark Tredinnick


ISBN: 0995371849


Page: 134

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LIVING DISABLES us, sooner or later. This book records an instance. Among its other purposes--celebration, witness, seeing justice done, recasting life's exquisite spell, replenishment of language--lyric poetry, that deeper speaking, consoles like no other human accomplishment. Greg Orr has argued that all cultures in all times have evolved the lyric poem to help humans, us languaging animals, survive spiritual catastrophe. Lyric poems do this by transfiguring inchoate and unbearable emotion into habitable places, intimate architectures of speech, gardens of language; a poem gives to airy nothings "a local habitation and a name." Giving it a name and making it a place, a lyric poem can make of a grieving a hearth. A poem puts your pain and delight back among the "family of things." For a poem uses language connected to ecosystems of being and meaning and form and sense where one can feel whole, where one's sorrow has context, where one's solitude has company. And not merely social. For each of us is all of us in a poem. The first person is only interesting in a poem, Seamus Heaney wrote somewhere, as an instance. And instance of being. A poem may cry pain, it may plead forgiveness, it may be a keening, a rant, an elegy, a refusal to go gently, a prayer. But the particulars of its witness are where it starts, not where it stops; each episode or image stands in a poem as a metaphor for all such moments--of anguish, sorrow, regret, desire, despair, gratitude, delight. A poem helps you find the myth in the moment, and so (as writer or reader) endure it. When profound human emotion can recruit the lyric, the personal can become the human, the particular the archetypal. And a collapse of self can become a gathering of distances, a habitat of healing. It is my hope that a little of that goes on in A Gathered Distance. What poetry expresses is not one's self--or not merely. Poetry speaks all our selves. In that sense, though they start with me, in a life like mine, in a disabling caused by living, these poems are not about me. This is not a memoir. These poems are the sense that poetry could help one human make of a great sadness, "that rust upon the soul," as Samuel Johnson puts it, that came his way with the end of a marriage and the fracture of a family. His disabling included grief and guilt and bewilderment and all the rest of it. In many ways these poems saved (and possibly improved) this poet. But if that's all they achieve, they are not the poems he hoped to write. For mine is just one instance of being, and it is one long moment of Being--in its exquisite multiplicity, in its contradictions and chaos and divine comedy--whose lyric I hoped to catch here, and in catching it make some sense, somehow, of the senselessness that Being sometimes seems to be. -- Mark Tredinnick

Where Two or Three Are Gathered

This model can be adapted for longdistance groups that occasionally gather at a retreat center or other location to deepen the community relationships ...

Author: Daniel Prechtel

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9780819227737

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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Much has been written about the practice of one-to-one spiritual direction, but much less about small group communities that offer in-depth mutual spiritual support and guidance to its members. But small groups are most likely the more usual setting for spiritual companionships and have a strong biblical, theological and historical foundation in the Christian tradition. This book offers a detailed presentation of ten small group models, plus guidance in group leadership dynamics. It also presents material related to group retreat work, spiritual guidance with organizations, and a peer supervision/consultation model for supporting leaders of spiritual companionship groups, and retreats. SDI is an active marketing partner on behalf of its authors and the series has high brand visibility and strong sales history. Church leaders, spiritual directors and educators are looking for the kinds of resources this book provides to assist them in understanding and leading groups and retreats.

Bee keepers Record

... condi- to be made at home and often carried a tions at time of gathering , amounting long distance . altogether in the aggregate to the gather- Strong ...



ISBN: CORNELL:31924065068946

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Handbook of Distance Education

Researchers studying evaluation in traditional higher education settings have found it is feasible to gather attitudinal data from students about global and ...

Author: Michael Grahame Moore

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135645410

Category: Education

Page: 896

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The second edition of this award-winning book continues the mission of its predecessor, to provide a comprehensive compendium of research in all aspects of distance education, arguably the most significant development in education over the past quarter century. While the book deals with education that uses technology, the focus is on teaching and learning and how its management can be facilitated through technology. This volume will be of interest to anyone engaged in distance education at either the K-12 or college level. It is also appropriate for corporate and government trainers and for administrators and policy makers in all these environments.

Distance Learning

This app supports the research process by allowing students to gather, integrate, organize, and track internet and online library research.

Author: Michael Simonson

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 9781648021701

Category: Education

Page: 69

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Distance Learning is for leaders, practitioners, and decision makers in the fields of distance learning, e-learning, telecommunications, and related areas. It is a professional journal with applicable information for those involved with providing instruction to all kinds of learners, of all ages, using telecommunications technologies of all types. Stories are written by practitioners for practitioners with the intent of providing usable information and ideas. Articles are accepted from authors--new and experienced--with interesting and important information about the effective practice of distance teaching and learning. Distance Learning is published quarterly. Each issue includes eight to ten articles and three to four columns, including the highly regarded "And Finally..." column covering recent important issues in the field and written by Distance Learning editor, Michael Simonson. Articles are written by practitioners from various countries and locations, nationally and internationally.

Quarterly Review of Distance Education

The methods used to gather and analyze big data can be used to improve learning environments, training outcomes, and the experiences ...

Author: Michael Simonson

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 9781681238807

Category: Education

Page: 83

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The Quarterly Review of Distance Education is a rigorously refereed journal publishing articles, research briefs, reviews, and editorials dealing with the theories, research, and practices of distance education. The Quarterly Review publishes articles that utilize various methodologies that permit generalizable results which help guide the practice of the field of distance education in the public and private sectors. The Quarterly Review publishes full-length manuscripts as well as research briefs, editorials, reviews of programs and scholarly works, and columns. The Quarterly Review defines distance education as institutionally-based formal education in which the learning group is separated and interactive technologies are used to unite the learning group.

American Bee Journal

ME ATC Quimuss RECULES | ITODE Distance Bees May Profitably Fly in Search of ... One season my colonies gathered a large surplus at a distance of about 24 ...



ISBN: UCAL:B4243170

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Includes summarized reports of many bee-keeper associations.

In the Distance and Ahead in Time

Others were being gathered from all over the world. Slowly, thoughts became words, strange yet clear. Their meaning filled a need in him, one he had felt ...

Author: George Zebrowski

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504009928

Category: Fiction

Page: 226

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The ten stories of this collection present glimpses of our near, middle, and far futures “Heathen God,” the author’s first Nebula Award finalist, reveals the consequences of learning that our solar system may have been engineered by an alien race. “In the Distance, and Ahead in Time” and “Wayside World” depict the rediscovery of a ruined Earth’s interstellar colonies by a new culture of mobile habitats. In “Transfigured Night” and “Between the Winds,” we enter two possible destinies as we tamper with human reality and humankind mutates into vastly different offshoots.

Distance in International Business

Based on data gathered in a laboratory setting with 267 graduate students, the study shows that “faultline strength has a negative effect on perceived ...

Author: Alain Verbeke

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781787437180

Category: Business & Economics

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The twelfth volume in the Progress in International Business Research series presents extensive accounts of the contemporary scientific debate on how to assess the impacts of distance, both negative and positive ones, on the conduct of international business.

Aspects of Human Settlement Planning

The gathered settlement on the other hand , is more favourable to the social organizational and security aspects , but requires longer ' agro - distances ...

Author: B. C.) United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (1976 : Vancouver

Publisher: Pergamon

ISBN: UOM:39015007256137

Category: City planning

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Gathered Thoughts

Long Distance ~ 5 You're ao far away lwiah i had the worda to take the hurt away. if i waa able to aay Call rne today... call rne tornorrow . .. even if all ...

Author: Bonnie Solomon White

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479710430

Category: Poetry

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Gathered Thoughts entitles 81 delightful poems written from the mind and heart. These enchanted poems will bring sorrow, comfort, adventure, acknowledgement, cherished love and many more.

The Delineator

Braids will be fashionable on all materials , and any arranged in gathers at the neck , the gathers extending but a short novel arrangement may be distance ...



ISBN: WISC:89012057717

Category: Dressmaking


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The Loneliness of the Long Distance Writer

But as he entered the store the main aisle was obstructed by ten or twelve people , gathered in an arc , facing a corner with a well - lighted display .

Author: Wright Morris

Publisher: David R. Godine Publisher

ISBN: 0876859902

Category: Fiction

Page: 306

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The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Writer brings together two of Wright Morris's best-known novels, The Works of Love (1951) and The Huge Season (1954).

The Automotive Manufacturer

... insure a gathering forward of nearly one inch , which results simply from ... it is a difficult matter to determine the exact distance center bore is ...



ISBN: UOM:39015084601734

Category: Automobiles


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Long Distance Trails

Our gathering attempted to combine the best of the Greek ideal of a symposium , “ a drinking together , usually following the banquet proper , with music ...

Author: William R. Burch


ISBN: UOM:39015004600048

Category: Appalachian Trail

Page: 168

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