A Century of Homeopaths

In the 1830s and 1840s, American homeopaths and allopaths displayed a respect for one another that was short-lived. During these early years, it was possible for physicians of both schools to consult with one another and cross-refer ...

Author: Jonathan Davidson

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ISBN: 9781493905270

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As the values of integrative medicine continues to grow, alternative points of view and treatments are increasing in acceptance and prevalence. Homeopathic medicine is considered an important root to this approach. However, contributions of homeopathically qualified doctors have long been overlooked. A Century of Homeopaths is a detailed account of the many homeopaths who have contributed to medical progress since 1840. The accomplishments of over 100 homeopaths form the organizing structure of the book - many of whom have been lost to history. The text describes the ways in which homeopaths have influenced medical practice, research and public health, as well as the seminal effect of homeopaths in the emergence of today's medical specialties and in social reform, thus providing insights to healthcare professionals, researchers, students and medical historians.

A Homeopathic Handbook of Natural Remedies

Homeopathy is one such wise and gentle approach. For more than two hundred years homeopathy has helped people all over the world find solutions to their health problems. It is among the most accepted fortns of natural medicine in the ...

Author: Laura Josephson

Publisher: Villard

ISBN: 9780679647249

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A Homeopathic Handbook of Natural Remedies offers the most succinct and up-to-date information available on homeopathy, a method of healing that works by stimulating the body’s natural defenses. Laura Josephson provides an overview of the healing principles and history of homeopathy, clear guidelines for identifying and treating symptoms, and instructions for preparing and stocking your home kit. In addition to homeopathic first aid treatment for such ailments as back pain, puncture wounds, eye injuries, fractures, and insect bites, the book outlines remedies for a wide range of everyday complaints, including allergies, coughs, colds, flu, fevers, digestive problems, headaches, PMS, earaches, insomnia, jet lag, and more. A separate section deals specifically with childhood conditions. Also included is an extensive resource directory of homeopathic pharmacies and a list of articles and other publications that provide further information.

The Pacific Coast Journal of Homeopathy

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Homeopathy The Great Riddle

... of homeopathic science, we would be left still with two significant events: one, the startling and repeated therapeutic success of hundreds of thousands of homeopathic physicians in all parts of the world for more than a century of ...

Author: Richard Grossinger

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

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This is a wonderfully succinct book which sets forth the history, essence, and methodology of homeopathy. The book is well organized in 5 major sections. There is a very thorough overview of the precepts and tenets of the practice, its historical origins, a detailed and well-covered biography of Samuel Hahnemann and a review of the politics of the allopathy v. homeopathy debate. It is further embellished with copious annotations, an appendix with an actual case history and a very fine reference for homeopathic resources such as organizations, suppliers and other texts covering a variety of related topics. Call it a perfect Homeopathy 101 text if you will, the author makes a very even-handed presentation of the material, including the politics of medicine as they have evolved in the USA over the past century.

Medical Century

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Author: Charles Edmund Fisher


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Imagine Homeopathy

At the beginning of the twentieth century the popularity of homeopathy reached a peak in the United States, which led to a rise in the number of schools, practitioners, and homeopathic hospitals. Sadly, this rise was followed by a steep ...

Author: Christian Kurz

Publisher: Thieme

ISBN: 9781604060706

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The art and science of truly successful homeopathic medicine.With the recent resurgence in the practice of homeopathy -- whether practiced alone or as a complement to other types of medicine -- comes an unprecedented demand for well-educated, highly trained practitioners. What type of education will lead to true success? Can the art of homeopathy be taught alongside the scientific concepts? Generations of homeopaths have mastered such concepts as homeoprophylaxis, genus epidemicus, and constitution, but only the truly successful practitioners have achieved a level of understanding far beyond simply dealing with patients. In this unique book, homeopath Chris Kurz offers a highly effective -- and fun -- approach to learning and importantly, retaining, all of the important concepts of homeopathy. Using vivid analogies and informal language, Kurz emphasizes the importance of true insight rather than rote memorization. Infusing a student's personal experience with creativity and imagination creates the most fertile ground for discovering and developing true insight and knowledge of homeopathy. Each chapter explores a concept through the lens of an experiment, metaphor, or image. For example, an intense examination of a common lemon brings home the notions of totality and the law of similars; a road map unlocks the mysteries of Miasms, and a game of golf illustrates important issues of case management.The result of years working with students, Kurz's inspirational and thought-provoking approach places the patient at the center of the learning process, as in everyday practice. Imagine Homeopathy is invaluable as a guide for teachers, an introduction for novices and laypeople, and a provocative refresher for seasoned practitioners.

The History of American Homeopathy

Although homeopaths had long posited the fact that substances prepared in this special way, either by serial dilution ... 65 LAW OR PRINCIPLE For more than a century, homeopaths had fought a persistent battle over the use of the letters ...

Author: John S Haller

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813551180

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Although scorned in the early 1900s and publicly condemned by Abraham Flexner and the American Medical Association, the practice of homeopathy did not disappear. Instead, it evolved with the emergence of holistic healing and Eastern philosophy in the United States and today is a form of alternative medicine practiced by more than 100,000 physicians worldwide and used by millions of people to treat everyday ailments as well as acute and chronic diseases. The History of American Homeopathy traces the rise of lay practitioners in shaping homeopathy as a healing system and its relationship to other forms of complementary and alternative medicine in an age when conventional biomedicine remains the dominant form. Representing the most current and up-to-date history of American homeopathy, readers will benefit from John S. Haller Jr.'s comprehensive explanation of complementary medicine within the American social, scientific, religious, and philosophic traditions.

Radical Medicine

The allopathic physicians experienced the growing popularity of their homeopathic colleagues perhaps most painfully in their ... with the average doctor earning less than $1,000 per year in the last decades of the nineteenth century.

Author: Louisa L. Williams

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781594779350

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A “radical” approach to holistic healing that examines the root causes and cures for ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, and heart attacks • Offers cutting-edge detoxification and draining therapies to address the tremendous chemical onslaught of modern life • Explains the profound health problems caused by dental amalgams, vaccinations, antibiotics, cosmetics With the historic use of toxic mercury amalgam fillings, excessive courses of antibiotics, damaging childhood vaccines, and the many industrial pollutants and chemicals that have been spread into our air, water, and food over the past century, general holistic health guidelines are simply no longer adequate for most people. Only through radical measures--that is, getting to the true root or underlying cause of disease--can effective healing occur. In Radical Medicine, naturopathic physician Louisa Williams describes how to treat these and other modern-day “obstacles to cure,” in order to ensure against future degenerative disease and achieve the optimal health that is our birthright. Examining the many health problems triggered by dental amalgams and poor dentistry, Dr. Williams explains that our teeth are focal points for health issues that arise elsewhere in the body. She explores the impact of vaccinations, the excessive use of antibiotics, and the chemical-laden products used as health and beauty aids--which are linked to Alzheimer’s disease, heart attacks, and breast and other cancers--and provides information on cutting-edge detoxification treatments as well as drainage and nutritional therapies. A practical guide for practitioners and patients alike, Radical Medicine offers a wealth of holistic, natural therapies for overcoming what is poisoning us and our world so we can achieve optimal health and well-being.

Complementary and Integrative Medicine in Pain Management

After several decades of neglect, homeopathy is once again being taught at Hahnemann Medical College of Pennsylvania in the ... By the late 19th century there were 110 homeopathic hospitals, 145 homeopathic dispensaries, 62 homeopathic ...

Author: Michael I. Weintraub, MD, FACP, FAAN

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826128750

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Pain is the most common complaint amongst all patients seeking care from all types of health practitioners. It is estimated that 40% of patient visits to health care practitioners are for the management of pain. The problem of pain and other functional complaints is an ever larger proportion of the practice of integrative medicine. Complementary and alternative medical modalities have much to offer in managing pain and functional complaints, as well as presenting new and unique perspectives on the phenomenon of pain. This book is also unique in taking into account cultural, historical and social factors in pain and pain management. While not a topic in itself (with the exception of the introductory chapter) it is a perspective that infuses all the topics of the book.

The Emerging Science of Homeopathy

last century was followed by a head - on clash with orthodox medicine , which stopped homeopathy in its tracks and then led to its progressive decline , particularly in Western countries , where in some cases it all but disappeared ...

Author: Paolo Bellavite

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 1556433840

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In this updated reissue of their classic Homeopathy: A Frontier in Medical Science, Italian physicians Paolo Bellavite and Andrea Signorini thoroughly examine previous and current literature on the science of homeopathy in order to discover answers to the elemental questions about homeopathy. Bellavite and Signorini engage in a fascinating discussion of the biophysics of water, biological effects of electomagnetic fields, chaos theory, and fractals.