A Communion of Friendship

A moving account that reveals the healing power of literacy.

Author: Beth Daniell

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 9780809324873

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 201

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Drawing on interviews and an array of scholarly work, Beth Daniell maps out the relations of literacy and spirituality in A Communion of Friendship: Literacy, Spiritual Practice, and Women in Recovery. Daniell tells the story of a group of women in “ Mountain City” who use reading and writing in their search for spiritual growth. Diverse in socioeconomic status, the Mountain City women are, or have been, married to alcoholics. In Al-Anon, they use literacy to practice the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous in order to find spiritual solutions to their problems. In addition, Daniell demonstrates that in the lives of these women, reading, writing, and speaking are intertwined, embedded in one another in rich and complex ways. For the women, private literate practice is of the utmost importance because it aids the development and empowerment of the self. These women engage in literate practices in order to grow spiritually and emotionally, to live more self-aware lives, to attain personal power, to find or make meaning for themselves, and to create community. By looking at the changes in the women’ s reading, Daniell shows that Al-Anon doctrine, particularly its oral instruction, serves as an interpretive tool. This discussion points out the subtle but profound transformations in these women’ s lives in order to call for an inclusive notion of politics. Foregrounding the women’ s voices, A Communion of Friendship addresses a number of issues important in composition studies and reading instruction. This study examines the meaning of literacy within one specific community, with implications both for pedagogy and for empirical research in composition inside and outside the academy.

The Art of Being a Good Friend

These pages show readers how to transform superficial friendships into soul-nourishing relationships, bringing them from shallowness and frivolity to a deep communion of mind and heart -- a communion that will become, for those who read ...

Author: Hugh Black

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

ISBN: 9780918477620

Category: Philosophy

Page: 147

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These pages show readers how to transform superficial friendships into soul-nourishing relationships, bringing them from shallowness and frivolity to a deep communion of mind and heart -- a communion that will become, for those who read this book and for their friends, a means for emotional and spiritual growth. Married couples will find here new ways to appreciate the gift God has given to them in their spouse. Best of all, readers will learn how to achieve friendship with God. As they enjoy this divine friendship and enrich their human friendships, they'll come to see how truly author Hugh Black speaks when he says that no one would care to live without friends, even if he had all other good things.

Religion in Politics

... that "the communion, companionship, societas and amicitia of the friends—their being united in their friendship—is the very good of their friendship, ...

Author: Michael J. Perry

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195351347

Category: Political Science

Page: 177

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Most Americans are religious believers. Among these there is disagreement about many fundamental religious/moral matters. Because the United States is both such a religious country and such a religiously pluralistic country, the issue of the proper role of religion in politics is extremely important to political debate. In Religion in Politics, Michael Perry addresses a fundamental question: what role may religious arguments play, if any, either in public debate about what political choices to make or as a basis of political choice? He is principally concerned with political choices that ban or otherwise disfavor one or another sort of human conduct based on the view that the conduct is immoral. He divides the controversy into two debates: the constitutionally proper role of religious arguments in politics, and a related, but distinct, debate about the morally proper role. Perry concludes that political choices about the morality of human conduct should not be based on religion. The newest work by one of the most important constitutional theorists writing today, Religion in Politics is sure to spark a new debate on the subject.

Loving the Church

There is no friendship without mutual exchange: “A friend is a friend to his friend [amicus amico ... Upon this communion a friendship has to be built.

Author: Christoph Schšnborn

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 9781681493183

Category: Religion

Page: 218

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In this series of retreat meditations preached to Pope John Paul II and the papal household during a Lenten retreat, Cardinal Christoph SchOnborn uses the Catechism of the Catholic Church (of which he was the general editor) and Sacred Scripture to lead us to a deeper union with Christ by helping us to understand and love the Church, His bride. To love the Church, which the Catechism calls "a living communion with Jesus Christ," we must see her with the eyes of Jesus, who "loved the Church and gave Himself up for her." As he draws us into a deeper understanding of the Church, who she is and where the deepest wellsprings of her being lie are the theme of his meditations. He also illustrates many points by using the thoughts of the new doctor of the Church, St. ThErEse of Lisieux. She found her vocation to be "love in the heart of the Church" and can offer us a renewed and vital vision of the Church.

Be Devoted

Be Devoted delivers sound Catholic teaching, rich storytelling, and practical tools for healing, along with psychological insights and expertise to help couples create a relationship that is rich in trust, passion, and unity.

Author: Bob Schuchts

Publisher: Ave Maria Press

ISBN: 1594718970

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Drawing from his popular healing conferences, forty years of marriage, and decades of clinical work as a couple's therapist, bestselling author Bob Schuchts presents his first resource for married and engaged couples and those who desire true love in their relationships: Be Devoted. This highly anticipated guide delivers sound Catholic teaching, rich storytelling, and practical tools for healing, along with psychological insights and expertise to help couples create a relationship that is rich in trust, passion, and unity. The key to a healthy and passionate marriage is as simple as fostering genuine love and affection, or devotion, according to retired couple's therapist and healing expert Bob Schuchts of the John Paul II Healing Center. True devotion only develops, however, when both spouses take responsibility for their actions and emotional wounds--something each of us brings to all of our relationships. These wounds, which are often rooted in childhood and past relationships, exist in all of us to some degree, making it difficult for couples to cultivate friendship, resolve conflicts, and build trust. Drawing on the riches of St. John Paul II's theology of the body, Be Devoted is an essential guide to healing from these wounds within your marriage, while providing practical tools for cultivating unity. The first part of the book focuses on building intimacy, unity, and communion, and the second part offers wisdom and guidance for restoring trust when it is damaged. You'll find practical tools for cultivating intimacy, resolving conflicts, and restoring sexual passion. To help you engage deeply and prayerfully, Be Devoted includes: Take A Moment reflection questions prayer guides for couples scripts for apologizing and tackling difficult discussions practical ways for understanding and working through conflicts spiritual exercises for healing past wounds prompts for journaling appendices with extended prayer exercises and resources

Christian Friendship

In this play, two friends, one of whom was named Orestes, stood before a king. ... communion between the two of them, a communion so strong that the friend ...

Author: John P. Bequette

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532654459

Category: Religion

Page: 144

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In response to a contemporary cultural situation in which human dignity is gravely threatened, Christian Friendship proposes a recovery of friendship as a new way of re-establishing the interpersonal communion that characterizes the human person created in the image of God. The author seeks to recover a genuine understanding of friendship by exploring ancient philosophy and the Catholic theological tradition. By examining the writings of Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Augustine, Anselm, and others, Christian Friendship proposes a new way for Catholics to address the cultural issues besetting the Christian community today.

Living Communion

Yet we maintain respect and often something more than respect . Friendship in Christ , it seems , is possible even when sacramental communion isn't .


Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 0898697964

Category: Religion


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This official report of the thirteenth meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council, held in June 2005 in Nottingham, England, includes texts of the Archbishop of Canterbury's presidential address, the daily record of the Council's proceedings, reports from throughout the Anglican Communion, and presentations by the Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada providing a theological rationale for their consent to the election of a bishop living in a same-gender relationship, and the blessing of same-gender relationships, respectively. It includes: Texts of Archbishop Rowan Williams' highly regarded daily Bible study presentations during the meeting; Definitive record of proceedings, without filtering from news organizations, special interest groups, or commentators; Full text of ECUSA and Anglican Church of Canada presentations.

Friendship in the Lord

Thus Jesus exercises his lordship by bringing men together with God in a communion of loving friendship . Only in real love is the covenant truly effective ...

Author: Paul Hinnebusch


ISBN: 0877930643

Category: Christian life

Page: 144

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Republicanism in Russia

... tight interpersonal friendships sometimes ensure almost a religious communion ... of close friends becomes almost a single body, a communion of equals.

Author: Oleg Kharkhordin

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674989955

Category: Political Science

Page: 300

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Marxism was the loser in the Cold War, but Oleg Kharkhordin is not surprised that liberal democracy failed to take root after the Soviet Union’s dissolution. He suggests that Russians find a path to freedom by looking to the classical tradition of republican self-government and civic engagement already familiar from their history and literature.

A Poor and Merciful Church

A church that is faithful to its Trinitarian communion of friendship and participation cannot settle for any kind of stereotypes, discrimination, ...

Author: Ilo, Stan Chu

Publisher: Orbis Books

ISBN: 9781608337316

Category: Christianity


View: 299


This important text addresses three key questions which face modern Catholicism, especially in Africa: What is the ecclesiology of Pope Francis? How does this ecclesiology meet the challenges facing the universal church in today's complex world? And how can one translate the practices of this new approach into a theological aesthetics to meet the challenges and opportunities of the African social context?

Discourses and Representations of Friendship in Early Modern Europe 1500 1700

(220) from the beginning of his essay, la Boétie equates friendship with the ... the common and mutual declaration of our thoughts” to “make a communion ...

Author: Maritere López

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317149804

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 292

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Interdisciplinary in scope, this collection examines the varied and complex ways in which early modern Europeans imagined, discussed and enacted friendship, a fundamentally elective relationship between individuals otherwise bound in prescribed familial, religious and political associations. The volume is carefully designed to reflect the complexity and multi-faceted nature of early modern friendship, and each chapter comprises a case study of specific contexts, narratives and/or lived friendships. Contributors include scholars of British, French, Italian and Spanish culture, offering literary, historical, religious, and political perspectives. Discourses and Representations of Friendship in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1700 lays the groundwork for a taxonomy of the transformations of friendship discourse in Western Europe and its overlap with emergent views of the psyche and the body, as well as of the relationship of the self to others, classes, social institutions and the state.

The Works of Edmund Spenser

idea of friendship as an obligation between equals. ... upon loyalty to one's order the Platonic communion of souls dropped somewhat below the horizon.

Author: Edmund Spenser

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

ISBN: 0801869862

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 371

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Judson's The Life of Edmund Spenser.

Happiness and the Christian Moral Life

God is a communion of unbreakable love, an everlasting partnership of love. ... communion, and friendship are not optional elements to a life of happiness ...

Author: Paul J. Wadell

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442209725

Category: Religion

Page: 285

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An introduction to Christian ethics explores ethics as a path to happiness as opposed to a set of strict rules, addressing the topics of friendship, community, conscience, prudence, virtue, and love.


timacy and communion . In exactly the same way , a friendship where the object is communion and intimacy can be based on pleasure .

Author: James O. Grunebaum

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791457184

Category: Philosophy

Page: 192

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Addresses the question of whether special preference for friends is morally justified.

Ongoing Conversion From Good to Better

Well, that's what friendship is about. Now a communion of that sort is implied in the friendship between Jesus and the disciple.

Author: Fr. Henry J. Charles

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781493158812

Category: Religion

Page: 334

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This book is a compilation of homilies of Fr. Henry Charles composed and delivered over a period of at least twenty years. The homilies were written out and were eventually typed up and it is possible that Fr. Henry had himself thought about publishing them, though we do not know this for sure. While many persons were privileged to receive emailed copies and others actually heard his preaching, the homilies were thought to be deserving of a wider audience. The underlying message of his preaching is that discipleship of Jesus Christ requires not only the grace of faith but also demands perseverance, courage and discipline, critical elements of the process he terms "ongoing conversion." In addition, Fr. Henry advocates moral excellence, not settling for the merely moderate or the mediocre, but striving always to "be perfect." Fr. Henry faces up to and wrestles with the "perplexities" of the Gospel and he believed that one of the keys to overcoming these is an appreciation of its many paradoxes and that as a consequence, we are required to see things from a different perspective, not as we are normally inclined to see them, but as God sees them. The homilies have been arranged thematically On God; On Jesus; What Jesus Calls Us To Be; What Jesus Calls Us To Do; Faith; Hope; Love; Loss, Suffering, Death and Heaven; Virtues and Vices; Human Dignity; Spirituality; Church, Liturgy and Ritual and Culture Society and Leadership. There is of course considerable overlap among the various themes. The subjects he refers to and the examples he gives are contemporary and relevant, not only to a Caribbean audience, but we think to audiences globally. The style is informal and conversational for the most part and this quality of the writing has been maintained. The homilies have been edited for clarity and for obvious errors and omissions in the transcripts, and some have been retitled, but they have otherwise been reproduced and stand as he wrote them.

The Quest for Home

where there is no communion , there can be no friendship . And the wise tell us that heaven and earth and gods and humans are held together by communion and ...

Author: Michael F. Trainor

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 0814650872

Category: Religion

Page: 201

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We are the most technologically advanced and sophisticated people in human history. Yet, technological advances have not yet rescued us from social problems. We still suffer from isolation and estrangement; we long for home. This human urge for home is not unique to our time. As the first disciples wrestled with the implications of following Jesus, some were misunderstood, suspected, and even ostracized by those unsympathetic to the Christian movement. They needed a physical place, ?house,? that was also a nurturing space, ?home.? In The Quest for Home, Michael F. Trainor unfolds how one Christian community addressed the desire for home. He offers a way of reading Mark's Gospel from the perspective of house and household. This perspective provides both the architecture and theological context for a fresh reading of the Gospel. The wisdom gleaned from Mark?s Gospel community encourages us in our struggle to develop authentic Christian communities today. The introductory chapter discusses the contemporary experience for the human need and search for real community. This moves into a brief overview of the way the New Testament seeks to respond to this search. The New Testament writings are filled with references to house and household. How relevant this is for Mark's Gospel becomes the focus of the rest of the book. Archeology and Greco-Roman literature contemporaneous to the writing of Mark's Gospel are explored to provide a cultural and social sensitivity for reading the Gospel. The cultural insights and perspective gleaned from the preceding are applied in a fresh reading of Mark's Gospel. Finally, the book draws together the main threads of Mark's presentation and presents them to Christians today who are seeking to develop community at the local level. The book begins with an introductory chapter, "The Quest for Home." Chapters in Part One: The "House" in the Ancient World are "Mark's Social and Architectural Setting," "The 'House' from Mark's Greek Heritage," "The 'House' in Mark's Roman World," and "A Summary of Mark's Greco-Roman 'House.'" Chapters in Part Two: Reading Mark's Gospel are "An Overview," "The Homeless Wilderness," "The Gathering of the New Household," "Strengthening the Household," "The Missionary Household," "The Suffering Household," "The Household in the Temple," and "Homelessness." The final chapter in Part Three: Summary is "The Household in a Gospel Community."?This is an insightful and persuasive study that will interest specialists in the gospel of John and everyone concerned about Jewish-Christian relations in the earliest decades of the Christian movement.? Religious Studies Review?As they see themselves reflected in Mark, urban readers?actual household situations, not some miraculous fantasy?become the authentic path to discipleship and the means to reform society, one house at a time.? Religious Studies Review?Michael Trainor guides his readers through Mark?s distinctive description of Jesus? household. In this ?home? mutuality and partnership reign?not patriarchal domination. Firmly grounded on sound scholarship, The Quest for Home is a perceptive reading of Mark?s Gospel and an insightful reflection on the meaning of ?home? for our time.? Mary C. Boys, S.N.J.M. Union Theological Seminary New York City?When does a ?house? become a ?home?? How can a church congregation become a community? Michael Trainor takes up these urgent and contemporary questions in a new reading of Mark?s Gospel. The material and social setting of that Gospel is frequently the Greco-Roman house and household, explored here with a wealth of information from ancient writers and archaeology. Mark shows where the homeless can be at home with God. Michael Trainor has written a book that pastors as well as students and teachers will want to read.? Justin Taylor Ecole Biblique Jerusalem?This book is chock full of new, challenging, and exciting insights. Written in an accessible style, with helpful illustrative charts, it will be a boon to teachers and preachers. This preacher and his congregations are grateful to Fr. Trainor for his guidance on our way and in our households of faith.? Fr. Robert J. Karris, O.F.M. St. Bonaventure University?In The Quest for Home, Michael Trainor combines his notable expertise in New Testament studies with a lifelong commitment to the educational and pastoral life of the Church. He provides us with a scholarly, accessible, and practical reading of Mark?s Gospel . . . ideal for religious educators at every level and pastoral leaders.? Thomas H. Groome Boston College

Congregational Communion

This thought-provoking volume makes a solid contribution to Puritan studies and offers a basis for further discussions of the trans-Atlantic aspects of the Congregational community.

Author: Francis J. Bremer

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 1555531865

Category: History

Page: 355

View: 352


Puritan studies is one of the most heavily researched areas of scholarship in both England and the United States. In this in-depth exploration of the relationship between Puritans in England and New England, Francis J. Bremer challenges the view that the colonists turned away from English Puritans in the 1640s. Rather, he convincingly demonstrates that the two communities retained a complex, symbiotic connection - a communion - throughout the seventeenth century, and that the clergy on both sides of the Atlantic saw themselves as closely linked in their spiritual mission. Focusing on the interaction between social experience and the shaping of belief, Bremer thoroughly analyzes how Puritan clergymen of a congregational persuasion came together in a godly communion and examines how that communion sustained them in times of trouble and physical dispersal. He explains the social forces that led to the articulation of early Congregationalism and details the significance of trans-Atlantic religious exchanges through correspondence, associations, publications, and other devices. Bremer traces the first-generation Puritans from their formative years at Cambridge University through the creation of a network of clerical friendships, through the flight to Holland and to New England, to the death of Oliver Cromwell and the beginnings of division within Congregationalism. This thought-provoking volume makes a solid contribution to Puritan studies and offers a basis for further discussions of the trans-Atlantic aspects of the Congregational community.