A Best Practice Guide to Sex and Storytelling

Drawing on John Bucher's professional experience in both high- and low-budget environments and including interviews with players from both sides of the camera, this book provides an essential guide to handling sex and nudity for film and ...

Author: John Bucher

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0815371764

Category: Motion pictures

Page: 230

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A great deal of storytelling in film and television involves narratives that include sexual situations and nudity. The increased amount of on-line and streaming content outlets has in turn increased the number of narratives that involve these once-taboo subjects. Often, even though directors and producers desire to handle such issues with professionalism, sets become awkward when producing these scenes. A Best Practice Guide to Sex and Storytelling serves as a helpful tool for guiding creators through these waters. Even as the practice has become more common, the environments in which individuals on both sides of the camera work to create sensitive content have not become any more comfortable. To date, there have been no industry guides and little practical instruction on how to approach such important yet delicate scenes. Sex and Storytelling offers theoretical and practical approaches to creating the most effective content, while honoring the dignity and humanity of everyone involved on-set when sexuality and nudity is a part of the story being told. Drawing on John Bucher's professional experience in both high- and low-budget environments and including interviews with players from both sides of the camera, this book provides an essential guide to handling sex and nudity for film and television in a professional manner.

A Best Practice Guide to Assessment and Intervention for Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Schools

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 26, 389–406. simpson, r. l. (
2005) “evidence-based practices and students with ... (2009) “social
communication competence and functional adaptation in a general population of
children: Preliminary evidence for sex-by-verbal iQ differential risk. ... A. (2008) “
using social stories to increase positive behaviors for children with autism
spectrum disorders.

Author: Lee A. Wilkinson

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 0857003755

Category: Psychology

Page: 208

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*Winner in the Education/Academic category of the 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards* *Shortlisted for the 2011 NASEN Award 'The Special Needs Academic Book'* With a focus on best practice and the importance of early diagnosis, this book provides a practical and scientifically-based approach to the assessment and diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome and autism spectrum conditions. This book offers a balance of conceptual, practical and empirical information designed to bridge the research-to-practice gap in identifying, assessing, and treating school-aged children with autism-related conditions. Assessment tools and intervention strategies will support school-based professionals in: · identifying and assessing young people with high-functioning autism spectrum conditions · developing and implementing classroom-based intervention programs · initiating a dialogue between parents and teachers · accessing community resources · promoting special needs advocacy. With illustrative case studies, FAQs, quick reference boxes, and a glossary, this accessible guide will appeal to teachers, counsellors, psychologists, social work practitioners and students.

Identity and Lifelong Learning

How connections heal: Stories from relational cultural therapy. New York, NY:
Guilford Press. Warner, L. R. (2008). A best practices guide to intersectional
approaches in psychological research. Sex Roles, 59(3), 454–463. Warner, L. R.

Author: Sue L. Motulsky

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 9781648022159

Category: Education

Page: 305

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Learning and identity development are lifetime processes of becoming. The construction of self, of interest to scholars and practitioners in adult development and adult learning, is an ongoing process, with the self both forming and being formed by lived experience in privileged and oppressive contexts. Intersecting identities and the power dynamics within them shape how learners define themselves and others and how they make meaning of their experiences in the world. The series, I Am What I Become: Constructing Identities as Lifelong Learners, is an insightful and diverse collection of empirical research and narrative essays in identity development, adult development, and adult learning. The purpose of this series is to publish contributions that highlight the intimate and intricate connections between learning and identity. The series aims to assist our readers to understand and nurture adults who are always in the process of becoming. We hope to promote reflection and research at the intersection of identity and adult learning at any point across the adult lifespan. The rich array of qualitative research designs as well as autobiographic and narrative essays transform and expand our understanding of the lived experience of people both like us and unlike us, from the U.S. and beyond. Identity and Lifelong Learning: Becoming through Lived Experience, Volume Two of the series, focuses on identity and learning within informal settings and life experiences. The contributions showcase the many ways that identity development and learning occur within cultural domains, through developmental and identity challenges or transitions in career or role, and in a variety of places from assisted living facilities to makerspaces. These chapters highlight identity and learning across the adult lifespan from millennials and emerging adults to midlife and older adults. The authors examine cultural, relational and social identity exploration and learning in international contexts and within marginalized communities. This volume features phenomenological and ethnographic qualitative studies, autoethnographies, case studies, and narratives that engage the reader in the myriad ways that adult development, learning, and identity connect and influence each other. Praise for: Identity and Lifelong Learning: Becoming Through Lived Experience "We all pay lip service to the importance of lifelong learning, but what is it exactly and how does it come about? The connections between identity and learning are intriguing and complex, especially when it comes to adult learners. In this very thoughtfully organized collection, researchers present qualitative and narrative studies, along with personal narratives, to explore identity development in formal and informal learning environments. Contributions from varied cultural contexts, most with powerful and moving stories to tell, provide insight into how identity, meaning-making, and adult learning and development intersect and influence each other. Psychologists, scholars and educators interested in identity development and meaning-making will find inspiration and fresh understanding in this innovative and enlightening series." Ruthellen Josselson Author of Paths to Fulfillment: Women’s Search for Meaning and Identity "This innovative series on adult development is inspiring and substantive. We hear voices from the margins and stories of courage. We read identity-formation narratives by young adults and experienced professionals who share impressive capacities for transparency, vulnerability, and self-reflection. Many of the narratives are embedded in rigorous qualitative research that highlights diverse ways that identity is shaped through social positionality, lived experience, the quest for individuation, and willingness to encounter life as a dynamic learning process." Jared D. Kass, Lesley University Author, of A Person-Centered Approach to Psychospiritual Maturation: Mentoring Psychological Resilience and Inclusive Community in Higher Education

African American Girls and the Construction of Identity

A best practices guide to intersectional approaches in psychological research.
Sex Roles, 59,454–63. Washington, M. H. (1990). Invented lives: Narratives of
black women, 1860–1960. Garden City, NY: Anchor Press. Waterman, A. S. (

Author: Sheila Walker

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781498570091

Category: Psychology

Page: 204

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African American Girls and the Construction of Identity explores identity formation among African American adolescent girls through the lens of socioeconomic class.

Sexual Harassment in Education and Work Settings Current Research and Best Practices for Prevention

Current Research and Best Practices for Prevention Michele A. Paludi, Jennifer L
. Martin, James E. Gruber, Susan Fineran ... The second, Sexual Harassment and
Bullying: A Guide to Keeping Kids Safe and Holding Schools Accountable, by
Susan Strauss, ... This story was made into the 2005 movie North Country,
starring Charlize Theron, and portrays the experience of women miners trying to
maintain ...

Author: Michele A. Paludi

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440832949

Category: Social Science

Page: 347

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Addresses current legal and psychological issues involved in campus and workplace violence, specifically sexual misconduct, and offers best practices for organizations seeking to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct. Provides an overview of current legislation surrounding sexual misconduct Examines the impact of sexual misconduct on individuals, bystanders, and organizations Offers recommendations for investigating complaints of sexual harassment and other forms of sexual misconduct in organizations and universities Presents invaluable insights into cultural views regarding sexual harassment Contains essays by campus and workplace consultants, lawyers, and other subject experts

Handbook of the Social Psychology of Inequality

Narratives and numbers: Feminist multiple methods research. In S. N. ...
Intersectionality in California's same-sex marriage battles: A complex proposition.
... A best practices guide to intersectional approaches in psychological research.
Sex ...

Author: Jane D. McLeod

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789401790024

Category: Social Science

Page: 749

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This volume provides the first comprehensive overview of social psychological research on inequality for a graduate student and professional audience. Drawing on all of the major theoretical traditions in sociological social psychology, its chapters demonstrate the relevance of social psychological processes to this central sociological concern. Each chapter in the volume has a distinct substantive focus, but the chapters will also share common emphases on: • The unique contributions of sociological social psychology • The historical roots of social psychological concepts and theories in classic sociological writings • The complementary and conflicting insights that derive from different social psychological traditions in sociology. This Handbook is of interest to graduate students preparing for careers in social psychology or in inequality, professional sociologists and university/college libraries.

Jainism A Guide for the Perplexed

Thus, Jain stories advocate the practice of Jainism to achieve moks ̇a, but they
also explicate how Jain practices result in worldly benefits. For example, there
are many narratives in which practicing Jainism results in such worldly benefits
as wealth, power, good fortune, rebirth as ... For example, there are narratives
about lying, verbal and emotional abuse, slander, sex scandals, hypocrisy, and

Author: Sherry Fohr

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474227551

Category: Religion

Page: 176

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Jainism is arguably the most non-violent and austere religion in the world. While lay Jains attempt to never harm humans or animals, the strict non-violence followed by the highly revered monks and nuns also proscribes harm to any living being, even a microscopic organism. And while laywomen (and a few laymen) undergo long and difficult fasts, the longest being for one month, renouncers' austerities also include pulling their hair out by the roots two to five times a year, walking bare-foot throughout India most of the year, and, in the case of some monks, not wearing any clothing at all. Jainism: A Guide for the Perplexed is a clear and thorough account of this fascinating tradition, explaining many basic Jain values, beliefs and practices in the same way they are taught to Jains themselves, through the medium of sacred narratives. Drawing from Jainism's copious and influential narrative tradition, the author explores the inner-logic of how renouncers' and laypeople's values and practices depend on an intricate Jain worldview.

The Trial Practice Guide

Your task is , therefore , to evaluate these stories in the light of the evidence and
your own common sense . ... listen to the opposition's closing statement and
recast the opponent's very words and arguments in a way that best represents
the defendant . ... been a single — not one - complaint from any female about any
type of sexual harassment or sex discrimination - until Desdemona Davis came
along .

Author: Joan M. Brovins

Publisher: Section of General Practice

ISBN: STANFORD:36105044592744

Category: Trial practice

Page: 289

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Technology and Practice Guide

Same - Sex Marriage Home Page www . nether . net / - rod / gay / marriage . html
! ... nsclc . org Senior Citizens / Retired www . pizazz . com / seniors / foxes
National Women ' s Resource Center www . nwrc . org Success Stories continued
from page 64 will allow . ... Here again , the fastest drive you can afford is the best



ISBN: STANFORD:36105061949991

Category: Law offices


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Sex Trafficking

A Clinical Guide for Nurses Mary De Chesnay, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN ...
Part II is clinical, in which content experts in a variety of clinical specialties share
their knowledge of best practices of treating the common health problems of
people who have ... is proven time after time when we listen to the stories of

Author: Mary De Chesnay, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826171160

Category: Medical

Page: 400

View: 300


Awarded third place in the 2013 AJN Book of the Year Awards in the Community-Public Health category "[A]n indispensable volume for nurse educators to use to help to inform new generations of nurses about the topic of sex trafficking...What is striking about this book is its readability. It draws the reader into the chapters with its engaging scenarios and pertinent information... A highly readable guide to sex trafficking for U.S. nurses and other health care professionals." -- Journal of Transcultural Nursing "This is a valuable resource for emergency departments everywhere! It is the gold standard for information about this topic."--Doody's Medical Reviews "This excellent text puts forensic nurses in an excellent position to make an impact one of the 27 million people who are victims, just in the United States, of sex trafficking crimes. It is incumbent on the forensic community to take a stand and lead a charge in first learning about and then putting into action a plan to give a voice to the victims, caring for them as our patients and developing a strategy to help end this crime. This book will help to create the awareness and passion that is needed to accomplish just that."--Forensic Nursing News The statistics are staggering: nearly 27 million people worldwide are currently victims of human trafficking, most frequently girls between the ages of 12 and 14. This is the first clinical guide to assessing and treating victims of sex trafficking, encompassing best practices and strategies for overcoming the severe barriers that this group presents. These barriers most notably include separating victims from their pimps/handlers who exert tight control over their lives, speech, and interactions with healthcare providers. At the heart of the book are consistently organized chapters addressing the major injuries, diseases and psychological traumas for which trafficked victims are likely to seek treatment. These chapters include a description of each condition, culturally based best practices for treatment, special considerations for male, female, and child victims, and expected outcomes. Citing the specialized circumstances of this population, the book discusses how to adapt current treatments to the special needs of these young victims. Additional features include case studies, short bullet points, and easy-to-follow recommendations. The book also discusses human trafficking as a global issue with particular attention to the United States. The guide describes the countrywide resources available for practitioners to learn about sex trafficking in the United States, focusing on Georgia as the only state to offer a comprehensive approach to sex trafficking and a model for the rest of the country. It also addresses health policy implications for practitioners and how to harness the support of law enforcement entities. Key Features: Provides best practices to date in a concise reference-style guide to medical and psychological assessment and treatment of sex trafficking victims Includes case studies and easy-to-follow practice recommendations Describes strategies on overcoming handlersí control over their victims Provides phone numbers and contact information by state or region regarding how to safely involve law enforcement

Indian Literary Review

A Marriage Manual , ( A Practical Guide Book to Sex and Marriage ) , by H. M.
Stone and Abraham Stone , Rs . 8-4 . ... My Best Detective Story , My Best
Adventure Story , ( An Anthology of Stories Chosen by their own Authors ) , Rs . 4
-13 each ...



ISBN: UTEXAS:059171103490025

Category: Books


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Stories We ve Heard Stories We ve Told

Life-Changing Narratives in Therapy and Everyday Life Jeffrey Kottler. Murphy ...
The best reality show on television. ... Bibliotherapy: A guide to using books in
clinical practice. ... Victims of memory: Sex abuse accusations and shattered lives

Author: Jeffrey Kottler

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199328277

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

View: 430


This is a book that integrates what is known from a wide variety of disciplines about the nature of storytelling and how it influences and transforms people's lives. Drawing on material from the humanities, sociology, anthropology, neurophysiology, media and communication studies, narrative inquiry, indigenous healing traditions, as well as education, counseling, and therapy, the book explores the ways that therapists operate as professional storytellers. In addition, our job is to hold and honor the stories of our clients, helping them to reshape them in more constructive ways. The book itself is written as a story, utilizing engaging prose, research, photographs, and powerful anecdotes to draw readers into the intriguing dynamics and processes involved in therapeutic storytelling. It sets the stage for what follows by discussing the ways that stories have influenced history, cultural development, and individual worldviews and then delves into the ways that everyday lives are impacted by the stories we hear, read, and view in popular media. The focus then moves to stories within the context of therapy, exploring how client stories are told, heard, and negotiated in sessions. Attention then moves to the ways that therapists can become more skilled and accomplished storytellers, regardless of their theoretical preferences and style.


Case studies and best practice examples are used , and practical guidance is
given on identifying harassing , bullying , and violent ... Kingdom , and this
publication gives the complete text of the three main acts ( the Sex Discrimination
Act , the Race Relations Act , and the ... book , written in a popular magazine style
and focusing on the individual stories behind the successes of several unusual
women .

Author: 布卢姆斯伯里出版公司

Publisher: 中信出版社

ISBN: 7800736598

Category: Business

Page: 2114

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Sex Drugs and Body Counts

In practical political terms, if something is not measured it does not exist, if it is not
counted it does not count. ... Standards and Their Stories: How Quantifying,
Classifying, and Formalizing Practices Shape Everyday Life (Ithaca: Cornell
University Press, 2009). For brief, and eminently accessible, recent primers on
identifying questionable statistics, see Joel Best, Stat-Spotting: A Field Guide to
Identifying 8.

Author: Peter Andreas

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801457067

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

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At least 200,000-250,000 people died in the war in Bosnia. "There are three million child soldiers in Africa." "More than 650,000 civilians have been killed as a result of the U.S. occupation of Iraq." "Between 600,000 and 800,000 women are trafficked across borders every year." "Money laundering represents as much as 10 percent of global GDP." "Internet child porn is a $20 billion-a-year industry." These are big, attention-grabbing numbers, frequently used in policy debates and media reporting. Peter Andreas and Kelly M. Greenhill see only one problem: these numbers are probably false. Their continued use and abuse reflect a much larger and troubling pattern: policymakers and the media naively or deliberately accept highly politicized and questionable statistical claims about activities that are extremely difficult to measure. As a result, we too often become trapped by these mythical numbers, with perverse and counterproductive consequences. This problem exists in myriad policy realms. But it is particularly pronounced in statistics related to the politically charged realms of global crime and conflict-numbers of people killed in massacres and during genocides, the size of refugee flows, the magnitude of the illicit global trade in drugs and human beings, and so on. In Sex, Drugs, and Body Counts, political scientists, anthropologists, sociologists, and policy analysts critically examine the murky origins of some of these statistics and trace their remarkable proliferation. They also assess the standard metrics used to evaluate policy effectiveness in combating problems such as terrorist financing, sex trafficking, and the drug trade.

Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work

Further Reading : “ A Guide to Best Practice : Occupational Health and Safety in
the Australian Sex Industry . ... The opera was condemned because a prostitute ,
Violetta Valery , was sympathetically portrayed and central to the story — and ...

Author: Melissa Hope Ditmore


ISBN: PSU:000060502520

Category: Prostitution

Page: 782

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This encyclopedia addresses what is usually considered a societal failing and the underside of sexuality and economic survival. It offers entries related to prostitution and the sex industry while an introduction overviews the scope of prostitution from the earliest historical records.

A Practical Guide to Successful Writing

And if you're wise you develop a nose that pokes itself into all sorts of places and
smells out stories . You learn to fill ... She usually comes a great deal quicker to
the one who goes to meet her than the one who won't start work until she arrives .
And further , a ... The story written purely from the sex angle - hidden or open -
has died the death , and instead , the problem story is stressed . The old - time ...

Author: Jack Lait


ISBN: WISC:89099899460

Category: Authorship

Page: 158

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The Columbia Guide to the Latin American Novel Since 1945

Her picaresque journey made Eva Luna a best-selling work. ... of Los Angeles
and goes on to practice law in the Bay area, and Carmen Morales, a Mexican
American friend who becomes a jewelry designer. ... The former, which has been
broadly commented upon by critics, is the story of four generations of the Trueba-
del-Valle family, an amalgam of ... In her idiosyncratic synthesis of legend,
folklore, memoir, and fiction, Allende wrote about the joys of food and sex in
Afrodita: cuentos, ...

Author: Raymond L. Williams

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231501699

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 400

View: 190


In this expertly crafted, richly detailed guide, Raymond Leslie Williams explores the cultural, political, and historical events that have shaped the Latin American and Caribbean novel since the end of World War II. In addition to works originally composed in English, Williams covers novels written in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, and Haitian Creole, and traces the profound influence of modernization, revolution, and democratization on the writing of this era. Beginning in 1945, Williams introduces major trends by region, including the Caribbean and U.S. Latino novel, the Mexican and Central American novel, the Andean novel, the Southern Cone novel, and the novel of Brazil. He discusses the rise of the modernist novel in the 1940s, led by Jorge Luis Borges's reaffirmation of the right of invention, and covers the advent of the postmodern generation of the 1990s in Brazil, the Generation of the "Crack" in Mexico, and the McOndo generation in other parts of Latin America. An alphabetical guide offers biographies of authors, coverage of major topics, and brief introductions to individual novels. It also addresses such areas as women's writing, Afro-Latin American writing, and magic realism. The guide's final section includes an annotated bibliography of introductory studies on the Latin American and Caribbean novel, national literary traditions, and the work of individual authors. From early attempts to synthesize postcolonial concerns with modernist aesthetics to the current focus on urban violence and globalization, The Columbia Guide to the Latin American Novel Since 1945 presents a comprehensive, accessible portrait of a thoroughly diverse and complex branch of world literature.

The P T A Magazine

Study Course Guides 1. 1. Basic Course Directed by Ruth Strang " Sex as a Part
of Growing Up " ( page 19 ) Points for Study and Discussion 1. From time to time
we hear or read amusing stories about children's perception of sex and parents '
attitudes toward it . ... call in a trained nurse from a modern hospital where the
psychological aspects of infant care are stressed , to demonstrate the best
practices .



ISBN: CORNELL:31924058913710

Category: Child rearing


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The New Good Vibrations Guide to Sex

We can ' t fit everything into a nice neat category , and the sex writing we didn ' t
cover usually focuses on extremely ... Individual sex histories found in collections
like Good Sex : Real Stories from Real People , Sex : Real People Talk ... Often
reading about the sexual practices of others can be as arousing as any fiction !

Author: Cathy Winks


ISBN: UOM:39015058810048

Category: Sex

Page: 304

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'The best sex manual ever written.' - The Advocate 'Buy one for yourself, one for you r partner, one for your best friend and don't forget mom and dad.' Amy Bloom, New Woman.