102 Haiku Journal

102 Haiku. We're proud that you joined us on this journey and you should be, too. Maybe you completed every haiku in one sitting. That's determination. Maybe you started this book two years ago and lost it and now a stranger is learning ...

Author: Lisa Ann Markuson

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 9781683351962

Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

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This unique journal guides and encourages you to reflect on your day in the style of everyone’s favorite short-form poem—the haiku. It offers 102 creative prompts to help you think about different aspects of your life and capture them in 17 syllables. Conceived by the Haiku Guys & Gals, this journal also contains examples of their poems for inspiration. The prompts encourage you to write haiku on a range of subjects: a tribute to your hero, an ode to a childhood memory, a note on the weather, or an observation about your day. The journal also provides a brief history of the haiku, a basic explanation of how it is comprised, and some tips for getting into a haiku-writing frame of mind. Whether you skip around or proceed with the prompts in order, 102 Haiku Journal, encourages both creativity and self-reflection, all in a beautiful little package.

Shamrock Haiku Journal 2007 2011

... Drinkwater Better (USA) old dog lifts his leg on the phone pole not as high these days finally spring in the air the dog barks at it – Helen Ruggieri (USA) after the storm, skeleton of umbrella atop a road sign 102|HAIKU AND SENRYU.

Author: edited by Anatoly Kudryavitsky

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781470938307

Category: Poetry

Page: 240

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SHAMROCK HAIKU JOURNAL: 2007-2011 is a print edition of the twenty issues of Shamrock, the Journal of the Irish Haiku Society, as they appeared on the Shamrock website. This collection comprises works by 248 authors representing 38 countries. It covers the full range of haiku in English, from classic to experimental styles, as well as haibun. Also included are selected essays on haiku. Shamrock is a quarterly dedicated to publishing and promoting haiku and related forms. Edited by Anatoly Kudryavitsky.

Integrating Multiple Literacies in K 8 Classrooms

expression enhancement, 102, 103, 104 group feedback, 105 haiku, 122 journals, 103–104, 118–122 KWL, 105 learning disabilities, 108 learning logs, 104 learning styles, 108 literature logs,104 meaning construction, 102, 108 metacognition ...

Author: Janet C. Richards

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135644642

Category: Education

Page: 320

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This text gives prospective and practicing teachers a comprehensive understanding of how to teach multiple literacies in elementary and middle school classrooms. All of the literacies--dance, music, visual arts, popular culture, media, and computer technologies--are integrated with reading and writing. Balanced treatment is given to theoretical perspectives and practical applications. The text features authentic cases written by preservice teachers, and commentaries on the cases from practitioners and university professors. The cases are designed to prepare future teachers for the PRAXIS teacher certifying exam and others offered in many states. Three theoretical chapters support the practical applications: *Chapter 1 addresses the benefits of writing and analyzing cases and the specific attributes of exemplary teaching cases, and offers guidelines for teachers to author their own case narratives and questions for analyzing and discussing case issues with peers. *Chapter 2 discusses the role of electronic symbol making and multiple sign systems in children's literacy and how children use symbols to receive and express meaning. *Chapter 3 offers a theoretical framework that helps define and enable teachers to use the new literacies of Internet technology, and provides a strong rationale for expanding traditional definitions of literacy. The practical applications chapters (chaps. 4-12) gradually lead readers toward a deeper understanding of how to conceptualize and structure more complex, integrated lessons. In each of these chapters: *An "Overview" provides up-to-date information about the particular form of literacy discussed in the chapter. *A helpful "What Do You Need to Know and How Do You Begin" section offers ideas and tasks for teachers who wish to nurture their artistic and technological aptitudes, expand their understanding of popular culture media, and increase their knowledge about integrating diverse communication forms into cohesive themed units or instruction. *Exemplary cases--the heart of these chapters--present preservice teachers' candid descriptions of their reflections, confusions, and concerns as they support K-8 students writing and writing development through multiple literacy approaches. *Case-specific questions encourage readers to take an active part in analyzing, documenting, and discussing the particular issues raised. *"Commentaries" by skilled practitioners and university professors provide sound teaching suggestions, scholarly perspectives, and sometimes contrasting solutions to the dilemmas described in the cases. *"Reflections and Explorations" activities help teachers become more actively involved in thinking and learning about multiple literacies. *"Practical Applications" questions engage teachers in considering their own teaching environments and goals as they integrate multiple literacy lessons into their curriculum. *"Suggested Readings" support teachers in constructing more in-depth knowledge about the chapter topics.

American Haiku

Journal of Loss & Trauma 18.2 (2013): 91–102. Roberts, Thomas B. “Haiku: Language, Communication, and Hypnosis.” American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis 47.3 (2005): 199–209. Rosenthal, Vin. “A Haiku Psychotherapist: On Giving Up Writing ...

Author: Toru Kiuchi

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498527187

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 364

View: 814


American Haiku: New Readings explores the history and development of haiku by American writers, examining individual writers. In the late nineteenth century, Japanese poetry influenced through translation the French Symbolist poets, from whom British and American Imagist poets, Amy Lowell, Ezra Pound, T. E. Hulme, and John Gould Fletcher, received stimulus. Since the first English-language hokku (haiku) written by Yone Noguchi in 1903, one of the Imagist poet Ezra Pound’s well-known haiku-like poem, “In A Station of the Metro,” published in 1913, is most influential on other Imagist and later American haiku poets. Since the end of World War II many Americans and Canadians tried their hands at writing haiku. Among them, Richard Wright wrote over four thousand haiku in the final eighteen months of his life in exile in France. His Haiku: This Other World, ed. Yoshinobu Hakutani and Robert L. Tener (1998), is a posthumous collection of 817 haiku Wright himself had selected. Jack Kerouac, a well-known American novelist like Richard Wright, also wrote numerous haiku. Kerouac’s Book of Haikus, ed. Regina Weinreich (Penguin, 2003), collects 667 haiku. In recent decades, many other American writers have written haiku: Lenard Moore, Sonia Sanchez, James A. Emanuel, Burnell Lippy, and Cid Corman. Sonia Sanchez has two collections of haiku: Like the Singing Coming off the Drums (Boston: Beacon Press, 1998) and Morning Haiku (Boston: Beacon Press, 2010). James A. Emanuel’s Jazz from the Haiku King (Broadside Press, 1999) is also a unique collection of haiku. Lenard Moore, author of his haiku collections The Open Eye (1985), has been writing and publishing haiku for over 20 years and became the first African American to be elected as President of the Haiku Society of America. Burnell Lippy’s haiku appears in the major American haiku journals, Where the River Goes: The Nature Tradition in English-Language Haiku (2013).Cid Corman is well-known not only as a haiku poet but a translator of Japanese ancient and modern haiku poets: Santoka, Walking into the Wind (Cadmus Editions, 1994).

A Light From Within Yoga Workbook and Journal

101 Al ap a dm a Mudra 102 Haiku autumn breezes shake the scarlet flowers my poor child could not wait to pick —Issa ----- Shava san a Fall 127 K Wired to the Strange Universe of Thought, Form and Art. seeither the workbook question or ...

Author: Latronica J Miguel

Publisher: Miguel James Latronica

ISBN: 9780988631618

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 344

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A Light From Within is the modern-day, must-have, mat-side yoga reference. It is a masterful combination of yogic wisdom, body mechanics knowhow, and spiritual guidance into this 342-page expert workbook and journal manual. It's interior is beautifully integrated and engages one on many different levels. In this workbook you will find yoga poses, affirmations, haikus, mudras and philosophy and much more. Organized by seasons of the year, the book is filled with copy, charts, removable cards, and illustrative graphics that enmesh yoga's physical, mental, spiritual, scientific and emotional aspects, including: - stories and explanations of yogic principles & poses - mudras for meditation - affirmations - haiku - chakras and energetic meridians - journaling and workbook opportunities - blog support that mirrors the book to work, in tandem, with others from around the world It is amazing in its depth and it's accessibility! It brings together so many activities, options, layers of self-enrichment in a beautifully illustrated, coherent and thought-provoking way. Both on and off the yoga mat, gurus, students, teachers, and novices can elevate their yoga practice far beyond down dog. At its surface, A Light From Within provides step-by-step instructions for each of 52 yoga poses, with detail on alignment and form, breathing and benefits, precautions, and modifications for each. Then in its countless tips and activities, the book adds personal meaning to every practice: "Pearls of Wisdom" provide historical, anatomical, and inspirational stories, including words by which to meditate. Adjoining space for continued journaling moves the experience from physical to emotional. Ambitious readers can keep the book bedside to reflect on their experiences weekly, record their reactions, and gauge their emotions. They create a Soul Symbol, resolve inner conflict, and complete a Chart of Emotions to experience newfound creativity and discover their personal relationship with the world. As yoga becomes the exercise of choice for America's aging population, A Light From Within offers a holistic approach. Whether a basic yoga resource or a self-actualization tool, this revolutionary volume is a must in yoga libraries, as it guides the way to higher forms of movement, inner harmony, balance and wellness.

How Do I Get Them to Write

... 45, 48 gallery walks described, 18–19 reader response writing, 109 visual journals, 56 genre ideas and content, ... 28–29 Grades 3 and up journal writing, 51–52 sample year plan, 28–29 guided writing, 87–88, 120 haiku, 102 ideas and ...

Author: Karen Filewych

Publisher: Pembroke Publishers Limited

ISBN: 9781551389233

Category: Education

Page: 160

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This remarkable book shows teachers how to inspire students to learn to write and write to learn. Committed to the premise that all students can learn to write with appropriate teaching, modelling, and practice, it argues that reading and writing go hand in hand. Through reading, writing and the inevitable discussions that follow, students learn from the experiences of others, open their minds to many possibilities, gain a glimpse into new worlds, make connections to their lives, and reflect on their own choices and learning. This practical book shows you how to use freewriting and powerful mentor texts to create classrooms where students enjoy putting pencil to paper and taking the necessary risks to grow and flourish as writers.

Shamrock Haiku Journal 2012 2018

... the spare block hosts a million residents -- Quendryth Young (Australia) tarnished copper kettle on the windowsill... sun showers --Anne Curran (New Zealand) waterfall drowning myself in its sound -- Rachel Sutcliffe (England) 102.

Author: Edited by Anatoly Kudryavitsky

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780244976798


Page: 304

View: 517


SHAMROCK HAIKU JOURNAL: 2012-2018 is a compilation of twenty issues of Shamrock (from No. 21 to No. 40) as they appeared on the Shamrock website. This collection covers the full range of English-language haiku, from classical to experimental, as well as haibun. Also included are English translations from one of the most prominent Japanese haiku poets of the 20th century, Ryuta Iida, and an essay on translating Matsuo Basho. Shamrock, the Journal of the Irish Haiku Society, is dedicated to publishing and promoting haiku and related forms. Edited by Anatoly Kudryavitsky.

Walden by Haiku

haiku, 69, 121, 123, 186, 200, 201, 203; shibumi, xxiv, 7, 89, 99; wabi, xv, xxiv, 95, 109, 130–31, 167, 175, 195, 225; wabi and Thoreau, 10–11, 89, 99, 102, 106. See also haiku aesthetics Japanese literary devices: honkadori, 16; ...

Author: Ian Marshall

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820340654

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 272

View: 225


In this intriguing literary experiment, Ian Marshall presents a collection of nearly three hundred haiku that he extracted from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden and documents the underlying similarities between Thoreau's prose and the art of haiku. Although Thoreau would never have encountered the Japanese haiku tradition, the way in which the most important ideas in Walden find expression in the most haikulike language suggests that Thoreau at Walden Pond and the haiku master Basho at his "old pond" might have drunk at the same well. Walden and the tradition of haiku share an aesthetic that embodies ideas in natural images, dissolves boundaries between self and world, emphasizes simplicity, and honors both solitude and humble, familiar objects. Marshall examines each of these aesthetic principles and offers a relevant collection of "found" haiku. In the second part of the book, he explains his process of finding the haiku in the text, breaking down each chapter of Walden to highlight the imagery and poetic language embedded in the most powerful passages. Marshall's exploration not only provides a fresh perspective on haiku, but also sheds new light on Thoreau's much-studied text and lays the foundation for a clearer understanding of the aesthetics of American nature writing.

S Gde Bk 5 Liberty for All G8 2005

Study the example of haiku on page 102. In your journal, write a haiku Nakahama Manjiro might have written while marooned on a deserted island at see for six months. Put a check next to each content standard and analysis skill after you ...

Author: OUP


ISBN: 0195223209



View: 186


Reflective Practice in Nursing

... 96–8, 99, 102, 103, 104, 108, 111, 114 tutorials 212 guidance with personal journal 56 haiku 77 handover of patient ... unconscious pursuit 162 'headlines' (newspaper) in journals 162, 168 healing in personal journal 74–5 Health and ...

Author: Chris Bulman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118307762

Category: Medical

Page: 272

View: 657


From reviews of previous editions: 'This excellent book provides useful guidance on the use of reflection in practice.... a helpful addition to any nursing library.’ Primary Health Care '...an excellent investment in any nurses’ library portfolio.' Journal of Advanced Nursing 'An extremely welcome addition to nursing's literature on thoughtful, knowledgeable practice.' Nursing Times 'This is an excellent practical guide to reflective practice...I would highly recommend this book to all practice teachers and students.' Journal of Practice Nursing The ability to reflect on practice has become a competency demanded of every healthcare professional in recent years. It can be a daunting prospect- but this practical and accessible text guides the way, using the latest research and evidence to support the development of skills in reflective practice and provides help and advice on how to get started, how to write reflectively and how to continue to use reflective practice in everyday situations. This fifth edition of Reflective Practice in Nursing is an indispensable guide for students and practitioners alike who wish to learn more about reflective practice, as well as containing essential information for teachers and lecturers.

Learning Journals

... 95, 143, 150, 151 guided imagery 9, 129–30 haiku 146 higher education 15, 57–70; collaborative journals 79; ... 91–2 history 66 honesty 94, 102 humanities 65–7 identity 83–4, 133 images 150 imagination 128, 130 Intensive Journal ...

Author: Jennifer A. Moon

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429828881

Category: Education

Page: 208

View: 287


Fully updated with important new theory and practical material, this second edition of Learning Journals offers guidance on keeping and using journals and gives step-by-step advice on integrating journal writing on taught courses, in training and professional development and in supporting personal development planning (PDP) activities. Key topics covered include: the nature of learning journals and how we learn from them the broad range of uses of learning journals, including portfolios and personal and professional development the depth and quality of reflection in learning journals the assessment of learning journals and reflective writing the use of narrative and story-telling techniques in journals. With useful exercises and activities that enhance learning journal work in a structured manner, Learning Journals is invaluable reading for teachers and students in higher education, for all professionals, particularly those working in the health services and business and training and for all those who want to learn more about keeping a fulfilling personal journal.

The Real Work Interviews and Talks 1964 79

See also Poetry, and community Confucius, 104 Consciousness, structure and exploration of, 5, 29-30, 68, 172; ... global vs. planetary, 126 East West Journal, 92, 102, 110 Eckermann, Johann Peter, xv Eliot, T. S., 56-57 Energy, 147-148, ...

Author: William Scott McLean

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 9780811225427

Category: Philosophy

Page: 210

View: 160


American poet Gary Snyder on poetics, tribalism, ecology, Zen Buddhism, meditation, the writing process, and more. The Real Work is the second volume of Gary Snyder’s prose to be published by New Directions. Where his earlier Earth House Hold(1969) heralded the tribalism of the "coming revolution," the interviews in The Real Work focus on the living out of that process in a particular place and time––the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California in the 1970s. The talks and interviews collected here range over fifteen years (1964-79) and encompass styles as different as those of the Berkeley Barb and The New York Quarterly. A "poetics of process" characterizes these exchanges, but in the words of editor Mclean, their chief attraction is "good, plain talk with a man who has a lively and very subtle mind and a wide range of experience and knowledge."

Writing in Bereavement

... therapy 219 Petrarchan sonnet 102 pets 114 photographs early stages of grief 35 facilitator's reflective journal ... 25 definition 233 further reading 258 gender differences 36 haibun 99–100 haiku 26, 97–9 life writing 132, 137–8, ...

Author: Jane Moss

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781849052122

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 264

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Writing in Bereavement: A Creative Handbook (Writing for Therapy or Personal Development)

Factsheet Five

Tiff 63 0 90 05 : 22 : 09 : 12 Off 36 1-800 Subways 102 10 Things 74 100 Haiku Selected 102 The 1993 New Moon Directory . ... Atheist Network Journal Atlat Atrocity Attack Cartoons Attitude Problem ATX Audio Drudge Aural Augasm Aural ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105216812359

Category: Books


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Beyond These Walls

Journal of American History 102, no. 1 (2015): 18–24. ... The New Yorker, May 10, 2004. http://www .newyorker.com/magazine/2004/05/10/torture-at-abu-ghraib. ... “Haiku.” Translated by Hisako Ifshini and Leza Lowitz. Modern Haiku 34, no.

Author: Tony Platt

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781250085122

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 951


“You should definitely read this book... What really struck me in reading Beyond These Walls was that Tony Platt had very seriously and carefully considered the contributions of social movements—feminist, queer, disability, and labor.” —Angela Davis Beyond These Walls is an ambitious and far-ranging exploration that tracks the legacy of crime and imprisonment in the United States, from the historical roots of the American criminal justice system to our modern state of over-incarceration, and offers a bold vision for a new future. Author Tony Platt, a recognized authority in the field of criminal justice, challenges the way we think about how and why millions of people are tracked, arrested, incarcerated, catalogued, and regulated in the United States. Beyond These Walls traces the disturbing history of punishment and social control, revealing how the criminal justice system attempts to enforce and justify inequalities associated with class, race, gender, and sexuality. Prisons and police departments are central to this process, but other institutions – from immigration and welfare to educational and public health agencies – are equally complicit. Platt argues that international and national politics shape perceptions of danger and determine the policies of local criminal justice agencies, while private policing and global corporations are deeply and undemocratically involved in the business of homeland security. Finally, Beyond These Walls demonstrates why efforts to reform criminal justice agencies have often expanded rather than contracted the net of social control. Drawing upon a long tradition of popular resistance, Platt concludes with a strategic vision of what it will take to achieve justice for all in this era of authoritarian disorder.

Race and the Avant garde

Experimental and Asian American Poetry Since 1965 Timothy Yu (Ph. D.) ... 79 Grace, Nancy McCampbell, 1677212 Graham, Jorie, 102 Grenier, Robert, 40, 44, 169 724 Grossman, Allen, 168 ni6 Guest, Barbara, 147 Haiku, 88 Harlem Renaissance, ...

Author: Timothy Yu (Ph. D.)

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804759977

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 192

View: 371


Race and the Avant-Garde investigates the relationship between identity and poetic form in contemporary American literature, focusing on Asian American and experimental poets, including Allen Ginsberg, Ron Silliman, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, and John Yau.

Mainframe Experimentalism

... 211 Bergson, Henri, 181–82, 346–47 Between Poetry and Painting (exhibition), 67 Biasi, Alberto, 95, 97, 106–7 Bill, Max, 66, 81, 91 Birkhoff, David, 67–68, 75, 102, 149 Bit International (journal), 96, 102 Black Mountain College, 3, ...

Author: Hannah Higgins

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520268371

Category: Art

Page: 362

View: 134


“The computer may now be seen as a ‘universal machine,’ but this has not always been the case. This substantial collection of essays and documents shows how artists, poets, musicians, filmmakers and other experimenters first discovered the computer, and began using it as their tool and medium. Mainframe Experimentalism is essential reading for anyone who wants to penetrate behind superficial clichés about digital art and culture.”—Erkki Huhtamo, author of Illusions in Motion: A Media Archaeology of the Moving Panorama and Related Spectacles. “Higgins’ and Kahn’s anthology is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the impact of computer technology on creative production in the arts and literature in the 1960s and beyond. This superb collection presents the first truly international examination of this subject, demonstrating the fascinating collaborations and interchanges that occurred as artists, poets, musicians, and filmmakers explored the potential for new, impersonal forms of expression offered by ‘mainframe experimentalism.’ Here is the prehistory of the digital arts of today in a volume that is equally essential to the histories of the individual fields involved as well as to scholarship on art and technology in general.”—Linda Dalrymple Henderson, author of Duchamp in Context: Science and Technology in the Large Glass and Related Works.

Magazines for Libraries

... 160 Jamaica Journal , 459 James Joyce Quarterly , 522 Janus , 718 Janus & SCTH , see Haiku Magazine JAPAN , see ... Journal of Applied Physics , 638 638 Journal of Applied Physiology , 102 Journal of Computer and System Journal of ...

Author: William A. Katz


ISBN: 0835205541

Category: Periodicals

Page: 328

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Representing Empire

Anthropologists such as Kanaseki Takeo, who later wrote several detective novels, became frequent contributors.101 Yet, the journal featured a large collection of classical poetry and haiku in its early years.102 The literary circle in.

Author: Ying Xiong

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004274112

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 404

View: 115


By exploring the rich terrain of Japanese colonial literature in Taiwan and Manchuria, Representing Empire investigates the interplay between imperialism, nationalism, and Pan-Asianism during the era of Japan’s territorial expansion in Asia.