A Bite of the Apple

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Author: Lennie Goodings

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198828754

Category: Literary Collections

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In this insightful memoir Lennie Goodings takes the reader behind the scenes at Virago, the feminist press that she has led for twenty years. Moving from Virago's early days of independence, through its various commercial incarnations, the author reflects on idealistic publishing and how it feels to be a beacon for change.

A Bite of the Apple

She loved apples as a child and her dad always brought her a bag from New Orleans. She wouldn't give anyone else a taste, but she gave Parker a bite out of one every day; and of course, he took as big a bite as he could.


Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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Cupid s Apple

Then, without hesitation, he grabbed the biggest and ripest of all of the apples from the basket, which, of course, lay on top, lavishing a marvellous honey aroma and took a bite. 'These apples are really sweet!' the young man exclaimed ...

Author: Olga Kryuchkova

Publisher: Babelcube Inc.

ISBN: 9781547556045

Category: Fiction

Page: 85

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Sergei Lvovich Zavyalov, an artillery major, takes a holiday to visit his aunt Aglaya Dmitrievna. At his aunt’s insistence, Zavyalov begins courting their neighbour, Polina Veresova. They have a night of love in a hunting lodge. Polina’s intimate diary falls into the man’s hands. Sergei Lvovich is shocked and immediately leaves the love nest. He leaves the welcome home of his aunt Aglaya Dmitrievna without further explanation and goes to visit a friend. The upset aunt gathers a basket of apples for her nephew’s journey. Zavyalov boards a train and finds himself in a carriage with a teenage boy and his English tutor. The major has no idea that this is to become a fateful encounter for him. Meanwhile, in provocation the teenager takes an apple from Zavyalov’s basket without asking. In response, the young troublemaker receives a hefty slap from the major. A scandal erupts. At this point, Polina realises that Sergei has run away. She decides to go after him and explain herself no matter what the cost. Zavyalov gets safely to his army friend Sobolev’s estate. Soon enough, Polina arrives and gets a room at a nearby inn. Sobolev and Zavyalov go off hunting. They find a poacher on Sobolev’s grounds. Zavyalov recognises him as the Englishman from the train. Meanwhile, Polina is spying on Zavyalov and gets caught in the rain. She decides to hide in a small barn next to Sobolev’s estate. By the will of destiny, the Englishman happens to be wandering in that direction...

Men of Fighters The Mark

Eventually they found a tree with ripe apples, fourth day without food, but there it rest before them. Kelja continued to run past the tree for a moment, ... Lorinus and Pip practically cried as they took their first bite of an apple.

Author: Michael Sinclair

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781683484967

Category: Fiction

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Book Delisted

Marketing Semiotics

Unpacking the Apple Logo Logos transform natural signs into symbolic discourses by means of abstraction and ... In the Apple logo, the apple is inscribed with a “bite,” suggesting indulgence, tasting, and even the “bite” or sting ...

Author: Laura R. Oswald

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191647901

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 234

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Everyday consumers buy into the concept of brands and their associated meanings - the perception of quality, a symbolic relationship, a vicarious experience, or even a sense of identity. Marketing Semiotics suggests that the extent to which consumers recognize, internalize, and relate to brand meanings is not only an academic question. These meanings contribute to 'brand equity', the financial value of intangible brand benefits that exceed the use value of goods, and impacts upon a firm's financial performance. Therefore, the management of brand equity demands first and foremost the management of brand meanings, or semiotics. The book uses structural semiotics, a discipline that extends the laws of structural linguistics to the analysis of verbal, visual, and spatial sign systems, to shed light on the cultural codes and discourse of brands. It proposes that semiotic research should form the cornerstone of brand equity management, since brands rely so heavily on sign systems that contribute to profitability by distinguishing brands from simple commodities, from competitors, and engaging consumers in the brand world. The book includes dozens of global business cases where semiotics has been used to refocus, reposition, or extend the brand to new products, customers, and markets. Drawing upon twenty years of academic and consulting experience, the book provides actionable direction for steering brands through technological and cultural change, differentiating brands in the competitive environment, and counteracting the natural depletion of brand meaning over time.

The Routledge Companion to World Literary Journalism

in the breathless silence of the dark there is heard the terribly distinct sound of a bite: the young woman has taken a bite of her apple. The torch buzzes again and there is the apple as before, clearly illuminated on her palm.24 In ...

Author: John S. Bak

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000799224

Category: Social Science

Page: 579

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This cutting-edge research companion addresses our current understanding of literary journalism’s global scope and evolution, offering an immersive study of how different nations have experimented with and perfected the narrative journalistic form/genre over time. The Routledge Companion to World Literary Journalism demonstrates the genre’s rich genealogy and global impact through a comprehensive study of its many traditions, including the crónica, the ocherk, reportage, the New Journalism, the New New Journalism, Jornalismo literário, periodismo narrativo, bao gao wen xue, creative nonfiction, Literarischer Journalismus, As-SaHafa al Adabiyya, and literary nonfiction. Contributions from a diverse range of established and emerging scholars explore key issues such as the current role of literary journalism in countries radically affected by the print media crisis and the potential future of literary journalism, both as a centerpiece to print media writ large and as an academic discipline universally recognized around the world. The book also discusses literary journalism's responses to war, immigration, and censorship; its many female and Indigenous authors; and its digital footprints on the internet. This extensive and authoritative collection is a vital resource for academics and researchers in literary journalism studies, as well as in journalism studies and literature in general.

The Brain s Representational Power

Taking a bite from an apple activates a host of sensory subsystems—the proprioceptors of our tongue and jaw muscles as much as the tongue's mechanoreceptors and taste buds—but not all of these inputs need to be used here.

Author: Cyriel M.A. Pennartz

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262029315

Category: Science

Page: 407

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A neuroscientifically informed theory arguing that the core of qualitative conscious experience arises from the integration of sensory and cognitive modalities. Although science has made considerable progress in discovering the neural basis of cognitive processes, how consciousness arises remains elusive. In this book, Cyriel Pennartz analyzes which aspects of conscious experience can be peeled away to access its core: the “hardest” aspect, the relationship between brain processes and the subjective, qualitative nature of consciousness. Pennartz traces the problem back to its historical roots in the foundations of neuroscience and connects early ideas on sensory processing to contemporary computational neuroscience. What can we learn from neural network models, and where do they fall short in bridging the gap between neural processes and conscious experience? Do neural models of cognition resemble inanimate systems, and how can this help us define requirements for conscious processing in the brain? These questions underlie Pennartz's examination of the brain's anatomy and neurophysiology. The perspective of his account is not limited to visual perception but broadened to include other sensory modalities and their integration. Formulating a representational theory of the neural basis of consciousness, Pennartz outlines properties that complex structures must express to process information consciously. This theoretical framework is constructed using empirical findings from neuropsychology and neuroscience as well as such theoretical arguments as the Cuneiform Room and the Wall Street Banker. Positing that qualitative experience is a multimodal and multilevel phenomenon at its very roots, Pennartz places this body of theory in the wider context of mind-brain philosophy, examining implications for our thinking about animal and robot consciousness.

The Apples of Idunn

She mumbled something unintelligible, then grasped his hand with her own and took a bite of the apple. In an instant she sat upright, no doubt shocked by the overwhelming sensation. Her eyes rolled back as she chewed, savoring every ...

Author: Matt Larkin

Publisher: Incandescent Phoenix Books

ISBN: 9781946686046

Category: Fiction

Page: 367

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Driven to become king. Fated to be a god. In the cold winters of an ice age, Odin was born to be a mere jarl. But Fate has staked a claim upon him. When his brother falls under a ghostly curse, a goddess offers Odin a chance to save him. If Odin can make himself king—and promise an unspecified favor—she will make him and his family immortal. In desperation, Odin begins a quest to become king of all the Aesir. But his journey exposes him to forces more powerful than even the goddess: the Norns who foretell Fate. They warn of a terrible burden he will bear, and of the coming end times, Ragnarok. Tormented by his prophetic dreams, Odin must soon choose between those he loves and a fragile chance to avert Ragnarok. The free first-in-series epic to a dark fantasy, gritty retelling of Norse mythology. This epic fantasy series includes: The Apples of Idunn The Mists of Niflheim The Shores of Vanaheim The High Seat of Asgard The Well of Mimir The Radiance of Alfheim The Shadows of Svartalfheim The Gates of Hel The Fires of Muspelheim PRAISE FOR THE WORLD OF ESCHATON CYCLE EPIC FANTASY SERIES: “He takes mythology and lore, stories and peoples and gods you might have heard of and twists them, and makes them uniquely his. His retellings are some of the best I’ve ever read, and the amount of research he puts into each one of his books is staggering.” - Sarah Chorn via Goodreads “The story itself is complex and it is extremely well crafted. ” - FantasyBookNerd via Goodreads “Matt Larkin, is arguably the current master of the Mythic Legend genre. He has created the far reaching Eschaton Cycle that interweaves religions, myths, and legends of cultures and people through out time and across the face of the Earth as we know it.” - Dale Russel via Goodreads “Scenes so vividly detailed it paints a fantastic backdrop and tosses in some spice to add flavor to the mix. ” - Kaye via Goodreads For fans of: R. Scott Bakker Guy Gavriel Kay Madeline Miller Steven Erikson Sue Lynn Tan Katherine Arden Jennifer Saint Tashi Suri Joe Abercrombie Juliet Marillier Wesley Chu Michael Fletcher Giles Kristian Christopher Buehlman George R.R. Martin James Islington Janny Wurts Brent Weeks Ed McDonald Keywords related to this epic fantasy series: Norse myth, Germanic myth, dark fantasy books, epic sagas, free epic fantasy books, myths and legends, retellings, folklore, fairytales, mythology, grimdark, epic fantasy, epic free, omnibus set, omnibus bundle, sword and sorcery, fantasy stories, omnibus collection, historical fantasy

Sweet Eyes

Down the stairs and through the door , I pause in front of the apples . Being careful not to irritate any wasps , I choose an apple , brush at it , and take a bite . The sweet , soft insides squish and juice in my mouth .

Author: Jonis Agee

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803259484

Category: Fiction

Page: 424

View: 801


Sweet Eyes is the wondrous story of the young woman Honey Parrish, who becomes involved in an interracial love affair and struggles to solve longstanding mysteries in her hometown and to move beyond her family?s troubled past.