A Book Without Chapters

It was the time when the words of Riot, “a book without chapters” began to echo in his mind. Amidst this echo, his mind caught notice of a fact; the fact that the abnormality in his life which Riot had just pointed out was not at all ...

Author: Rohit Sharma

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 9781482872248

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A love triangle ... King Joseph (KJ), Jasmine, and Riot ... ... The year is 1966; it is the time when it is a sort of fashion that people study things for years at a stretch and become proficient in them. Moreover, he is the Ph.D (Psychology) scholar King Joseph, the mastermind genius KJ of the Oxford University. What next is to happen in this novel is quite obvious. KJ has worked hard 'night and day' and has become proficient in his topic of thesis, that is, to study the effect of perfumes on human mind so well that has become capable to alter and hence control the emotions of people he wants by exposing them to fragrances; even of the mentors of his esteemed institution named Oxford. But of no use! Alas! He cannot alter the mind of Jasmine whom he has recently fallen in love with. The reason is that she is so fond of jasmine perfume that already remains surrounded by its fragrance all the time. For some time, the story tells us that how he tries to deal with the situation. But further, Riot, his old and estranged friend comes in the scene to make the matters worst for him. Of course, in the Oxford where numerous subjects are studied and taught, occult sciences have never been in the prohibited list. Riot had finished doing his Ph.D in them quite a long time ago. In fact, Riot is an occultist who has spent his entire academic life studying Indian sciences like yoga, transcendental meditation, astral projections, remote viewing, telepathy, psychokinesis, and a lot many others including some such ones too which come under the category of black magic. Even KJ sees that with his slight wish, he can lift people in the air and make them fly. This story was originally written scene by scene to claim the Oscar Award one day for original screenplay but landed here in front of you, just by chance. The name 'A Book Without Chapters' has its meaning explained in the last pages when even despite being bloodthirsty in the rivalry of a love triangle situation, Joseph (KJ) realizes that he, Riot, Jasmine, everyone, just everyone, even the person reading this novel's introduction right now, is just like a book. The main difference however lies in the fact that some books in this world are with chapters and some are without chapters. The concept of simulation of a person as a book is so simple and so strong that the writer expects that the reader shall also begin to see one's own life as a book, just as the actors of this novel begin to do by the end. LET US SEE NOW, WHAT KIND OF BOOK YOU DISCOVER YOURSELF AS ! !!

The Beauty Behind the Mask

book”) creates a “form” that not just obscures but actually undercuts the meaning of the writings it shapes. the ... Why this number? origen argued that it was “not without reason” that the books of the hebrew bible were the same in ...

Author: Christopher R. Smith

Publisher: Clements Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781894667739

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While millions of Bibles are distributed in North America every year, most of them are never read. One significant reason for this is that the Bible has been shaped over time in a way that makes it difficult to read and understand. But the Scriptures are now being released in a new format designed to help readers overcome the problems that the traditional presentation creates. In this new edition, The Books of The Bible, chapters and verses have been removed, the books appear in a new order, and longer works that were divided over time have been restored to unity. Christopher R. Smith is a member of the team that worked with the International Bible Society to develop this new edition. In this book, he traces the history and effects of the traditional elements that have shaped the customary presentation of the Scriptures. He describes how the new format was developed to help overcome these effects. And he explains how The Books of The Bible can be used effectively for personal devotions, group studies, sermon preparation and the other disciplines by which we apply the teachings of Gods word to our lives. The Rev. Dr. Christopher R. Smith is pastor of the University Baptist Church of East Lansing, Michigan. He has a B.A. in literature from Harvard University, an M.A.T.S. in church history from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. in theology from Boston College. His articles have appeared in such publications as The Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, New Testament Studies, Novum Testamentum, and Vigilae Christianae.

A Life Without Chapters

You Will soon find out that this book doesn't have any chapters. The dictionary defines chapters as “the divisions of a book.” To me, this is a story that could've been broken down into 500 chapters, topics, or headings.

Author: Timothy Cress

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595300716

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The New Testament Bible Without Chapters or Verses Chronological KJV

This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. Printed in the United States of ...

Author: BibleWithoutVerses.com

Publisher: Lulu.com

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This is a King James version of the New Testament Bible without chapters and verses. It is also arranged in a chronological order. In addition, it has blank pages between books so the setting of the letters can be added to unveil the unseen STORY when the New Testament is read and viewed as a whole and in order. Inspired by a book named, Revolutionary Bible Study which can be found at www.SeedSowers.com.

How to Write a Book Proposal

Weave into your chapter descriptions revelations that enhance your book's salability: “Revealed in the next part of the ... Outlines Without Chapters BOOKS DIVIDED INTO SECTIONS: When Mike wrote the proposal for Painted Ladies: San ...

Author: Jody Rein

Publisher: Penguin

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THE ESSENTIAL RESOURCE FOR SELLING YOUR BOOK If you want to publish a book, you must present it to agents and publishers with a knock-your-socks-off proposal. Whether you're seeking a traditional press to publish your self-published book or trying to win over an agent for your graphic novel, memoir, or nonfiction title, you need an irresistible proposal. The better your proposal, the better the editor, publisher, and deal you will get. Nailing your proposal requires an understanding of how publishers work and how to brand yourself, build a platform, and structure your book. You'll learn it all in this breezy top-to-bottom revision of the classic 100,000-copy best-seller. Inside How to Write a Book Proposal 5th Edition, you will find: • Examples of successful proposals that earned six-figure deals • Guidance from agents, publishers, and writers • Ways to customize your proposal • Strategies for proposals in the Digital Age • Effective structures for narrative writers • A list of the "Top Ten Proposal Killers" This sassy, thorough guide from industry professionals Jody Rein and Michael Larsen will become your go-to for advice about publishing.

Solitary Walks Through Many Lands

But having pointed out an error in my last simile , I must substitute a better - viz : writing a book without chapters , is like travelling along a straight road ; we look back , and we look forward ; but there is nothing . to mark our ...

Author: Henry David Inglis


ISBN: OXFORD:600003786

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A Plain and Easy Road to the Land of Bliss

was divided into many parts ; and that , for want of them , the book would be a book without chapters ; and he thought a book without chapters a strange book indeed , even worse than a book which had a chapter almost in every page of it ...



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You Can Write Children s Books

Books. Without. Chapters. Start by leaving good margins — at least an inch on each side and an inch and a half at the bottom. At the top of your first page, in the lefthand corner, type your name and address, telephone number, ...

Author: Tracey E. Dils

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781582979861

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"Writing for children - whether it's in the form of picture books, beginning readers, chapters books and novels, or nonfiction - requires a unique skill set: The ability to speak to children on their level. You Can Write Children's Books, 2nd Edition, provides you with the instruction and exercises you need to shape your ideas, develop your writing, and sell your work! In this book, you will find: • updated information on changes in the publishing industry related to children's book writing • techniques and exercises for writing children's books • instruction for submitting work online • an updated look at publishing methods and opportunities (like traditional, online, print on demand, and online promotional opportunities) • and much more! "

The Note Books of Samuel Butler

grown so used to this now that we think nothing of it, still, whenever it can be done without sacrificing something more ... act or even drama into a single, unbroken movement without subdivision is like making a book without chapters, ...

Author: Samuel Butler

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783734088933

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Reproduction of the original: The Note-Books of Samuel Butler by Samuel Butler

Writing Young Adult Fiction For Dummies

Imagine a novel without chapters: one long procession of events, page after page, paragraph after paragraph, until (finally!) “The End.” You'd be lucky to avoid wandering off on tangents, and your readers would be completely overwhelmed ...

Author: Deborah Halverson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118092903

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Your hands-on, friendly guide to writing young adult fiction With young adult book sales rising, and bestselling authors like J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer exploding onto the scene, aspiring YA writers are more numerous than ever. Are you interested in writing a young adult novel, but aren't sure how to fit the style that appeals to young readers? Writing Young Adult Fiction For Dummies gives you tricks of the trade and proven tips on all the steps to write a YA book, from developing an idea to publication. Unique writing exercises to help you find your own authentic teen voice Tips to avoid when submitting manuscripts How to break into the flourishing young adult market With the help of this step-by-step guide, you'll have all the skills to write an inspiring and marketable young adult novel.