A Folly of Princes

A great folly. It is bound to come to the Duke's ears . . “Come, Jamie. We must speak to him. Get him to remove Robert's effigy, at least . . They were not alone in their concern. Sir John de Ramorgnie was already at the prince's side, ...

Author: Nigel Tranter

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444768121

Category: Fiction

Page: 371

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Scotland at the dawn of the 15th century was a wretched spectacle. While the feeble Robert III still clung to his throne, his kingdom rang with the sound of conflict as his son and brother grappled for power. Sir James Douglas of Aberdour, married as he was to the King's illegitimate sister, had to tread a hazardous path through the warring factions. But having a conscience made life harder still. For in those days - and in that company - a conscience could cost a man dear... The second volume of Nigel Tranter's epic House of Stewart trilogy tells of the last days of King Robert III of Scotland and the struggle for his throne.

The Princess and the Pea

“You have seen follies before?” “Oh, once or twice,” Cece said lightly. “There's nothing like a good folly, I always say.” She headed toward the door, Quentin and Emily trailing in her wake. “And there do seem to be no shortage of ...

Author: Victoria Alexander

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780062020802

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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The classic tale of a fervent courtship between an American heiress and a dashing British earl from #1 New York Times bestselling author Victoria Alexander Feel the pea through this bed and win the heart of the man you'll wed. A true American princess, Cecily White stood to inherit her father's business empire. And with the twentieth century right around the corner, the independent beauty had no intention of marrying some foreign nobleman seeking her money. Then, on a trip to England, Cece fell under the spell of a dashing peer who had more to recommend him than the length of his title and the size of his countinghouse. But Cece wouldn't surrender her heart to the virile Earl of Graystone until he proved that the only treasure he wanted was her love.

Jennie of the Prince s

Once let me feel assured that I am something more to you than this girl of the Prince's , and from that hour—— ” " By ... No woman can stand that sort of blind adoration of another , especially where the folly is so self - evident .

Author: Bertha H. Buxton


ISBN: BSB:BSB11359337


Page: 306

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Psalm 125 150

... Never to hope again . " Verse 3.- " Put not your trust in princes , " etc. True , may some say , it were a folly to trust in weak princes , to trust in them for help who have no power to help ; but we will apply to mighty princes ...

Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon



Category: Bible

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A Canticle For Leibowitz

Such was the folly of princes, and there followed the Flame Deluge. Within weeks – some said days – it was ended, after the first unleashing of the hell-fire. Cities had become puddles of glass, surrounded by vast acreages of broken ...

Author: Walter M. Miller Jr

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473211117

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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The HUGO AWARD-winning novel of Earth after the apocalypse In the depths of the Utah desert, long after the Flame Deluge has scoured the earth clean, the rediscoveries of science are secretly nourished by cloistered monks dedicated to the study and preservation of knowledge. By studying the Holy Relics of the past, the Order of St Leibowitz hopes to raise humanity from its fallen state to one of grace. But is such knowledge the key to salvation? Or the certain sign that we are doomed to repeat our most grievous mistakes ... ?

Some Noted Princes Authors and Statesmen of Our Time

This property of Sandringham was purchased for the Prince of Wales . ... An elaborately fantastic summer - house , not inappropriately called the " Folly , " adorns the summit of the highest sandy knoll in the vicinity ; and model ...

Author: James Parton



Category: Biography

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Forever My Princess

circular folly was barely visible through the foliage on the hill that it sat upon. It did not take them long to come to the base of the old gravel path that led up to the building. His mother stopped, seating herself on a small stone ...

Author: Tamara Gill

Publisher: Tamara Gill

ISBN: 9780645321609

Category: Fiction


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She’s not who he thinks she is. But she just might be everything he needs… Tired doesn’t even begin to describe how Princess Elena of Atharia is feeling. A brief respite from the pressures of her position will do her good. Unfortunately, rest isn’t something royalty is typically afforded. But she’ll do what is necessary to escape her responsibilities for a time—even if it means becoming someone else entirely… Lord Theodore Ward has no love for the wealthy. But if he doesn’t marry well soon, he’ll lose everything. And his hunt for a perfect bride cannot begin while his mother is unwell and unattended. So, hiring a lady’s companion is the only option. Then the lovely Elena Smith arrives at his door and his plans become infinitely more complicated… When all the truths and secrets come to light, can these opposites find their way to happily ever after? Or will Theo lose his princess forever?

Correspondence of Princess Lieven and Earl Grey

It is a folly to say that attacks on one side may be met and repelled by similar fabrications on the other . But when a violent address to the passions has excited the mob to violence , or the assassins to murder , when property has ...

Author: Dari︠́a︡ Khristoforovna Benckendorff Lieven (kni︠a︡gini︠a︡)


ISBN: UCLA:31158005077721

Category: Europe

Page: 516

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Hermione the Russian princess Viola the twin Imogen the peerless

But when do you mean to give up your amorous follies , turn sober , and marry ? ” 6. Whenever I marry , I intend no such injury to myself and my wife , as to commence a sobriety that shall discard love as a folly ; ' answered Posthumus ...

Author: Mary Cowden Clarke


ISBN: CORNELL:31924060424292



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