A Delicate Aggression

This volume follows the program from its rise to prominence in the early 1940s under director Paul Engle, who promoted the "workshop" method of classroom peer criticism.

Author: David O. Dowling

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300215847

Category: Authorship

Page: 420

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A vibrant history of the renowned and often controversial Iowa Writers' Workshop and its celebrated alumni and faculty As the world's preeminent creative writing program, the Iowa Writers' Workshop has produced an astonishing number of distinguished writers and poets since its establishment in 1936. Its alumni and faculty include twenty-eight Pulitzer Prize winners, six U.S. poet laureates, and numerous National Book Award winners. This volume follows the program from its rise to prominence in the early 1940s under director Paul Engle, who promoted the "workshop" method of classroom peer criticism. Meant to simulate the rigors of editorial and critical scrutiny in the publishing industry, this educational style created an environment of both competition and community, cooperation and rivalry. Focusing on some of the exceptional authors who have participated in the program--such as Flannery O'Connor, Dylan Thomas, Kurt Vonnegut, Jane Smiley, Sandra Cisneros, T. C. Boyle, and Marilynne Robinson--David Dowling examines how the Iowa Writers' Workshop has shaped professional authorship, publishing industries, and the course of American literature.

Neurobiology of Aggression

These interactions may be relevant for aggression control, but this aspect is
poorly understood. Pathological Aggression and the Neuroendocrine Stress
Response Labeling aggression with the term pathological is a delicate social
issue that is ...

Author: Mark P Mattson

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781592593828

Category: Medical

Page: 324

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Aggression is a highly conserved behavioral adaptation that evolved to help org- isms compete for limited resources and thereby ensure their survival. However, in modern societies where resources such as food, shelter, etc. are not limiting, aggr- sion has become a major cultural problem worldwide presumably because of its deep seeded roots in the neuronal circuits and neurochemical pathways of the human brain. In Neurobiology of Aggression: Understanding and Preventing Violence, leading experts in the fields of the neurobiology, neurochemistry, genetics, and behavioral and cultural aspects of aggression and violence provide a comprehensive collection of review articles on one of the most important cross-disciplinary issues of our time. Rather than summarize the topics covered by each author in each chapter, I present a schematic diagram to guide the reader in thinking about different aspects of aggr- sive and violent behavior from its neurobiological roots to environmental factors that can either promote or prevent aggression to visions of some of the most horrific acts of violence of our times, and then towards the development of strategies to reduce aggressive behavior and prevent violence. It is hoped that Neurobiology of Aggression: Understanding and Preventing V- lence will foster further research aimed at understanding the environmental genetic and neurochemical roots of aggression and how such information can be used to move forward towards the goal of eliminating violence.

Aggression Family Violence and Chemical Dependency

anger difficulties is a delicate task. Daley (1987) suggests that some individuals
might benefit from dual treatment in conjunction with a PTSD support group so
that the client can focus appropriately on each issue. He also suggests that the ...

Author: Ron Potter-Efron

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317714941

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 236

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Here is an informational and practical book that systematically addresses the complex relationships between chemical abuse/dependency, aggression, and family violence. Directed toward professional chemical dependency and family violence counselors, it provides specific guidelines for the assessment of child abuse, incest, and marital rape, as they are likely to be encountered in a chemical dependency treatment setting. Experts outline treatment suggestions for chemically dependent and codependent individuals who are or have been the victims/perpetrators of family violence. Aggression, Family Violence and Chemical Dependency contains two unique and very detailed chapters on the relationship between aggression and the use of alcohol and other mood-altering substances as well as the connections between these two and other physiological and psychological correlates of violence. mention that Ron and Patricia Potter-Efron are the authors of Letting Go of Shame (Harper & Row)

The Poets Writers Complete Guide to Being a Writer

HISTORY OF INNOVATION (Penguin Group, 2010) by Steven Johnson Books
IN ...

Author: Kevin Larimer

Publisher: Avid Reader Press / Simon & Schuster

ISBN: 9781982123079

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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The definitive source of information, insight, and advice for creative writers, from the nation’s largest and most trusted organization for writers, Poets & Writers. For half a century, writers at every stage of their careers have turned to the literary nonprofit organization Poets & Writers and its award-winning magazine for resources to foster their professional development, from writing prompts and tips on technique to informative interviews with published authors, literary agents, and editors. But never before has Poets & Writers marshaled its fifty years’ worth of knowledge to create an authoritative guide for writers that answers every imaginable question about craft and career—until now. Here is the writing bible for authors of all genres and forms, covering topics such as how to: -Harness your imagination and jump-start your creativity -Develop your work from initial idea to final draft -Find a supportive and inspiring writing community to sustain your career -Find the best MFA program for you -Publish your work in literary magazines and develop a platform -Research writing contests and other opportunities to support your writing life -Decide between traditional publishing and self-publishing -Find the right literary agent -Anticipate what agents look for in queries and proposals -Work successfully with an editor and your publishing team -Market yourself and your work in a digital world -Approach financial planning and taxes as a writer -And much more Written by Kevin Larimer and Mary Gannon, the two most recent editors of Poets & Writers Magazine, this book brings an unrivaled understanding of the areas in which writers seek guidance and support. Filled with insider information like sample query letters, pitch letters, lists of resources, and worksheets for calculating freelance rates, tracking submissions, and managing your taxes, the guide does more than demystify the writing life—it also provides an array of powerful tools for building a sustainable career as a writer. In addition to the wealth of insights into creativity, publishing, and promotion are first-person essays from bestselling authors, including George Saunders, Christina Baker Kline, and Ocean Vuong, as well as reading lists from award-winning writers such as Anthony Doerr, Cheryl Strayed, and Natalie Diaz. Here, at last, is the ultimate comprehensive resource that belongs on every writer’s desk.

Origins of Aggression

example , the animal data suggest that we should be constantly aware that
aggressive encounters often involve a delicate interplay between attack and
withdrawal ; that the independent variables affecting aggression operate in
diverse ways ...

Author: Willard W.. Hartup

Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton

ISBN: UOM:39015002261736

Category: Social Science

Page: 364

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Genocide after Emotion

Serbia's aggression has introduced a potentially dangerous destabilization of
post—cold war Europe, in a region in which ... Eastern Slavic, and Turkish
cultures, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Islam all converge in a delicate

Author: Stjepan Mestrovic

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136163494

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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The failure to adequately respond on the part of the major Western superpowers to the atrocities in the Balkans constitutes a major moral and political scandal. In Genocide after Emotion Mestrovic and the contributors thoroughly interrogate the war, its media coverage and response in the West. The result is alarming, both for the progress of the war and for the condition of our society today: the authors argue that the West is suffering from a "postemotional" condition - we are beyond caring about anything anymore.

Psychology and Aggression

In broad outline , the aggressive impulse or death instinct ( Thanatos ) assumes a
delicate balance with the constructive impulse or life - instinct ( Eros ) in every
relationship that one human has with another or with some object in the outside ...

Author: Elton B. McNeil


ISBN: MSU:31293101510711

Category: Aggressiveness

Page: 293

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Ideological Aggression Against the Sandinista Revolution

( UPI , March 2 , 1983 ) Certainly the visit to Nicaragua is a delicate matter , and
the presence of priests in the govern ment makes it more delicate still . But
preparations for the visit have been under way for some time , and only
something ...

Author: Ana María Ezcurra


ISBN: UOM:39015024782214

Category: Catholics

Page: 233

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Report of the Special Committee on the Question of Defining Aggression

... on the clear understanding that that was one of the essential factors to be
considered by the Security Council in determining whether an act of aggression
had been committed . Article 2 was based on a delicate compromise and must be

Author: United Nations. Special Committee on the Question of Defining Aggression


ISBN: STANFORD:36105043532436



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Determinants and Origins of Aggressive Behavior

1 example , the animal data suggest that we should be constantly aware that
aggressive encounters often involve a delicate interplay between attack and
withdrawal ; that the independent variables affecting aggression operate in
diverse ways ...

Author: Jan de Wit

Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton

ISBN: UCSC:32106011379390

Category: Aggressiveness

Page: 623

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Altruism and Aggression

Introduction Altruism and aggression: problems and progress in research
Carolyn Zahn-Waxler, E. Mark Cummings, and ... Negotiation and resolution of
conflicts, capacities for intimacy that require empathy, and the delicate balancing
of ...

Author: Carolyn Zahn-Waxler

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521423678

Category: Psychology

Page: 337

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Based on a conference held at the National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, Md. in April 1982, under the auspices of the Society for Research in Child Development and the Child Development Foundation.

The Control of Aggression and Violence

However , in the case of the Undercontrolled Aggressive person this has not
taken place . ... However , it can be a delicate therapeutic task to remove such
inhibitions in a person with a great deal of repressed hostility without precipitating

Author: Jerome L. Singer


ISBN: UOM:49015000630765

Category: Aggressiveness

Page: 171

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A History of Aggression in Freud

It is always a delicate and dangerous task , ” he wrote , " to place a living man in
historical perspective ” ( 1932 , p . 33 ) . Analogously , there are real difficulties
involved in tracing a " living " therapeutic concept to the distant and delimited ...

Author: Paul E. Stepansky

Publisher: International Universities PressInc

ISBN: 0823623254

Category: Psychology

Page: 201

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Three Theories of Child Development

( 354 ) The punishment of aggression in everyday life increases imaginary
aggressive activities in play and fantasy . ( 331 ) Learning to inhibit or to redirect
aggression appropriately depends upon a delicate balance of permissiveness
and ...

Author: Henry William Maier

Publisher: University Press of Amer

ISBN: PSU:000014007422

Category: Psychology

Page: 292

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This study builds upon the belief that a human being is a manifold between being who acts, feels, and thinks. No one account about human development, whether behavioral, psychodynamic, or cognitive, can fully explain human development. This book is written with the conviction that study, research, and actual work with children or youth should build upon that which is already known.

A Combine of Aggression

On the same page the author speaks of the future of freedom in Europe: “A
delicate, a critical topic—for, who can help feeling that the conception of freedom
is passing through a dangerous crisis; and so is justice, its complementary
conception ...

Author: Karl Otten


ISBN: UOM:39015049905006

Category: Germany

Page: 356

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Machiavelli in Love

... it in the blending of service to a prince, manners, grace, and sprezzatura that
entailed a delicate balance of aggression and passivity reflected in Ariosto's male
heroes, Orlando and Ruggiero, and in Castiglione's vision of a perfect courtier.

Author: Guido Ruggiero

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801892028

Category: History

Page: 300

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Machiavelli in Love introduces a complex concept of sex and sexual identity and their roles in the culture and politics of the Italian Renaissance. Guido Ruggiero's study counters the consensus among historians and literary critics that there was little sense of individual identity and almost no sense of sexual identity before the modern period. Drawing from the works of major literary figures such as Boccaccio, Aretino, and Castiglione, and rereading them against archival evidence, Ruggiero examines the concept of identity via consensus realities of family, neighbors, friends, and social peers, as well as broader communities and solidarities. The author contends that Renaissance Italians understood sexual identity as a part of the human life cycle, something that changed throughout stages of youthful experimentation, marriage, adult companionship, and old age. Machiavelli’s letters and literary production reveal a fascinating construction of self that is highly reliant on sexual reputation. Ruggiero's challenging reinterpretation of this canonical figure, as well as his unique treatment of other major works of the period, offer new approaches for reading Renaissance literature and new understandings of the way life was lived and perceived during this time.

The Lemurs Legacy

The hormones that prepare primate males for sexual activity also trigger
generalized , undirected male aggression . The hormones that ... For courtship to
succeed , the amount of male aggression must strike a delicate , optimal balance

Author: Robert Jay Russell

Publisher: Tarcher

ISBN: UCSC:32106010874748

Category: Social Science

Page: 274

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Examines the biological roots of human psychology by tracing them back to early ancestors, beginning with the lemurs and showing the origins of bonding, mating, status seeking, courtship, aggression, and other behaviors.

Social and Emotional Prevention and Intervention Programming for Preschoolers

... period; sustaining positive engagement with a playmate requires a delicate
balance of emotional expressivity and regulation ... These specific errors may be
pivotally related to risk for aggression problems, such as the hostile attribution
bias ...

Author: Susanne A. Denham

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461500551

Category: Psychology

Page: 251

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- Theoretical foundations, explanations and practical guides for implementation of social and emotional programming in early childhood settings - Review of all extant programming for both in-class and parenting applications to further social and emotional development during early childhood - Chapters presenting the major components of emotional competence are followed directly by another chapter detailing applications, or "lessons from the field."