50 Years of US Study Abroad Students

The Open Doors data from the Institute of International Education demonstrate that US study abroad participation rates ... As the overall percentage of US study abroad students going to Europe declined from 62.9% in 2001–02 to 54.4% in ...

Author: Sarah R. Asada

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429880209

Category: Education

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Since the 1960s, Japan has been a historical leading study abroad destination for US undergraduate students. This book explores the long-term impacts of study abroad through a lens of knowledge diplomacy and the cultivation of individuals with understanding of the host country and world through transformative international experiences. Based on extensive original survey data and interviews with alumni over nearly 50 years of the Japan Study Program, the book provides a historical perspective on the personal impacts of study abroad on academic, professional, and personal development. The author further explores knowledge diplomacy seen as the creation of an in-depth understanding of the host country, familiarity of the host region, and awakened consciousness of the world through subsequent life experiences. Recipient of the 2020 Best Book Award from the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Study Abroad and International Students Special Interest Group.

Learning Chinese in a Multilingual Space

Asada, S. R. (2019).50 years of US study abroad students Japan as the gateway to Asia and beyond. Routledge. Bagshaw, E. (2016, July 31). More Australians studying in China. The Canberra Times. Baker-Smemoe, W., Dewey, D. P., Bown, J., ...

Author: Peiru Tong

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783031003073

Category: Study Aids

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This book examines the benefits of an Australian in-country study (ICS) in China programme and explores ways to maximise the short-term ICS experience in a multilingual space. The book employs an ecological perspective which has seldom been used to examine the study abroad context. It emphasises the importance of the space itself as an arena of interaction, belonging and power, where conduct and modes of communication are often regulated by political authorities and societal expectations. Specifically, the book focuses on the following: • the extent to which the ICS facilitated interaction in different settings • the way in which interaction during ICS contributed to language learning • the degree in which the interaction during ICS contributed to culture learning and • the role of identity in the learning process in the ICS. The main argument of the book is that while the ICS promoted multilingual learning space for in-class and out-of-class interactions, which further facilitated language and culture learning to a great extent, Australian students’ identities and self-concepts also played a core mediating role throughout individual learning trajectories.

Peace Corps the Next 50 Years

I would put some substantial form of reciprocal international service high on the list of unfinished business for the ... study abroad for Americans and here for foreign students in international exchange with the powerful education in ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Foreign Relations. Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, Peace Corps, and Global Narcotics Affairs


ISBN: UCSD:31822038357885

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Home and Abroad

Dr. Asada has contributed to research projects with the Japan International Cooperation Agency Research Institute (JICA-RI) and for UNESCO's 2019 Global Education Monitoring Report. Her book, 50 Years of US Study Abroad Students: Japan ...

Author: Xin Zhao

Publisher: STAR Scholars


Category: Education

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In this book, we explore the socio-political environment that impacts international students’ employability and discuss student experiences of employability development during and after their studies. The book also aims to provide a holistic understanding of international student employability on a global scale, incorporating various higher education contexts, including the US, UK, Netherlands, Vietnam, and Japan. This book includes both conceptualizations of international students who participate in “internationalization abroad” through physically crossing the border and those who participate in “internationalization at home’’. The COVID-19 pandemic has potentially transformed international education as many international students were forced to stay in their home countries and resort to online education. The book looks into the bigger questions: How do the institutions of higher education expand programs and resources for international students and their employability? Is the internationalization at home model going to be increasingly popular in the post-pandemic world? Will employers be receptive to international graduates globally? Editors Xin Zhao (Skye) is a university teacher in the Information School at the University of Sheffield (UK) and a senior fellow of HEA. E-mail: [email protected] Michael Kung is the Director of Global Education and the Program Director for the Sustainable Design Master’s program in the College of Design, Construction, and Planning at the University of Florida (USA). E-mail: [email protected] Krishna Bista is Vice President of the STAR Scholars Network and a Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Advanced Studies, Leadership and Policy at Morgan State University, Maryland (USA). E-mail: [email protected] Yingyi Ma is a Professor of Sociology, Provost Faculty Fellow, and the Director of Asian/Asian American Studies at Syracuse University, New York (USA). E-mail: [email protected]

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States

( 6 ) Americans believe that it is important for their children to learn other languages , study abroad , attend a ... 50 years will occur outside of Europe , yet in the academic year 2004–2005 , 60 percent of United States students ...

Author: United States. Congress. House


ISBN: HARVARD:32044116475591

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Some vols. include supplemental journals of "such proceedings of the sessions, as, during the time they were depending, were ordered to be kept secret, and respecting which the injunction of secrecy was afterwards taken off by the order of the House".

Dr. Asada has contributed to research projects with the Japan International Cooperation Agency Research Institute (JICA-RI) and for UNESCO's 2019 Global Education Monitoring Report. Her book, 50 Years of US Study Abroad Students: Japan ...


Publisher: OJED/STAR




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From International Students to Global Human Resources Can Policies be the Matchmaker for Japan s Future

50 years of US study abroad students: Japan as the gateway to Asia and beyond. Routledge. https://doi.org/10.4324/9780429465963 Breaden, J. (2014). Global attributes or local literacy? International students in Japan's graduate ...


Publisher: OJED/STAR


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From International Students to Global Human Resources: Can Policies be the Matchmaker for Japan’s Future?

Knowledge Diplomacy in International Relations and Higher Education

50 Years of US study abroad students. Japan as the gateway to Asia and beyond. Routledge. Bartram, L., Malhoyt Lee, J., & Sheen Diaz, C. (2015). Education diplomacy in action: Touching lives: Education diplomacy in service to others in.

Author: Jane Knight

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783031149771

Category: Education

Page: 186

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This book addresses the understudied phenomenon of why and how contemporary international higher education, research and innovation can contribute to strengthening international relations. The author proposes the concept of knowledge diplomacy and carefully examines its fundamental rationales, actors, principles, instruments, and strategies. This is the first book that compares the similarities and differences between knowledge diplomacy and related terms such as soft power, cultural diplomacy, science diplomacy and public diplomacy to capture the expanding role of international higher education and research in bilateral and multilateral relations. The analysis of initiatives from around the world helps to ground and illustrate the key features of a knowledge diplomacy approach. "This book makes a highly original and important contribution to the study of knowledge diplomacy and soft power. It brings together the latest thinking and trends in the study of contemporary diplomacy and international higher education. The author is well known for the clarity and perspicacity of her definitions and analysis and this applies to her in-depth examination of knowledge diplomacy which she convincingly distinguishes from soft power and other forms of diplomacy. The discussion of issues and challenges which require further exploration and research will be valuable to international relations and international higher education scholars, policy makers and students.” Professor Ruth Hayhoe, University of Toronto, and President Emerita, the Education University of Hong Kong "This timely book offers a sound framework for studying the expanding role of higher education, research and innovation in international relations. A key strength is that viewpoints and experiences from all of the world’s regions have been included in this lucid, interdisciplinary contribution to our understanding of knowledge diplomacy.” Professor Jan Melissen, Leiden University and University of Antwerp, Editor-in-Chief The Hague Journal of Diplomacy “This is a must-read book for scholars, policy makers and diplomats who want to understand how international higher education, research and innovation can help to address the complexities of contemporary global challenges through knowledge diplomacy.". Professor Chika Sehoole, Pretoria University, South Africa

Early Career Teachers in Higher Education

International Teaching Journeys Jody Crutchley, Zaki Nahaboo, Namrata Rao ... Asada's recent book 50 Years of US Study Abroad Students: Japan as the Gateway to Asia and Beyond (2020) is the 2020 Best Book Award recipient from the ...

Author: Jody Crutchley

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350129344

Category: Education

Page: 248

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Early Career Teachers in Higher Education explores the experiences of Early Career Teachers (ECTs) through 13 personal teaching journeys from academics working across Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and South America. This edited volume contains the subjective narrative of each contributor's entry into academia, their pedagogic practice and the development of their multiple teaching identities. Their personal narratives and testimonies presented here will provide a valuable resource for ECTs and academics around the world as they begin teaching in higher education. In addition, this edited book highlights contemporary issues, such as precarity, casualisation, fragmentation of academic responsibilities and intersectionality, that shape contemporary ECT workloads.

The Expanding Roles of Chinese Americans in U S China Relations

Many received scholarships or financial support from U.S. universities or through overseas ties.11 Table 2.1 Chinese Students Studying in the United States, 1979–2000 Year Total Number 1979–80 1980–81 1981–82 1982–83 1983–84 1984–85 ...

Author: Peter Koehn

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317456940

Category: History

Page: 393

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This book addresses the historical and contemporary involvement of Chinese Americans from diverse walks of life in U.S.-China relations. The contributors present new evidence and fresh perspectives on familiar and unfamiliar national and transnational networks - including families, businesspersons, community newspapers, students, lobbyists, philanthropists, and scientists - and consider the likely future impact of such contacts on the most important bilateral relationship at the start of the new millennium. The volume makes a multidisciplinary contribution to understanding the extensive and vital roles and promise of Chinese Americans at this critical juncture in U.S.-China relations, and to revealing the importance of migrants as actors in contemporary global politics. The assessments shared by the contributors suggest that the nature and scope of the Chinese American involvement, particularly in global civil society networks, increasingly will determine the outcome of state-to-state relations between the United States and the PRC.