A Christology of Solidarity

In this study, the author proposes to examine the christology of Matthew's gospel by exploring the theme of Jesus' solidarity with his people, focusing on Jesus' representative role in his relationship both with Israel and the Church.

Author: William L. Kynes

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 0819180971

Category: Religion

Page: 247

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The Gospel of Matthew begins by depicting Jesus as the focus of the history of Israel and ends with Jesus commissioning the creation of a new community composed of people from all nations (the church). The center of the gospel is Jesus the Messiah, but he stands between two communities, Israel and the church. In this study, the author proposes to examine the christology of Matthew's gospel by exploring the theme of Jesus' solidarity with his people, focusing on Jesus' representative role in his relationship both with Israel and the Church. Contents: Introduction: Jesus and His People in Matthew's Gospel; Jesus, The True Son of God; Sonship and the New Community; The Miracle-working Authority of the Son; Like Master, Like Disciple; The Yoke of the Son; The Messiah and His People in Suffering and Glory; The Authority of Christ in His Church; The Christological Transfer of the Kingdom; The Son of Man and His Lowly Brethren; The Faithful Son and the Forgiveness of Sins; Disciples of the Risen Lord; Conclusion: Jesus as the Representative of His People; Bibliography.

Christology and the Synoptic Problem

Kynes , A Christology of Solidarity , pp . 89-91 , who prefer to speak either of Matthew's ' use of some Wisdom themes ' ( Stanton , ' Matthew 11.28-30 : Comfortable Words ?, p . 6 ) or of Jesus as ' the fulfillment of Wisdom ' ( Kynes ...

Author: Peter M Head

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521584884

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The first thorough scholarly treatment of the christological argument for Markan priority.

Solidarity Perfected

This monograph examines the concept of Jesus’ perfection in the Epistle to the Hebrews in relation to the broader theological themes of divine beneficence and divine “philanthropia”.

Author: Kevin McCruden

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110209822

Category: Religion

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This book provides an exegetical and theological treatment of the theme of the perfection of Jesus in the Letter to the Hebrews by demonstrating how perfection terminology functions to comment on the beneficent, compassionate character of Jesus. To depict Jesus as being made perfect or complete is Hebrews’ way of affirming Jesus’ solidarity with, and compassion for, those socially persecuted Christians who constituted Hebrews’ target audience.

Matthew s Non Messianic Mapping of Messianic Texts

29 But the most thorough investigation of this concept in Matthew remains Kynes' monograph, A Christology of Solidarity.30 Space does not allow for a full discussion of his book, but we can consider two exemplary insights to cement the ...

Author: Bruce Henning

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004444188

Category: Religion

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In Matthew’s Non-Messianic Mapping of Messianic Texts, Bruce Henning challenges the popular description of Matthew’s use of fulfillment language as Christological to the more general category “broadly eschatological” by exploring case studies which map a messianic image to Jesus’ disciples.

The Obedient Son

Deuteronomy and Christology in the Gospel of Matthew Brandon D. Crowe. 5.1.4 Summary and Significance In sum, Matt 4.1–11 clearly links Jesus' sonship with Israel's sonship as ... 32 William L. Kynes, A Christology of Solidarity: Jesus ...

Author: Brandon D. Crowe

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110279917

Category: Religion

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It has often been observed that Jesus’ filial obedience is an important Matthean theme. In this work the author argues that the articulation of Jesus as Son of God in Matthew is significantly influenced by the Deuteronomic concept of obedient sonship. After noting the complexities of Matthew’s use of Scripture – including the subtle ways he engages texts – Deuteronomy’s pervasive influence in ancient Judaism and Christianity is considered. It is argued that the requirement of Israel’s covenantal obedience as God’s son(s) is a major concern in Deuteronomy, as well as in other Jewish and Christian texts that appear to echo Deuteronomy. Indeed, it is argued that a pattern can be detected in which the sonship of Israel is invoked either to summon Israel to obedience, or to rebuke the nation for disobedience. The author concludes that the necessity of Israel’s obedient sonship is an important part of Matthew’s interpretive milieu that derives ultimately from Deuteronomy, and our understanding of Matthean Christology is greatly enhanced when viewed in this context. This study may further help us understand why Matthew’s concern with obedient sonship applies not only to Jesus uniquely, but also to the early Christian community.

Fire in the Ashes

(Matthew 27–46)—he stresses, in his Christology, the solidarity of the suffering Son of God with humankind. Thus reinterpreting a formulation by Hans Urs von Balthasar, Metz speaks of a “Christology of Holy Saturday”: We have too much ...

Author: David Patterson

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: 9780295803159

Category: Social Science

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Sixty years after it ended, the Holocaust continues to leave survivors and their descendants, as well as historians, philosophers, and theologians, pondering the enormity of that event. This book explores how inquiry about the Holocaust challenges understanding, especially its religious and ethical dimensions. Debates about God's relationship to evil are ancient, but the Holocaust complicated them in ways never before imagined. Its massive destruction left Jews and Christians searching among the ashes to determine what, if anything, could repair the damage done to tradition and to theology. Since the end of the Holocaust, Jews and Christians have increasingly sought to know how or even whether theological analysis and reflection can aid in comprehending its aftermath. Specifically, Jews and Christians, individually and collectively, find themselves more and more in the position of needing either to rethink theodicy -- typically understood as the vindication of divine justice in the face of evil -- or to abolish the concept altogether. Writing in a format that creates the feel of dialogue, the contributors to Fire in the Ashes confront these and other difficult questions about God and evil after the Holocaust. This book -- created out of shared concerns and a desire to investigate differences and disagreements between religious traditions and philosophical perspectives -- represents an effort to advance meaningful conversation between Jews and Christians and to encourage others to participate in similar inter- and intrafaith inquiries. The contributors to Fire in the Ashes are members of the Pastora Goldner Holocaust Symposium. Led since its founding in 1996 by Leonard Grob and Henry F. Knight, the symposium's Holocaust and genocide scholars -- a group that is interfaith, international, interdisciplinary, and intergenerational -- meet biennially in Oxfordshire, England.

The Recapitulation of Israel

a significant aspect of Matthew's christology “ by focusing on Jesus ' representative role ... an appreciation of Jesus ' solidarity with his people as their representative before God . 940 The insights and general methodology of Kynes ...

Author: Joel Kennedy

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 3161498259

Category: Religion

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Revised version of the author's thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Aberdeen, 2008.

Asian Contextual Theology for the Third Millennium

Furthermore, Bonhoeffer's Christology in solidarity with the working class motivate Ahn to develop a Christology in company with the ochlos from the standpoint of the social biography ofJesus. Ahn Byung-Mu, in his study of the Gospel of ...

Author: Paul S. Chung

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781556350443

Category: Religion

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In this volume, an attempt is undertaken to highlight the genesis, progress, and transformation of Asian contextual theology of minjung, introducing its historical point of departure, its development, and its transformation in light of younger Korean and Korean American scholars' endeavors. In this regard, the new Asian contextual theology, which is emerging, strives to integrate both minjung and the wisdom of World Religions into its own framework and direction, assuming the character of a public theology and remaining humble and open before God's mystery while featuring its association with minjung in a holistic way.

CCDA Theological Journal 2015 Edition

A Christology that acknowledges Jesus' solidarity with those incarcerated and reentering society equips the Church with the theological backing to join in solidarity and engage in holistic ministry in a relational and reciprocal way.

Author: Bethany Harris

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781498239189

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